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18 Best Things To Do In Geneva

Geneva in Switzerland is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. It's home to the headquarters of some of the world's most prestigious organizations and boasts a stunning landscape of alpine mountains, sparkling lakes and lush green parks. There is an abundance of best things to do in Geneva for visitors looking for an unforgettable holiday experience. From exploring its rich culture to admiring its stunning architecture, you'll never run out of unique things and activities to explore in this captivating Swiss city.

1. Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva in Switzerland

Lake Geneva is the largest lake in Switzerland and one of the largest in Europe. The lake has an area of 582 km², making it over half the size of Luxembourg and much larger than Rhode Island. Its waters are fed by several alpine rivers, and it is surrounded by majestic mountains which add to its beauty.

Sitting at 373 meters above sea level, Lake Geneva provides breathtaking views for anyone who visits this magical place. Visitors can take boat rides around the lake to get close up views of the surrounding villages, or simply enjoy the clean fresh air from one of many lookout spots that dot its shores. The town of Montreux on its southern shore has been popularized by musicians due to its mild climate and old-world charm that goes hand-in-hand with modern Swiss culture.

2. St. Pierre Cathedral

St Pierre Cathedral in Geneva

St Pierre Cathedral is one of the most iconic landmarks in Switzerland. It dates back to the 6th century and has undergone multiple renovations since then, such as Baroque-style frescoes being added during the 17th century. This stunning cathedral features two towers that were built over an even older church and a chapel with beautiful stained glass windows.

Inside, visitors can find some of the oldest paintings in Geneva including works by both French and Swiss artists. The grand interior is decorated with ornate sculptures and furnishings, providing a breathtaking experience for all those who visit it.

St Pierre Cathedral has earned its place as one of the most important religious sites in Europe due to its long history and association with many prominent figures throughout history such as Jean Calvin, whose remains are interred inside.


Address: Cr de Saint-Pierre, 1204 Genève, Switzerland

Phone: +41 22 311 75 75

3. Vielle Ville

Vielle Ville-Geneva

The Vielle Ville is a beautiful and historic place to visit in Geneva. Located in the heart of downtown, it is one of Switzerland’s most picturesque neighborhoods and one of the best places to see around Geneva. The old town area is filled with cobblestone streets, beautiful squares such as the Place du Bourg-de-four, charming bridges, and impressive fountains that reflect the city’s French-influenced culture.

Quaint cafes line the streets, inviting visitors to sit down for an espresso or hot chocolate while taking in the view. On a sunny summer day, Vielle Ville is bustling with locals and tourists alike enjoying their time there.

The area was first established in 1290 by Bishop Guillaume de Mandes, who wanted to create a safe haven for business owners and traders to conduct their business dealings securely. Over time, more buildings began popping up around this old town area including churches, monasteries and even residences of wealthy families.

4. Patek Philippe Museum

Patek Philippe Museum

The Patek Philippe Museum is a truly remarkable place to visit during your stay in Geneva city. Established in 2001, the museum showcases the art of watchmaking and its history throughout the centuries. The collection includes over 600 watches and clocks that were made by Patek Philippe, as well as many other notable watchmakers from around the world. One of the most impressive features of this museum is its dedication to historical accuracy. Each of the antique pieces on display are exactly as they were originally crafted with no restorations or repairs.

Visitors can also learn about how modern timepieces are constructed and manufactured through interactive exhibits and demonstrations in the museum's workshops. There are even classes for those wishing to learn more about horology and become an expert on all things related to watches.


Address: Rue des Vieux-Grenadiers 7, 1205 Genève, Switzerland

Phone: +41 22 707 30 10

5. Palais des Nations

Palais des Nations-United Nations building

The Palais des Nations is an architectural marvel and one of the top things to see in Geneva. Constructed in the early 20th century between 1929 and 1938, it stands as a symbol of international cooperation and peace. In addition to its impressive architecture, the Palais des Nations also serves as a gathering place for political leaders from around the world which are members of the United Nations. It hosts many important events including diplomatic conferences and international forums.

The most notable feature of the building is its French Renaissance Revival style architecture. Two towers frame the entrance to the palace with marble pillars and ornate carvings adorning them on either side. Inside there are several grand hallways where delegates can meet for discussions or conduct official business. The overall structure is quite large covering almost 153500 square meters with over 800 rooms that are used by various participants from different countries.

6. Mont Salève

Mont Salève

Mont Salève is an amazing nature destination. This majestic mountain offers a wealth of outdoor activities for visitors to enjoy away from the city. Its beautiful cliffs and lush forests make it the perfect place to explore on a day trip outside Geneva, and appreciate nature's beauty. With an elevation of 1379 meters, Mont Salève is the ideal spot for stunning views of Geneva and the valley below.

The mountain also offers many interesting attractions that can be explored by foot or by car. From panoramic lookout points to picturesque lakes, there are plenty of sites to see while exploring this splendid location. One popular tourist attraction is the cable car which takes you from Chamonix-Mont-Blanc all the way up to the peak of Mont Salève, while you can take in spectacular views along your journey.

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7. Conservatory and Botanical Garden

Conservatory and Botanical Garden in Geneva

The Conservatory and Botanical Garden in Geneva is an oasis of natural beauty within the city. From a distance, it looks like an urban sanctuary, and up close, visitors are greeted with a variety of lush greenery. Established in 1817 by the City Council of Geneva and occupying 21 acres of land, it houses over 13,000 species of plants. It is one of the largest botanical gardens in Europe and serves as a living library for researchers to study different species.

Although it may appear small from the outside, within its boundaries lies five distinct plant collections featuring species from Asia-Pacific regions such as China, Japan; Africa; South America; Europe; North America; and tropical islands such as Madagascar. The garden also contains several greenhouses which house more delicate plants requiring extra care because they are not adapted to local climate conditions.


Address: Chem. de l'Impératrice 1, 1292 Pregny-Chambésy, Switzerland

Phone: +41 22 418 51 00

8. International Museum of the Reformation

International Museum of the Reformation

The International Museum of the Reformation is a must-see destination for anyone interested in the Protestant Reformation. This museum provides an excellent overview of the history and impact of this movement while also exploring its deep spiritual roots. The museum itself is located in one of the most important sites associated with the Reformation: Geneva, where John Calvin’s influence was crucial to its development.

Guests to this museum will be welcomed with a multimedia show outlining the main points and events of this period in history. From there, they can explore several different exhibitions which delve into particular aspects such as Calvin’s spirituality or his relationship with iconoclasm. There are also displays on the rise and spread of Protestantism throughout Europe during this time as well as its lasting impacts on culture today.


Address: Rue du Cloître 4, 1204 Geneva, Switzerland

Phone: +41 22 310 24 31

9. Art and History Museum

Art and History Museum in Geneva

The Art and History Museum in Geneva holds a vast collection of fine art and artifacts from around the world, and is one of the top attractions in Geneva. It has been open since 1902 and is known as one of the most impressive public museums in Switzerland. The museum houses both permanent collections of fine art, such as paintings, sculptures and photographs, as well as rotating exhibitions that feature different works each year.

The Art and History Museum offers visitors an opportunity to explore a wide range of cultural items throughout its many galleries. One can find artifacts dating back centuries, including Native American items, ancient pottery from Africa, Renaissance-era artwork from Europe, Chinese porcelains from Asia and more. Additionally, the museum frequently hosts guided tours so visitors can get an even deeper insight into the history behind some of these fascinating pieces.


Address: Rue Charles-Galland 2, 1206 Genève, Switzerland

Phone: +41 22 418 26 00

10. Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum in Geneva

The Natural History Museum in Geneva is an incredible place to learn about natural history, geology and biology. Located in the heart of Geneva, it is housed in a stunning 19th century building and contains both permanent and temporary exhibitions.

It is particularly known for its dinosaur fossils and skeletons, which are some of the most impressive on display across Europe. Although a relatively small museum compared to others around the world, it packs a lot of educational punch into its two floors of galleries.

The permanent exhibits include an array of mammals from various parts of the world as well as bird specimens preserved in glass cases with detailed explanations provided alongside them. There are also displays showcasing items collected by early naturalists such as Carl von Linné and Jean-Jacques Rousseau.


Address: Rte de Malagnou 1, 1208 Genève, Switzerland

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11. Musée Ariana

Musée Ariana

Musee Ariana is a museum of ceramics and glass and definitely worth a visit. Located in the city centre of Geneva, the museum showcases over 20,000 pieces of ceramic and glass artwork from European, Asian, and American cultures. Established in 1964, the Ariana museum is divided into two sections - contemporary and classical. The contemporary section focuses on pieces created between 1945 to 1965 while the classical section consists of ancient works dating back to Antiquity through and including 19th century Europe.

In addition to its impressive collection, it also offers various educational programs for visitors as well as guided tours. Guests can join guided tours of the galleries or watch movies about ceramics and glasswork from around the world.


Address: Av. de la Paix 10, 1202 Genève, Switzerland

Phone: +41 22 418 54 50

12. Parc de la Grange

Parc de la Grange in Geneva

Parc de la Grange in Geneva is a beautiful and majestic oasis located on the western side of town on the shore of Lake Geneva, and provides a spread of lush green grass and trees for visitors to enjoy. The main walkway curves around the lake and is lined with colorful flower beds, benches, statues, fountains and bridges that connect two sides of the park.

On sunny days, one can find locals enjoying picnics or playing outdoor games like bocce or pétanque on the grassy fields. The park also offers plenty of activities for kids as well; there's an open-air theater where children can watch puppet shows during summer months, as well as playgrounds with slides and swings for them to explore.


Address: Quai Gustave-Ador, 1207 Genève, Switzerland

Phone: +41 22 418 50 00

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13. Maison Tavel

Maison Tavel

Another one of the top attractions in the city is Maison Tavel, a unique cultural landmark that has been preserved for over six centuries. Located in the heart of the old town of Geneva, this 15th century patrician palace is the oldest townhouse to remain intact within Switzerland's borders. Much of its original features have been kept, allowing visitors to get an impression of what it would have looked like during its heyday.

The building was built around 1420 by François de Candolle and his wife, Françoise de Montfleury. It served as a home for wealthy families until it became the property of the City of Geneva in 1922 and was opened to visitors as a museum.

Today, Maison Tavel offers visitors a glimpse into Swiss history and architecture through its various exhibitions, art collections and artifacts ranging from furniture to paintings from the 13th century onwards.


Address: Rue du Puits-Saint-Pierre 6, 1204 Genève, Switzerland

Phone: +41 22 418 37 00

14. Jardin Anglais

Jardin Anglais

Jardin Anglais is one of the oldest and most-visited parks in Switzerland. Its picturesque landscape has been attracting visitors for centuries. Located near Lake Geneva, this beautiful English-style garden was designed by renowned park designer Henry Kleiner in 1854.

The park features a wide variety of trees, shrubs, and flowers that create a tranquil atmosphere. Here you can take leisurely strolls among tall trees and vibrant blossoms while admiring the views of nearby mountains or lake vistas.

The Jardin Anglais also offers several recreational activities such as lawn bowling, croquet, jogging trails, outdoor cafes and playgrounds for children to explore. There's even a large pond where you can rent rowboats and sail around the lake's perimeter while enjoying the breathtaking views from anywhere on its grassy banks.

15. International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum

International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum

The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum is an interactive museum and a symbol of Geneva. Established in 1988, the museum works to raise public awareness of humanitarian issues and foster respect for human life and dignity. With exhibitions ranging from the history of humanitarian action to current relief efforts, it encourages visitors to reflect on how individuals can make a difference in people’s lives by promoting understanding and peace.

The museum features many permanent exhibits and educational programs which explore the work of the International Red Cross Movement since its inception in 1863. Exhibits display artifacts such as a 16th century field hospital tent, portraits of Henry Dunant – founder of the movement-and other inspiring figures who have dedicated their lives to helping others. Visitors are also able to gain insight into today’s relief efforts through interactive displays that provide information on current crises around the world at one of the most famous Geneva attractions.


Address: Av. de la Paix 17, 1202 Genève, Switzerland

Phone: +41 22 748 95 11

16. Parc des Bastions

Parc des Bastions

Parc des Bastions is a popular public park that combines nature, recreation, and history. Located near the University of Geneva, it is a great spot for locals, students and tourists to take some time out from their busy lives.

This green oasis contains not only trees and shrubs, but also sculptures and monuments from the 16th century. The most famous feature of the park is its impressive Reformation Wall which commemorates the birth of Protestantism in Switzerland in 1536.

The wall includes a series of statues depicting major figures involved in this historical event such as John Calvin and Theodore de Bèze. The sculpture entitled "The Reformation" also stands out; it depicts an angel descending with God's message accompanied by figures such as Luther and Zwingli who represent different branches of Protestantism.


Address: Prom. des Bastions 1, 1205 Genève, Switzerland

Phone: +41 22 310 86 66

17. Quartier des Grottes

Quartier des Grottes geneva

Quartier des Grottes is an area of the city known for its quaint, small-town charm that should be on your Geneva bucket list. Located just south of the bustling city center, Quartier des Grottes is a peaceful oasis within the heart of downtown Geneva. Its winding cobblestone streets are lined with charming cafes and independent shops, offering locals and visitors an opportunity to explore and experience a unique side of the city.

At the center of Quartier des Grottes lies Place des Pâquis, a picturesque square that serves as a gathering spot for community events such as outdoor concerts and festivals. At night, Place des Pâquis transforms into one of Geneva's most vibrant social hubs, with food vendors and entertainment drawing crowds until late in the evening.

18. Museum of Far Eastern Art

Museum of Far Eastern Art

Visiting the Museum of Far Eastern Art was a memorable experience, and one of my favorite Geneva attractions while visiting Switzerland. Located near Lake Geneva, this unique museum is dedicated to collecting and exhibiting art from countries such as Japan, China, Korea, Tibet and more. With over 7500 works spanning over 4500 years of history, it is one of the most comprehensive collections in Europe.

The museum features different galleries where visitors can explore exhibits ranging from ancient artifacts to contemporary artworks. From Buddhist sculptures to traditional paintings and calligraphies, the pieces on display are truly remarkable.

There are also special exhibitions that provide an insight into the culture and history of East Asia through film screenings, lectures and other activities. Furthermore, the museum has an educational center that offers programs for children as well as adults by covering topics such as Asian philosophy and literature.


Address: Rue Munier-Romilly 8, 1206 Genève, Switzerland

Phone: +41 22 704 32 82

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Q: What is Geneva Switzerland best known for?

A: Geneva is best known for its international reputation as a hub for diplomacy and humanitarian organizations. As the headquarters of many prominent institutions, including the United Nations and the Red Cross, it has earned its title as the "Capital of Peace." This city has a history deeply rooted in advocating for global peace and justice. It is also renowned for its stunning natural beauty, with picturesque views of Lake Geneva and the majestic Alps.

Geneva's rich cultural heritage is another aspect that sets it apart. The city boasts numerous museums and art galleries that showcase an impressive collection of works from renowned artists like Pablo Picasso and Vincent van Gogh.

Q: What food is Geneva famous for?

A: One popular dish in Geneva is the raclette. Traditionally made with melted raclette cheese, this meal involves scraping off the cheese layer from a wheel onto boiled potatoes, pickles, and cured meats. The melted cheese adds a savory and gooey element to the hearty ingredients, making it an indulgent treat.

Apart from this cheesy delight, Geneva is also famous for its chocolate. Switzerland as a whole is renowned worldwide for its high-quality chocolates, and Geneva certainly lives up to this reputation. Chocolatiers in Geneva use locally sourced cocoa beans and traditional methods to create exquisite chocolates that are loved by chocolate enthusiasts around the world. Whether you prefer classic milk chocolates or adventurous flavors like lavender or salted caramel, you can find a wide variety of delectable treats at the many chocolate shops scattered throughout the city.

Q: Are Geneva people friendly?

A: Some visitors claim that Genevans are reserved and standoffish compared to other Swiss cities like Zurich or Basel. They might interpret this behavior as unfriendliness or even snobbishness. On the other hand, numerous others argue that once you break through the initial reserve of people in Geneva, they exhibit a warm and welcoming nature.

One possible explanation for this apparent standoffishness could be attributed to cultural differences. In Swiss culture, privacy and personal space are highly valued aspects of daily life. This preference for solitude often translates into a reserved demeanor when interacting with strangers. It's essential to keep in mind that this behavior is not meant as an offense but merely reflects a cultural norm rooted in respecting personal boundaries. Therefore, while it may take a little more effort to connect with locals in Geneva initially, once you gain their trust and respect their cultural norms, you will likely find them open-hearted and willing to engage.

Q: Is Geneva good for shopping?

A: With a mix of luxury boutiques, high street brands, and charming local shops, Geneva caters to a wide range of tastes and budgets.

One of the highlights of shopping in Geneva is undoubtedly the presence of prestigious watchmakers and jewelry houses. Rue du Rhône, located in the heart of the city, boasts an impressive array of renowned Swiss watch brands such as Rolex, Patek Philippe, and Omega.

While luxury shopping presents itself prominently in Geneva's landscape, there are also plenty of options for those seeking more affordable finds. The Old Town area offers a charming ambiance where you can explore quaint streets filled with independent shops selling Swiss specialties like chocolates and watches at relatively lower prices compared to their high-end counterparts. Additionally, the Plainpalais flea market held every Wednesday and Saturday offers a treasure trove for bargain hunters seeking vintage clothes or antique trinkets.

Q: Is Geneva a party place?

A: While it may not have the wild reputation of cities like Ibiza or Las Vegas, Geneva does offer its fair share of nightlife options.

One of the key reasons why Geneva is not particularly known as a party place is its strict regulations on noise and public disturbances. The city places high importance on maintaining peace and tranquility, especially during late hours. As a result, most bars and clubs adhere to sound ordinances and close relatively early compared to other European cities. This can disappoint those seeking an all-night dance marathon but also ensures that residents can sleep soundly without being disturbed by loud music or rowdy crowds.

However, this doesn't mean that Geneva lacks nightlife altogether. The city boasts a number of trendy bars and lounges where you can unwind with a cocktail or two after a long day exploring the city. In addition, there are several nightclubs that cater to different musical tastes - from electronic music to hip-hop - offering opportunities for dancing into the early hours of the morning.

Q: Are the museums free in Geneva?

A: The good news is that several museums in Geneva do indeed offer free entry. One such museum is the Museum of Art and History (Musée d'Art et d'Histoire). This renowned institution boasts an extensive collection of over 7,000 works of art ranging from ancient Egyptian artifacts to contemporary masterpieces. Visitors can admire paintings by renowned artists like Monet and Van Gogh or delve into Roman sculptures from centuries ago. With its commitment to accessibility, the Museum of Art and History offers free admission on every first Sunday of the month.

Another notable museum offering free entry is the Natural History Museum (Muséum d'histoire naturelle), which showcases a wide array of exhibits dedicated to various branches of natural sciences. From fossils and minerals to animal specimens and botanical collections, this museum provides a captivating journey through Earth's biodiversity. The Natural History Museum allows visitors to explore its wonders without any charge throughout the year thanks to subsidies provided by local authorities.


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