12 Best Places To Visit In Switzerland

Switzerland is a picturesque nation with stunning mountain scenery, iconic cities and cultural attractions. Its alpine lakes, breathtaking views and world-renowned ski slopes make it an ideal destination for any traveler. Whether you’re aiming to explore historic sites, enjoy outdoor activities or simply take in the beautiful landscapes, there's something unique and special about Switzerland that makes it a perfect vacation spot. Here are 12 of the best places to visit in Switzerland.


Nydeggbrucke in Bern Switzerland Pin

Switzerland is one of the most beautiful places on earth, with stunning landscapes and plenty of activities to enjoy. Bern, the capital of Switzerland, is no different, as it boasts a rich cultural heritage. From historical sites and musea to lakeside walks and mouthwatering local cuisine, this city has something for everyone.

Begin your exploration by visiting one of Europe’s oldest zoos – The Bear Park at Barenpark. This national park offers visitors an incredible opportunity to watch these magnificent animals up close from their observation towers or from inside their heated enclosures.

It also provides a great view over the Aare River valley and its surrounding mountains. The Bear Park is located just a short walk from the Lion Monument which is one of the city s most famous landmarks. A bronze lion stands guard over the entrance to the park and has become a national symbol.

The oldest part of Bern is known as Old Town or Altstadt, and it’s full of well-preserved historic buildings from the 13th century. The Zytglogge astronomical clock tower is one of the most impressive landmarks here and dates back to 1530. Visitors can check out other historical points such as the Berner Munster cathedral and Nydegg Bridge across the Aare River.

Situated in the heart of Switzerland’s oldest city, Kunstmuseum offers a unique insight into the art and culture of this beautiful country. With over four thousand works spanning five centuries, Kunstmuseum has something for everyone, from novices to experts.

Visitors will be treated to a stunning collection of artwork from some of the world’s greatest painters including Monet, Picasso, Matisse and Cezanne. There are also special exhibitions featuring modern and contemporary artworks from around the globe.

Whether you’re looking for a day trip or an extended stay, Kunstmuseum has something for everyone – it truly deserves its place as one of Switzerland's best cultural attractions.

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Lausanne palace in Switzerland Pin

Lausanne, Switzerland is one of the most picturesque and charming destinations in the world. Located along the banks of beautiful Lake Geneva and nestled against the Swiss Alps, Lausanne offers a unique mix of cultural activities, stunning landscapes, and plenty of places to explore. From historical lndmarks and churches to markets and cafés.

Begin your exploration at Cathédrale de Notre Dame de Lausanne. Built in around 1150 AD, this impressive Gothic-style cathedral is home to several intriguing works of art such as stained glass windows depicting stories from the Bible. Don’t miss out on viewing its awe-inspiring astronomical clock that dates back to 1527!

Next up on your itinerary should be Flon Street Art. This colorful, street-art filled gallery is home to the work of over 100 artists. If you re looking to add a little local flavor to your trip, then this is a must see!

For lunch, be sure to visit Lutèce. This charming bistro serves up French food that s guaranteed to make your mouth water. For dinner, stop by Le Bistrot du Boucher for a steak and glass of wine. This restaurant is a local favorite for its mouthwatering cuisine and charming atmosphere. End the night by heading over to Chez Moi for the ultimate slice of Parisian life.

The Olympic Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland is one of the most visited attractions in the country. Located on the shore of Lake Geneva and nestled at the foot of the Alps, this museum offers a unique opportunity to explore Olympic history. From its vast collection of artifacts and memorabilia to interactive exhibits, visitors can learn about athletes who have competed in past games as well as get an up-close look at some of their equipment.

Visitors can also experience a virtual Olympics or take part in physical activities like running or cycling on an outdoor track. The gallery also has an education center where visitors can learn more about Olympic values such as sportsmanship, respect, and excellence. With its stunning architecture and beautiful views, it’s no surprise that The Olympic Museum is one of the top places to visit when traveling to Switzerland.

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Zurich, the largest city in Switzerland, is a must-visit destination for travelers interested in experiencing the unique culture of this beautiful country. With its stunning views of Lake Zurich and the nearby Swiss Alps, Zurich has something to offer every traveler. From historical sites to vibrant art galleries and boutique shops, there are plenty of amazing places to explore in Zurich.

The old quarter Altstadt is full of winding cobblestone streets that lead past chic cafes and markets selling fresh produce. The Lindenhof Hill is located at the heart of Zurich's old town and offers breathtaking views over the river Limmat and lake Zurich.

The Old Town Hall is a beautiful Renaissance-style building that was built in the 15th century. It is now home to the Zurich City Museum, which displays historical artifacts and art pieces from all over Switzerland. The Zurich exhibit, located in the city's main train station, gives visitors a chance to visit exhibits on everything from dinosaurs to Swiss art.

Also visit the Bauschänzli, an area of Zurich that has been transformed into a park and museum dedicated to beautiful architecture and history when you visit Switzerland.

The nearby Naturmuseum, or Zurich Natural History Museum, displays the history of the earth and life on it through exhibits such as fossils and minerals. Also visit the Swiss National Museum, which presents a wide variety of historical objects from Switzerland.

Fraumunster Church, located on Munsterhof, this iconic church was commissioned by Charlemagne in 853 and rebuilt after a fire destroyed it in 1320. This 13th-century landmark has stunning stained glass windows, designed by Marc Chagall, and the colorful mural on the west facade makes it visually spectacular.

The interior of Fraumunster Church is no less impressive - from its Romanesque columns to its intricate ceiling frescoes painted by German artist Paul Bodmer, visitors cannot help but be amazed at this remarkable structure.

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Geneva lake Pin

Geneva is often referred to as the ‘heart of Europe’ because it is located in the middle of Western Switzerland and serves as a hub for politics, business and culture. Its picturesque lakefront location, stunning architecture, and vibrant atmosphere make it an ideal tourist destination. With over 40 major landmarks to explore, Geneva has something for everyone from first-time travelers to seasoned adventurers. Here we have rounded up some of the most popular places to visit in Geneva:

The Jet d'Eau fountain is one of the most iconic landmarks in Geneva. This towering structure stands 140 meters high and shoots water up into the sky with mesmerizing results. The fountain is located on the lakefront, so it is a popular place to take photos for all ages. The fountain has become a symbol of Geneva and is one of the city's most visited sites.

The Cathedral of Saint-Pierre in Geneva, Switzerland is a must-see for tourists visiting this stunning alpine nation. Located on the banks of Lake Geneva, it towers over the city as an iconic symbol of Swiss heritage and culture. Built in the 12th century and rising to a height of 100 meters, it has become one of the most famous monuments in all of Switzerland.

Inside, visitors can explore its beautiful Gothic architecture with its towering stained glass windows, intricately carved sculptures and richly detailed frescoes. It also houses impressive works by renowned artists like Giovanni Domenico Romoli and Jean-Louis Desprez.

Its crypt is believed to contain artifacts from Roman times such as jewelry, coins and ceramics which visitors can view up close. The breathtaking view from its observation deck is something that should not be missed when visiting this magnificent cathedral in Switzerland!



Old town of Lucerne with bridge and tower Pin

Lucerne is one of Switzerland's most beautiful and historic cities. Located in the heart of Central Switzerland, it is a city filled with stunning architecture, panoramic views and plenty of activities that make for an unforgettable visit. From its iconic wooden bridge to its mountain tops, Lucerne has something for everyone to enjoy.

The Chapel Bridge (Kapellbrücke), built in the 14th century, is one of Lucerne's most famous landmarks. Spanning over 200 meters across the River Reuss, it provides visitors with breathtaking views and a glimpse into history as they traverse it on foot or boat ride under its arches. The nearby octagonal Water Tower also offers amazing views from atop its tower walls - perfect for photography buffs looking to capture memories!

If you're looking for an unforgettable experience, you'll want to take a ride up the Mount Rigi cog railway. This train line boasts spectacular views of not only the Swiss Alps but also Lake Lucerne. The journey starts near Vitznau, where passengers can sit back and relax as they ascend up 1,800 meters (5,900 feet) of steep terrain. Along the way there are plenty of opportunities to capture stunning photos and take in breathtaking sights.

Once atop Mount Rigi many visitors enjoy taking a leisurely stroll through nearby hiking trails or even renting a horse-drawn carriage for the day. In addition to that there is also an abundance of wildlife in the area that adds an extra layer of beauty and charm to the experience.


town of Interlaken Pin

Interlaken, situated in the beautiful Bernese Oberland of Switzerland, is a picturesque alpine town known for its gorgeous views, exciting adventure activities and charming atmosphere. This small town is worth a visit due to its rich heritage and vibrant culture. Interlaken offers something special for everyone with its incredible natural beauty, lovely lakeside villages, world-class ski resorts and luxurious accommodation options.

Interlaken's landscape is simply breathtaking with majestic snow-capped peaks that provide spectacular views across the Lauterbrunnen valley. Adventure seekers will find plenty to keep them busy here with activities such as paragliding, skydiving and white water rafting on offer.

The Schynige Platte Trails in Interlaken offer some of the most stunning alpine scenery in all of Europe. The area is home to a variety of trails ranging from easy to difficult, making it suitable for any level hiker. Along your journey, you will find lush meadows covered with wildflowers, glacier-carved valleys and ridges that look out over Lake Brienz and Interlaken. With its picture perfect views, it's no wonder why this area is one of the top destinations for hikers making a trip to Switzerland.

The highlight of any visit to Schynige Platte is a ride on its iconic cogwheel railway which takes visitors up 700 meters above sea level where they can access more than 18 kilometers of hiking trails offering breathtaking views along the way.

St. Beatus Cave and Waterfalls is an awe-inspiring natural wonder that should not be missed when exploring Interlaken. Located in the foothills of the Alps, this stunning landmark is a must-see for any traveler to this beautiful Swiss region. The breathtaking beauty of St. Beatus Cave and Waterfalls has been captivating visitors since at least 1100 AD and remains one of the most popular tourist attractions in Switzerland today.

The cave itself can be reached by either a scenic cable car ride or by trekking up a steep winding path along a gorge full of cascading waterfalls fed by ancient glaciers in the nearby Bernese Oberland Mountains. Inside the cave are various caverns, stalactites, and underground lakes just waiting to be explored upon reaching its depths.

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Lugano in Ticino canton Pin

Lugano is one of the most beautiful cities in southern Switzerland. Located on the shore of Lake Lugano, it has been a popular destination for travelers for centuries. It offers stunning views of the lake and is surrounded by lush forests and dramatic mountains. Tourists may explore its many attractions including palazzo, parks, museums and churches, as well as nearby mountain peaks that offer breathtaking views.

A visit to Piazza della Riforma will give you an insight into the history of Lugano and its culture. This grand square was once home to Italian aristocrats who built impressive homes here during their visits. You can also take a stroll around Parco Civico di Lugano which features sculptures, gardens and artwork scattered throughout this beautiful park.

Monte San Salvatore is a popular destination among travelers to Lugano. This peak offers stunning views of the surrounding lake and countryside. The mountain itself is considered an easy hike, with various pathways to follow and plenty of places to stop along the way for photos or a picnic.

At the top of Monte San Salvatore, visitors can find a chapel dating back to 1779 that features stunning stained-glass windows, as well as several restaurants offering traditional Swiss cuisine.

There's also an observation deck from which hikers can take in panoramic views of Lake Lugano and its surrounding mountains. For those looking to explore further, there are numerous trails that extend into nearby villages and towns.


Zematt in district of Visp Pin

Zermatt is a small mountain village nestled in the Swiss Alps in the district of Visp, and with its scenic alpine views, delicious chocolates, and world-class ski resorts, it's no wonder why tourists flock to this stunning destination each year. From its iconic Matterhorn peak to its luxurious skiing facilities, here are some of the best places in Switzerland to visit while in Zermatt.

The Matterhorn Museum is a great place for history buffs and adventurers alike. Here you'll find a detailed account of the first successful summit of the Matterhorn peak by Edward Whymper in 1865. The Gornergrat Railway is another must-see attraction in Zermatt - take a ride up into the mountains for breathtaking views over some of the highest peaks in Europe.

The Gornergrat Railway is one of the most breathtaking rides in all of Switzerland that offers beautiful views. Located close by to the Matterhorn, this railway is an absolute must-see for anyone visiting the country. With its impressive views over the Swiss Alps and its steep climbs, this ride offers some unforgettable experiences.

From Zermatt, a trip on the Gornergratbahn will take you up to an altitude of 3,089 meters above sea level; offering stunning panoramic views along with a unique opportunity to explore mountain peaks such as Monte Rosa and Dufourspitze. The journey takes about 30 minutes, consisting of 31 tunnels and bridges as well as 19 curves – making it an exciting experience for passengers of all ages!

The Gorner Gorge, is one of Zermatt's most stunning top attractions. Hiking through this majestic gorge provides breathtaking views and an unforgettable adventure that can't be experienced anywhere else in the world.

The Gorner Gorge, which was formed by glacial erosion over thousands of years, stretches for about two miles on the slopes of Monte Rosa. While exploring this unique landscape, hikers in the summer will get to witness awe-inspiring rock formations as well as rocky peaks and lush forests along the way.

There are also several caves located along the route that provide a cool respite from the summer heat. Wildlife lovers will also have a chance to spot deer, ibexes, eagles and other animals that call this area home.

9.Saint Moritz

Saint Moritz in the Swiss Alps Pin

Located in the Upper Engadin valley of Switzerland, St Moritz is one of Europe's oldest winter resorts. It is known for its exclusive atmosphere and beautiful landscapes that attract visitors from all over the world who come to take part in its winter sports and international festivals.

When you want to visit St Moritz, there are numerous places to see which makes it difficult to decide what deserves your attention first. Some must-see attractions include glacial lakes such as Lake Sankt Moritzersee, Segnesboden or Silsersee; breathtaking mountain peaks like Piz Nair or Diavolezza; and impressive Alpine passes like Julierpass Strasse.

The Engadine Museum offers a wide array of fascinating artifacts from the Engadine Valley and its surrounding areas. Visitors can explore hundreds of years of Swiss history and culture through exhibits that feature archaeological finds, photographs, artworks, and more.

With an extensive library full of books on Swiss culture, language and geography, the Engadine Museum is one of Saint Moritz's most popular attractions.

In addition to its permanent exhibits, it also hosts a variety of temporary shows throughout the year. These exhibitions often include pieces from renowned artists such as Vincent van Gogh or Paul Klee as well as special collections focusing on specific aspects of Swiss history or culture.



Basel-Switzerland Pin

Basel is a city in the northwestern region of Switzerland, located on the borders of France and Germany. It is known for its beautiful medieval architecture and vibrant cultural scene. From art galleries to world-class exhibits, Basel has plenty to offer any traveler looking for an unforgettable experience.

The Old Town area is one of the main attractions in Basel, where visitors can explore cobblestone streets lined with historic churches and buildings from centuries past. The Marktplatz square offers a variety of shops and restaurants that serve up delicious food. Nature lovers can take advantage of scenic hikes along the River Rhine or enjoy relaxing strolls through parks like Zoological Gardens or Botanical Garden near the center city.

The Kunstmuseum in Basel is a must-see destination for art lovers. Located in the heart of Basel, it is one of the oldest and most important museums in Europe. It features an impressive collection of over 3,000 works from the 15th to 21st century by some of Switzerland's greatest artists, as well as masterpieces from all over the world.

Its permanent collection includes iconic paintings from such renowned names as Paul Klee, Pablo Picasso and Alberto Giacometti, among others.

In addition to its vast permanent collection, Kunstmuseum Basel also hosts special exhibitions showcasing works from temporary collections or historic events throughout the year. Visitors can take advantage of guided tours that give greater insight into the museum's history and its featured artwork.

The Basler Munster is one of the most popular Cathedrals and a must-see for any traveler visiting Basel. Located in the heart of Basel, along the Rhine River, it has served as an important cultural and religious center since its founding in 1226.

This Gothic cathedral features beautiful stained glass windows, intricately carved statues, and a colorful tiled roof. It also houses some of the most impressive works of art from renowned Swiss painters and sculptors.

Visitors to this iconic monument will enjoy taking in its stunning architecture while admiring its many historical artifacts and artwork. The building itself acts as an outdoor museum with a variety of sculptures, carvings, frescoes, paintings, and tapestries that date back hundreds of years.

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Appenzell-Switzerland Pin

When considering a visit to Switzerland, one of the first places that comes to mind is Appenzell. This picturesque mountain village offers visitors a chance to experience traditional Swiss culture and breathtaking landscape. Located near the eastern borderin the St. Gallen region, Appenzell is known for its rolling green hills and quaint cobblestone streets. With its idyllic setting, this charming town has something for everyone, from outdoor enthusiasts to history buffs.

Appenzell's natural beauty makes it an ideal destination for nature lovers who enjoy hiking, biking or skiing in Switzerland along its many trails. The nearby Säntis Mountain offers breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside and Lake Constance can be seen just beyond. For those looking for a bit more excitement there are numerous activities such as paragliding, rafting and kayaking available in the area as well.

The Kunstmuseum in Appenzell houses some of the finest art and culture that Europe has to offer. Visitors can explore galleries filled with inspiring works by world-renowned painters like Paul Klee and Jean Arp, as well as captivating sculptures such as those by Alberto Giacometti and Henry Moore.

The Kunstmuseum also offers guided tours throughout the year that provide an even more comprehensive experience of its vast collections.


Ceresio lake in Ticino Pin

Ticino is a canton located in the southern part of Switzerland, on the border between Switzerland and Italy. It is known for its Mediterranean climate and stunning natural landscapes and among the best places Switzerland offers. While most people flock to Switzerland’s larger cities, there are plenty of fascinating tourist spots in Ticino that should not be overlooked.

From beautiful lake-side towns to magnificent mountain peaks and majestic waterfalls, here are some places to explore in this spectacular canton.

The largest city in Ticino is Lugano, which sits on the gorgeous Lake Lugano. Visitors can admire the breathtaking scenery from Monte San Salvatore or take a boat ride around the lake for an even better view. The nearby town of Morcote is also noteworthy, with its historic buildings, cobbled streets and picturesque harbor area.

Bellinzona, a picturesque city in the Ticino canton is another great place to visit. With its vibrant culture, impressive architecture and stunning landscapes of lakes and mountains, Bellinzona captures the imagination of travelers from all over the world. The three medieval castles located within this charming city are just one part of what makes it so special; centuries-old cobbled streets make up much of its historical center and add to its unique atmosphere.

When exploring Bellinzona's many landmarks, visitors should not miss out on seeing Castelgrande with its towers and battlements that have been standing since the 13th century. The two other fortresses – Montebello and Sasso Corbaro – provide wonderful views over Bellinzona's landscape which includes palm trees, vineyards, rolling hills and crystal clear lakes.

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Q: How many days is enough for Switzerland?

A: If you're someone who loves outdoor activities like hiking, skiing, or snowboarding, you'll want to spend at least a week in Switzerland. This will give you ample time to explore the various mountain ranges and experience all the adrenaline-pumping activities they offer.

On the other hand, if you're more interested in exploring Swiss culture and its cities like Zurich, Geneva or Bern then 4-5 days might be enough for you.

Q: Which part of Switzerland is most beautiful?

A: In my opinion the Bernese Oberland boasts some of Switzerland's most iconic peaks such as the Jungfrau, Eiger and Mönch. The area is also home to magnificent glaciers and crystal-clear lakes that reflect the surrounding mountains. The region offers plenty of outdoor activities like hiking, skiing and paragliding. Additionally, it's dotted with charming towns like Interlaken and Grindelwald where visitors can experience Swiss culture firsthand.

Another region worth mentioning is Ticino, located in southern Switzerland along the Italian border.

Q: What is the best time to visit Switzerland?

A: If you're looking for winter sports such as skiing or snowboarding, December through February is an excellent time to visit Switzerland. The snow-covered Alps provide some of the best skiing experiences in the world during this period. If you're on a budget, consider visiting in March or April when prices tend to be lower, but there's still plenty of snow left on the slopes.

On the other hand, if you're interested in hiking and exploring Switzerland's natural beauty without having to contend with cold temperatures or snowy conditions, May through September is ideal.

Q: Is it cheap to visit Switzerland?

A: One of the main factors that make Switzerland an expensive country to visit is the high cost of living. This includes everything from food and drink prices to accommodation costs. Basic necessities like groceries can be costly compared to other European countries. When it comes to accommodations, expect to pay more for a hotel or Airbnb than you would in neighboring countries like France or Germany.

However, there are ways that budget-conscious travelers can save money when visiting Switzerland. One option is to travel during the shoulder season (April-June or September-November) when prices tend to be lower than peak tourist months.

Q: What are the best places to visit in Switzerland?

A: One of the best places to visit in Switzerland is Zurich. The city has many museums, art galleries, and old churches that are worth exploring. Zurich also has some of the best restaurants in Switzerland where you can enjoy delicious Swiss cuisine.

Another must-visit place in Switzerland is Interlaken. This small town nestled between two lakes offers stunning views of the Alps. You can take a cable car ride to see the panoramic view of Interlaken and its surroundings or go hiking on one of its many trails.

Q: What are the best things to do in Switzerland?

A: One of the best things to do in Switzerland is to take a scenic train ride through the Swiss Alps. The Glacier Express and Bernina Express are two popular routes that offer stunning views of mountains, lakes, and picturesque villages.

Another activity not to be missed when visiting Switzerland is hiking. With over 65,000km of well-marked trails, there are hikes suitable for all levels of fitness. Some popular hiking destinations include the Matterhorn region and the Jungfrau region – both offering stunning views of snow-capped peaks and crystal-clear lakes.


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