Joeri Van Overloop Biography

Founder & Managing Editor at Travel Media

Joeri Van Overloop

Joeri Van Overloop is the dynamic founder and CEO of the highly acclaimed travel blog, Travel Media. With over two decades of intensive globetrotting under his belt, his experiences span all seven continents and countless cities and towns, reflecting a level of travel expertise that few can match.

A native of Belgium, Joeri embarked on his journey to become a world traveler, leaving no stone unturned in his ceaseless pursuit of unexplored places and unique cultures. His commitment to experiencing the world in its entirety led him to establish Travel Media, a digital platform that encapsulates his relentless spirit and caters to the needs of today's discerning travellers.

As a seasoned writer and author of "The Budget Traveler's Guide to Italy"
, Joeri illustrates the natural beauty, historic heritage, and cultural diversity of destinations around the world with a deft touch. His vivid descriptions and insightful narratives transport readers to various locations, allowing them to soak in the experiences without leaving the comfort of their surroundings.

In just a few years, Joeri has successfully turned Travel Media into a trusted resource for travel enthusiasts. His exceptional approach of combining firsthand travel experiences with insider tips and practical advice has garnered a strong following of travel-enthused readers globally.

Not content with merely visiting the usual travel hotspots, Joeri has ventured well off the beaten track. His commitment to in-depth exploration - from staying with local tribes in remote villages to exploring the unending expanses of the Arctic - shines through in his unique, meticulously-crafted content.

Additionally, Joeri's commitment to responsible tourism–highlighting eco-friendly practices and promoting local economies–is a testament to his broad concern not just for wanderlust-filled exploration, but ensuring a sustainable future for global travel.

With Joeri Van Overloop at the helm, Travel Media serves more than just travel anecdotes and destination guides. It reflects the soul of a lifelong traveler who is determined to share the raw, unfiltered beauty of the world with his readers. This dedication, coupled with Joeri’s exceptional writing, continues to inspire avid travelers and nurture a vibrant community of global explorers.