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Best Restaurants In Madrid

As a self-proclaimed food enthusiast and frequent traveler, my taste buds have embarked on countless culinary journeys around the globe. However, none have left as lasting an impression as the vibrant gastronomic scene in Madrid. Spanning from traditional tapas bars to innovative Michelin star establishments, this city is a haven for food lovers seeking unforgettable dining experiences.

In this Madrid food guide, I invite you to join me on a virtual tour of the best restaurants in Madrid, where flavors blend with history and passion meets perfection. So, get ready to indulge your senses and embark on a culinary adventure like no other.

1. Casa Dani

Restaurant Casa Dani - Madrid

Casa Dani is a well-known restaurant located in the Barrio de Salamanca neighborhood of Madrid. It is famous for serving the best potato "tortilla" in the city. The restaurant is situated at the entrance of the Mercado de la Paz on Lagasca Street, making it a perfect place to have a beer or a "tinto de verano" along with the best potato tortilla in Madrid.

The restaurant has a very casual and lively atmosphere that is perfect for a quick lunch or dinner. The dining room is small and cozy, with a few tables and chairs. The menu is simple, and there are only a few dishes to choose from, but they are all delicious and made with fresh ingredients.

The restaurant is known for its traditional Spanish cuisine, and the tortilla de patata is the star of the menu. The tortilla is made with potatoes, onions, and eggs, and it is fried to perfection. The result is a crispy and flavorful tortilla that is sure to delight your taste buds.

Apart from the tortilla, Casa Dani also serves other specialties like croquetas, oxtail, and more. The restaurant also has a great selection of wines and vermouth to complement your meal.

In summary, if you are looking for a simple and traditional Spanish restaurant in Madrid, Casa Dani is the perfect place to go. The restaurant's focus on fresh ingredients and traditional cooking techniques makes it a must-visit place to eat for anyone looking to experience the best of Madrid's food scene.


Address: Cl. de Ayala, 28, 28001 Madrid, Spain

Phone: +34 915 75 59 25

2. Sala de Despiece

Sala de Despiece restaurant - Madrid

I recently had the pleasure of dining at Sala De Despiece, a highly acclaimed restaurant located in Chamberí, Madrid. The restaurant is known for its nose-to-tail dining concept, which means that every part of the animal is used to create unique and flavorful dishes.

Upon entering the restaurant, I was struck by the colorful tiled ceiling and the massive silver hooks that were hanging from it. It was a little strange at first, but once I learned that the space was a former butcher shop, it all started to make sense.

The menu at Sala De Despiece is extensive, and there are plenty of options to choose from. I decided to go with the tasting menu, which was priced at $45 per person. The menu consisted of several small plates, each one more delicious than the last.

One of my favorite dishes was the beef tartare, which was served with a quail egg and crispy potato chips. The tartare was perfectly seasoned and had a great texture. Another standout dish was the Galician octopus, which was cooked to perfection and served with a delicious romesco sauce on the side.


Address: C/ de Ponzano, 11, 28010 Madrid, Spain

Phone: +34 916 35 46 81

3. Sylkar

Sylkar in Madrid

Sylkar is a Mediterranean and European restaurant located in the Rios Rosas neighborhood of Madrid.

The menu at restaurant Sylkar is extensive, featuring a variety of dishes that showcase the flavors of Spanish cuisine. I highly recommend trying the fried calamari, which was cooked to perfection and served with a tangy aioli sauce. The grilled octopus was also a standout dish, with a tender texture and a smoky flavor that was simply delicious.

One of the highlights of dining at Sylkar is the extensive selection of wines available. The seafood restaurant features an impressive wine list, with options ranging from local Spanish wines by the glass to international selections. The waiting staff is knowledgeable about the wines and can offer recommendations based on your preferences.

In addition to the food and drinks, the atmosphere at Sylkar is also noteworthy. The restaurant has a cozy and intimate feel, with dim lighting and comfortable seating. The decor is simple yet elegant, with a focus on natural materials like wood and stone.


Address: C. de Espronceda, 17, 28003 Madrid, Spain

Phone: +34 915 54 57 03

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4. DiverXo

Restaurant DiverXo dining room

I ones had the opportunity of dining at DiverXO, a three-star Michelin restaurant located in Madrid. The restaurant is known for its exceptional cuisine and avant-garde approach to dishes by chef David Muñoz.

Upon entering the restaurant, I was immediately struck by the unique and eclectic decor. The dining room is designed to resemble a whimsical forest, with trees and branches adorning the walls and ceiling. The overall atmosphere is one of playfulness and creativity, which perfectly complements the innovative cuisine.

The menu at DiverXO is constantly evolving, with new dishes and flavors being introduced regularly. Each dish is a work of art, with incredible attention to detail and presentation. The restaurant's signature dish is the "Red Mullet, Tiger Milk, and Andean Corn," which is a true masterpiece of flavor and texture.

The restaurant offers a tasting menu, which includes a selection of dishes that showcase the chef's creativity and skill. The menu is priced at $280 per person, making it one of the more expensive dining experiences in Madrid. However, the price is well worth it for the exceptional quality of the food and the unique dining experience.


Address: NH Eurobuilding, C. del Padre Damián, 23, 28036 Madrid, Spain

Phone: +34 915 70 07 66

5. El Cisne Azul

El Cisne Azul

El Cisne Azul is a Mediterranean and Spanish cuisine restaurant situated in the heart of Madrid's Centro district. The restaurant boasts a stylish and contemporary decor, with a warm and inviting atmosphere that makes it perfect for a romantic dinner or a night out with friends.

As for the food, El Cisne Azul did not disappoint. The menu offers a variety of dishes that showcase the best of Spanish food, with a focus on fresh and locally sourced ingredients. I particularly enjoyed the grilled squid, which was perfectly prepared and seasoned to perfection.

In addition to the food, the service at El Cisne Azul was top-notch. The staff was very friendly, knowledgeable, and attentive, making sure that our dining experience was nothing short of exceptional.


Address: C. de Gravina, 27, 28004 Madrid, Spain

Phone: +34 911 12 90 80

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6. Angelita Madrid

Restaurant Angelita Madrid

Last year I visited Restaurant Angelita Madrid and was impressed by the quality of the food and the extensive wine list. Located in the Centro neighborhood, the restaurant offers European cuisine with a fusion twist.

The interior of the restaurant has a modern and elegant design with a warm atmosphere that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. One of the highlights of the restaurant is the wine bar at street level, which offers more than 1,000 different types of wines and spirits.

For the food, I highly recommend trying the pisto, a Mediterranean dish made with olive oil, fresh vegetables, and herbs from the restaurant's own garden. The flavors were fresh and delicious, and the presentation was beautiful.


Address: C. de la Reina, 4, 28004 Madrid, Spain

Phone: +34 915 21 66 78

7. Corral de la Morería

Corral de la Morería in the capital city of madrid

The Corral De La Morería Michelin-starred restaurant is known for its exceptional cuisine and world-renowned flamenco performances.

Upon entering the restaurant, I was immediately struck by the elegant decor and warm ambiance. The restaurant staff were welcoming and attentive, and I was quickly seated at my table. The menu offered a variety of dishes, all of which sounded delicious, but I ultimately decided on the wild sea bass served with a flavorful sauce.

But the highlight of the evening was undoubtedly the flamenco performance. The dancers were incredibly talented, and their passion and energy were infectious. I was completely mesmerized by the music, the dancing, and the overall atmosphere of the restaurant.


Address: C. de la Moreria, 17, 28005 Madrid, Spain

Phone: +34 913 65 11 37

8. Coque

Coque restaurant in Madrid city

Coque is a two-Michelin-starred restaurant located in the Chamberi district of Madrid. It is owned and operated by the Sandoval family, who are considered to be some of the biggest stars in Spain's hospitality industry.

The restaurant offers a creative and innovative menu that showcases the best of Mediterranean and European food. The dishes are prepared with the finest ingredients and are presented beautifully. The tasting menu at Coque is considered to be one of the most extraordinary dining experiences in Madrid.

This beautiful restaurant has a spacious and elegant dining area that can accommodate up to 80 guests. The decor is modern and sleek, with a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Coque Restaurant is open for lunch and dinner, and reservations are highly recommended. The restaurant is closed on Sundays and Mondays. The dress code is smart casual, so dress to impress.


Address: C. del Marqués del Riscal, 11, 28010 Madrid, Spain

Phone: +34 916 04 02 02

9. Restaurante Sacha

Restaurante Sacha

When it comes to fine dining in Madrid, Restaurante Sacha is one of the best restaurants in Madrid. This intimate bistro, situated in the Chamartín district, has been a favorite among locals and chefs from near and far for years. Its reputation for soul-satisfying food and hand-selected wines is well-deserved.

The restaurant's menu is a celebration of Spanish cuisine, with a focus on fresh, seasonal ingredients. The dishes are simple yet elegant, with each ingredient carefully chosen to create a perfect balance of flavors. Some of the standout dishes include the grilled octopus with potatoes and the slow-cooked beef cheeks.

One of the things that sets the Sacha tavern apart is its cozy, intimate atmosphere. The restaurant has just a handful of tables, which creates a sense of intimacy and exclusivity. The decor is understated yet elegant, with warm lighting and tasteful artwork on the walls.


Address: C. de Juan Hurtado de Mendoza, 11, Posterior, 28036 Madrid, Spain

Phone: +34 913 45 59 52

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10. Dos Cielos Madrid by Hermanos Torres

Restaurant Dos Cielos is located in the center of Madrid city, making it easily accessible for tourists and locals.

Dos Cielos is a Michelin-starred restaurant that offers a unique fusion of Spanish and international cuisine. The menu features a variety of dishes that showcase the creativity and skill of the Torres brothers. The restaurant also offers vegetarian and gluten-free options for those with dietary restrictions.

One of the standout dishes I tried was the "Cochinillo" (suckling pig) with caramelized apple and celery. The flavors were perfectly balanced, and the presentation was stunning. The dessert menu was also impressive, with options like the "Chocolate and Hazelnut" pastry dish that was both rich and decadent.

The restaurant itself is beautifully designed, with a modern and elegant atmosphere. The staff was attentive and knowledgeable, providing excellent service throughout the meal.

In my opinion, Dos Cielos offers a combination of exceptional food, beautiful ambiance, and excellent service, which makes it a must-visit for foodies and travelers visiting Spain.


Address: Cuesta de Sto. Domingo, 5, 28013 Madrid, Spain

Phone: +34 915 41 67 00

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Q: Where can I find the best Spanish cuisine in Madrid?

A: Madrid is known for its traditional Spanish local food, and there are plenty of restaurants that offer authentic dishes. Some of the best places to try Spanish cuisine in Madrid include Casa Mono, La Barraca, and Casa Lucio. These restaurants serve classic dishes like paella, tortilla española, and cocido madrileño.

Q: What are some great rooftop restaurants in Madrid with a view?

A: The Spanish capital Madrid is home to some stunning rooftop restaurants that offer spectacular views of the city center. Some of the best rooftop restaurants in Madrid include Azotea del Círculo de Bellas Artes, El Viajero, and The Hat. These bars and restaurants offer a range of cuisines, from classic Spanish to international food, and are perfect for a romantic dinner or a night out with friends.

Q: What are some popular restaurants in Madrid city centre?

A: Madrid city centre is home to some of the best Madrid restaurants in the city. Some of the most popular restaurants in Madrid city centre include Botín, Sobrino de Botín, and Casa Alberto. These places to eat in Madrid have been around for decades and are known for serving classic Spanish dishes.

Q: What is the most famous restaurant in Madrid?

A: The most famous restaurant in Madrid is undoubtedly Botín. Founded in 1725, Botín is the oldest restaurant in the world and has been serving traditional Spanish food in Madrid for over three centuries. The restaurant is famous for its roast suckling pig and roast lamb, which are cooked in a wood-fired oven.

Q: What must you eat in Madrid?

A: Madrid is known for its delicious food, and there are plenty of dishes that you must try during your time in Madrid. Some of the must-try dishes in Madrid include Callos a la Madrileña, a hearty stew made with chickpeas, meat, and vegetables; churros con chocolate, a popular breakfast dish consisting of fried dough served with hot chocolate; and bocadillo de calamares, a sandwich made with fried squid rings.

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Hotel Fenix Gran Meliá

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Hotel Único

Hotel Único Madrid

The Hotel Único Madrid restaurant has 2 Michelin Stars. Located in Madrid’s Salamanca district, this restored 19th-century building offers free Wi-Fi, a modern gym and a charming garden courtyard.

Rosewood Villa Magna deluxe hotel

Rosewood Villa Magna

The elegant Rosewood Villa Magna offers exclusive rooms and suites in Madrid’s fashionable Salamanca area. The hotel boasts a spa, marble bathrooms and views onto Serrano Street or Castellana Avenue. The large, luxurious rooms have antique-style furniture and modern finishes.


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