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Travel Media showcases the best sights from around the globe, divided into "best of" lists. We enjoy both reading lists and traveling, so why not combine them? You can choose from landscapes, ancient monuments or islands, wildlife, countries, or any other topic that interests you.

These lists are created for entertainment, but also to give a general idea of what is available in a country, city, or continent. We hope that they will be useful for you as a starting point on your next great trip.

It is impossible to visit all the destinations in such a vast array of locations. When compiling these travel lists, we also depend on the experiences of others. We also value feedback and suggestions from readers, as everyone will have amazing travel experiences.

Every article on our website is reviewed by an in-house editorial team. Our goal is to offer a comprehensive library of travel content that allows travelers to find inspiration, plan their trip, and provide valuable guidance once they're on the ground.

Our writers know their destinations and are experts on the topics they write about, unlike many other travel websites that rely on "parachuting in" writers to create single stories.

Our content may include links that can help you expand your knowledge about a particular destination or enhance your planning. Sometimes, we may link to other websites when they are relevant to the story. This is especially true if we direct readers to businesses or products we have tried and recommended. If you click on a link and make an order, we might receive a small commission.

Integrity and accuracy: Each article on the site is thoroughly vetted and updated by our staff as well as a team of freelance editors. We don't accept any payment for coverage. This ensures that the places we recommend and write about are as good as we say they are.

Cultivated recommendations: Our writers don't recommend everything. We only recommend the best. Our writers are not like other review sites that offer overwhelming information. They use their local knowledge and recommend the best places to visit, no matter if you're on a family vacation or business trip.

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