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Photography: Melia Milano

Melia Milano

Reviewed by Joeri Van Overloop

Set the scene

The decor at the Melia Milano Hotel is a blend of chic, modern design juxtapositioned with old-world elegance, creating an atmosphere that's both stylish and welcoming. Large ornate chandeliers hang from coffered ceilings, bathing the lobby in a warm glow, contrasted with the use of natural woods and a palette of earth tones throughout presents a timeless, tranquil calmness.

Those with an eye for exquisite artistic touch will appreciate the carefully curated pieces ranging from intricate sculptures to vibrant paintings. The ubiquitous presence of these art pieces adds a unique layer of sophistication and charm to the ambiance.

What can we expect in our room?

Each hotel room is a masterstroke of design, blending Italian style with luxurious comfort. The color palette is soft, pleasing to the eye, and brings an instant sense of calmness. Natural light pours in through large windows, creating a soothing atmosphere. Soft, plush beds beckon you to sink into them and lose yourself in a world of dreams. The furniture, streamlined and stylish, adds a contemporary touch to the otherwise timeless appeal of the room.

The rooms boast of modern amenities - a mini bar for your midnight cravings, a full-length mirror to ensure you look your best, air conditioning to keep you cool and free WI-FI to brag about your beautiful room on social media! The bathrooms are more like a mini spa, complete with designer toiletries and a roomy bathtub.

How about the food and drinks at the Melia Milano?

Let's talk about their in-house restaurant, Jigger, first. Sophistication and epicurean delights are served on a plate here, from authentic Italian dishes to global cuisines. Freshness is promised in every bite as they source local and seasonal produce.

Now, let's slide right into their bar, The Mix. This ain't just a watering hole, this is where cocktails turn into art. Their mixologists are more inventors, concocting drinks with infusion of untamed flavors from around the world. The impressive wine list features both international vintages and local wines. Paired with their exquisite canapes and live music, it's the perfect setting for any mood.

What about the service

Whether you’re checking in in the wee hours or need some help with your suitcases, these guys are there, always wearing a warm smile, ready to assist. Have you heard about the concierge service here? Their knowledge about Milan is like an encyclopedia popped open right in front of you- but much more entertaining.  They go the extra mile to ensure you feel nothing less than royalty.

What’s the neighbourhood scene like?

Nestled in the heart of the San Siro district, the Melia Milano Hotel truly allows you opportunities to immerse yourself in the quintessential Milanese lifestyle. A leisurely stroll around the block will acquaint you with charming local boutiques, ever-busy espresso bars teeming with the chatter of locals, classic Italian bistros serving mouthwatering risottos, and a vibe that's undeniably Milan.

Football enthusiasts, the iconic Stadio San Siro, home to famed football clubs AC Milan and Inter Milan, is practically a stone's throw away from the Melia Milano. The euphoria of match days, the electrifying excitement in the air, and the sporting spirit that unites thousands - it's all just so palpably real and close! To top it off, the neighborhood offers convenient access to public transport, making your explorations of Milan’s architectural wonders, historical treasures, and fashionable streets an absolute breeze.

What’s the backstory?

If you're a fan of intrigue and grandeur, you'll enjoy the narrative of the Melia Milano Hotel. This architectural beauty is quite a conversation starter with its grand story. Originally established in the early 2000s, this hotel is part of the Spanish Melia Hotels International chain, which is renowned worldwide for its luxurious hospitality and guest-focused services.

To further sweeten the deal, here's a little-known secret: Melia Milano Hotel’s strategic location. It wasn't just decided on whim, it was meticulously chosen keeping proximity to key landmarks, business centers, and with fashion hotspots in mind.

Price Range

A stay at the Melia Milano sits comfortably within a mid-range budget. Room prices vary depending on your selection; a stay in a classic room averages at around €150 per night while the lavish suite life goes for roughly €300 per night. 

The Melia also offers fantastic deals regularly. Weekend package deals, early booking discounts and seasonal offers are frequently available, making your stay even more budget-friendly.

Amenities & Facilities

From the moment you say 'Ciao' to the concierge, you're pampered with an array of top-notch amenities that will have you feeling like a VIP in no time. Got a workout regime to keep up with? The hotel has you covered with a state-of-the-art fitness center where you can break a sweat and still enjoy the good life. And let's not forget the invigorating spa facilities - because nothing says 'holiday' like a deep tissue massage and a rejuvenating facial.

Say 'Arrivederci' to dull evenings because the Melia’s entertainment options are truly one of a kind. You can settle in for a night at the on-site theater, enjoy riveting live performances or maybe you prefer just chilling out in the peaceful sanctuary of the hotel's verdant garden.

And for the business folks, the hotel provides sophisticated meeting rooms fully equipped with high-speed internet and audio-visual technology.

How to get to the hotel

The most convenient way is to take a shuttle service directly from the airport. You can find them right outside the terminal and they typically run every half an hour. In about 50 minutes, you'll be standing at the doorstep of the Melia Milano Hotel.

You can also hop on the Malpensa Express train from the airport towards Milano Centrale, the city's main railway station. From there, you're just a quick 20-minute taxi ride away to the hotel.

What Customers Have To Say


Address: Via Masaccio, 19, 20149 Milano MI, Italy

Phone: +39 02 444061

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