Meet Our People

Joeri Van Overloop

CEO Company

Joeri Van Overloop

Joeri Van Overloop is the dynamic founder and CEO of the travel blog, Travel Media. With over two decades of intensive globetrotting under his belt, his experiences span all seven continents and countless cities and towns, reflecting a level of travel expertise that few can match.

A native of Belgium, Joeri embarked on his journey to become a world traveler, leaving no stone unturned in his ceaseless pursuit of unexplored places and unique cultures. His commitment to experiencing the world in its entirety led him to establish Travel Media, a digital platform that encapsulates his relentless spirit and caters to the needs of today's discerning travelers.


Matt Richardson

Matt Richardson is a seasoned senior editor at the Travel Media blog, captivating readers with his remarkable insights and experiences. Hailing from Valencia, Spain, he has established deep roots in the vibrant city alongside his Spanish wife, Marissa.

When he's not expertly crafting travel content, Matt can be found indulging in his passions for windsurfing and kite boarding, harnessing the exhilarating power of the wind and sea. Beyond his adventurous pursuits, Matt cherishes quality time with his two wonderful children, delighting in playful escapades and creating lasting memories.

His zest for life shines through his work and personal pursuits, making him an extraordinary individual in every aspect.

Kelly Smith

graphic designer

Kelly Smith

Kelly Smith is a talented graphic designer, lending her creative expertise to the Travel Media website. Hailing from sunny California, she embarked on an exciting journey and now resides in the captivating city of Milan alongside her Italian husband, Fausto.

Apart from her professional endeavors, Kelly has an undeniable passion for fashion and enjoys exploring the stylish boutiques of Milan during her spare time. She also relishes in the thrill of a night out on the town, indulging in great food and drinks, and cherishing the company of her friends.

Kelly's vivacious spirit and impeccable design skills make her a valuable asset to the team.

John Adams

web designer

John Adams

John Adams is a talented web designer, utilizing his artistic skills to enhance the Travel Media website. Based in the vibrant city of Manchester, United Kingdom, John thrives in the lively atmosphere alongside his loving wife, Shania.

An ardent supporter of Manchester City, he finds immense joy in watching soccer and cheering for his beloved team. Beyond his passion for the sport, John is also an avid triathlete, continuously pushing his physical limits and conquering new challenges.

With his blend of creativity and determination, John brings a fresh perspective to his work, ensuring that the Travel Media website stands out in both design and functionality.