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Galleria Vik Milano roomPin
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Galleria Vik Milano hotelPin
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Galleria Vik Milano hotel room
Galleria Vik Milano room
Galleria Vik Milano breakfast
Galleria Vik Milano bar
Galleria Vik Milano hotel
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Photography: Galleria Vik Milano

Galleria Vik Milano

Reviewed by Joeri Van Overloop

Set the scene

From the moment you step foot in the luxurious lobby of the Galleria Vik Milano, you are met with an enthralling fusion of contemporary design and classic Italian flair. The high-ceilinged foyer resonates with an ambiance of sophistication, adorned with a selection of provocative artworks and sculptures that pay homage to both local and international artists. The hotel’s assorted art collection, ranging from modern abstracts to Renaissance masterpieces, displays an eclectic mix that mirrors the hotel’s ethos of celebrating cultural diversity.

What can we expect in our room?

The rooms at the Galleria Vik Milano hotel offer an unreplicable combination of art-infused elegance and modern convenience. Each expanse, whether you choose a suite or a classic room, displays unique artwork and bespoke furniture, encapsulating the innovative spirit of the city itself. Majestic hardwood floors pave the way to immersive floor-to-ceiling views, allowing guests to gracefully bask in the beauty of Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, one of the world's most beautiful shopping arcades.

Creature comforts aren’t skimped on, with large, plush beds and state-of-the-art bathrooms that boast standalone tubs and rain showers. A distinct feature is the undeniable harmony between Milan's historic culture with contemporary art, uniquely represented in every room, making the guest experience at the Galleria Vik Milano nothing less than an immersive visual journey.

How about the food and drinks at the Galleria Vik Milano?

No stay at this illustrious hotel is complete without a visit to their flagship restaurant, the Vikissimo. Known for its seasonal creations that play on traditional Italian fare, gourmands are often seen delighting in the chef's extraordinary creations. Each dish is a gastronomic masterpiece, revealing the meticulous detail that the culinary team dedicates to each plate.

There is also the allure of the hotel’s bar, which often is the highlight for cocktail enthusiasts. From classic Italian aperitifs to innovative mixology creations, every drink is expertly crafted with top choice ingredients and presented with flair. With an extensive wine list curated from the most exquisite vineyards around the world, it effortlessly caters to the most discerning wine aficionado. The bar also hosts an array of events including wine tastings and masterclasses, making it an immersive haven for those passionate about spirits and wines.

What about the service

The highly trained staff members are the soul of the place, enhancing the overall experience with their dedication towards guest satisfaction. Committed to delivering impeccable service, they are both approachable and efficient, effectively bridging the gap between modern luxury and traditional Italian warmth. Being well-versed in multiple languages, they cater to the diverse clientele with effortless ease.

The concierge team is proactive and knowledgeable, providing valuable insights about sightseeing activities and cultural experiences in Milan. From room service to housekeeping, every service embodies the hotel’s adherence to world-class standards.

What’s the neighbourhood scene like?

Embracing its privileged location in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, one of the world’s oldest shopping malls, the hotel provides guests with unparalleled access to luxury shopping experiences under a majestic iron-and-glass roof. High-end labels like Prada, Louis Vuitton, and Gucci are just a stone's throw away, making the locale a haven for fashion connoisseurs and brand aficionados.

Beyond shopping, the hotel’s neighborhood boasts an array of must-visit attractions. Just around the corner lies the iconic Milan Cathedral, an architectural marvel topped with intricately carved spires and gargoyles. A few steps further takes you to the historic La Scala Opera, where enchanting music and mesmerizing performances have echoed through its grand halls for centuries. In essence, Galleria Vik Milano is at the epicenter of Milan's rich history, pulsating nightlife, and dynamic culinary scene, offering an immersive experience into the city’s versatile allure.

What’s the backstory?

The origins of the Galleria Vik Milano Hotel trace back to the mid-19th century when the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II was constructed. The edifice that houses the hotel today was originally designed by Italian architect Giuseppe Mengoni, who strived to combine fashion, culture, and leisure in the pulsating nerve center of Milan, thereby creating what is considered Milan's living room.

The transition of this magnificent structure into Galleria Vik Milano wasn't until the 21st century when Uruguayan art-collector couple, Alexander and Carrie Vik, put their mark on the property. The couple's passion for art and design led them to transform the space into a canvas for contemporary art. They curated a collection of remarkable artworks from various global artists and interspersed them throughout the hotel, presenting an immersive art experience for its guests.

Price Range

The cost for a stay at this extravagant property varies significantly, based on booking timings, season of travel, type of room or suite chosen, and length of stay. However, a ballpark figure for a one-night stay typically revolves around €400 - €600.

Amenities & Facilities

The hotel has painstakingly made sure that the amenities and facilities cater to the needs of the 21st century traveler while not losing sight of its artistic heritage. Guests are afforded complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi, and the rooms and suites are equipped with mini-fridges, carefully curated minibars, plush bedding, and luxury toiletries.

For travelers who prefer to indulge in self-care, the hotel features a state-of-the-art gym and fitness center. Ample parking services and a 24-hour front desk service are other notable amenities.

How to get to the hotel

For the most convenience, guests often choose a taxi or a private car service when arriving at Milan Malpensa Airport, a trip that generally takes about 45 minutes to an hour, but can be longer during peak traffic hours. The taxi stands are clearly marked outside the airport terminals, and a private car service can usually be arranged in advance through the hotel.

For those seeking a more budget-friendly option, the Malpensa Express train departs from Terminal 1 of the airport, travels directly to Cadorna Station, and the ride takes about 40 minutes. After disembarking at Cadorna, you can then take a ten-minute taxi ride or a quick hop on the subway to the Duomo stop, which is just a short walk to the Galleria Vik Milano hotel.

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Address: Via Silvio Pellico, 8, 20121 Milano MI, Italy

Phone: +39 02 8905 8297

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