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10 Best Pizzerias In Bologna

Bologna is known for its rich culinary culture and the city's pizza scene is no exception. With so many pizzerias to choose from, it can be overwhelming to decide where to go. That's why we've compiled a list of the top 10 best pizzerias in Bologna, based on reviews, quality of ingredients, and overall experience.

We've included a variety of options on our list, including family-owned establishments and trendy spots that are popular with locals and tourists. Whether you're a pizza purist or looking to try something new, our list has got you covered. So, without further ado, let's dive into the best pizza in Bologna.

1. Ristorante Pizzeria - La Verace

La Verace restaurant

If you're looking for a place to enjoy classic Italian pizza in Bologna, Ristorante Pizzeria La Verace is definitely worth checking out. Located on Via Cairoli 16, this restaurant offers a cozy and welcoming atmosphere that's perfect for a casual dinner with friends or family.

One of the highlights of Ristorante Pizzeria La Verace is their pizza selection, which features a variety of traditional and gourmet options. Their pizzas are cooked in a wood-fired oven, ensuring that each one is crispy and savory. They also offer gluten-free and vegetarian options for those with dietary restrictions.

Aside from pizza, the restaurant also offers a range of Italian and Mediterranean dishes, including pasta, seafood, and meat dishes. Their menu is extensive, so there's something for everyone to enjoy.

The restaurant has received high ratings on Tripadvisor, with many customers praising the quality of the food and the friendly service. They also offer online ordering and delivery, making it easy to enjoy their delicious food from the comfort of your own home.


Address: Via Cairoli, 16/b, 40121 Bologna BO, Italy

Phone: +39 051 588 2700

2. Ranzani 13

Pizzeria Ranzani 13 in Bologna

Source: Francesco Palmosani

For an authentic Italian pizzeria experience in Bologna, Pizzeria Ranzani 13 is definitely worth a visit. Situated in the San Vitale neighborhood, this establishment offers a cozy and rustic atmosphere that will transport you straight to Naples.

The menu features a wide variety of crunchy Neapolitan-style pizzas, made with high-quality ingredients and cooked to perfection in a wood-fired oven. Some of our favorites include the classic Margherita, the spicy Diavola, and the indulgent Quattro Formaggi. They also offer a range of antipasti, salads, and desserts to complement your meal.

In addition to the wonderful food, the service at Pizzeria Ranzani 13 is friendly and attentive, making for a pleasant dining experience. The prices are reasonable, with pizzas ranging from €7 to €14.

It's worth noting that the restaurant can get quite busy, especially during peak hours, so it's best to make a reservation in advance.


Address: Via Camillo Ranzani, 5/12, 40127 Bologna BO, Italy

Phone: +39 345 881 1232

3. Berberè

Berberè - Petroni

When it comes to the best pizzerias in Bologna, Pizzeria Berbere is the place to be. Located at Via Petroni, 9/b, this pizzeria has been serving up some of the most delicious and innovative pizzas in the city since 2010.

What sets Pizzeria Berbere apart from the other pizzerias in Bologna is their unique and creative toppings. They use only the freshest and highest quality ingredients, and their dough is made with a special blend of flours that gives it a perfect texture and flavor.

One of the most popular pizzas at Osteria Berbere is the "Bismark," which features tomato sauce, mozzarella, cooked ham, and a sunny-side-up egg in the center. The combination of flavors and textures is simply amazing. Another must-try pizza is the "Mortazza," which is topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella, mortadella, and pistachios.

In addition to their delightful pizzas, Pizzeria Berbere also offers a great selection of craft beers and wines to pair with your meal. The atmosphere is cozy and inviting, and the staff is friendly and knowledgeable.


Address:Via Giuseppe Petroni, 9c, 40126 Bologna BO, Italy

Phone: +39 051 275 9196

4. La Tana dell’Orso

La Tana dell’Orso Pizzeria in Bologna

La Tana Dell’Orso is a popular pizzeria located in the Savena district of Bologna. It has received high ratings on Tripadvisor, and for good reason. The restaurant offers a cozy, warm atmosphere and exquisite pizza.

The menu offers a variety of pizza options, including vegetarian and vegan options. The pizza is cooked in a wood-fired oven and has a slightly crispy crust with fresh toppings. They also offer a selection of appetizers, salads, and desserts.

The prices at La Tana Dell’Orso are reasonable, with pizzas ranging from €6 to €12. The restaurant also offers a lunch menu with a pizza and drink for only €8.

The staff is amiable and attentive, providing excellent service to customers. The restaurant is small, so it is recommended to make a reservation in advance.


Address: Via Portazza, 10c, 40139 Bologna BO, Italy

Phone: +39 051 465437

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5. Tonino

Pizzeria Tonino in Bologna

If you want to try a traditional Neapolitan pizza, Pizzeria Tonino is the place to go. This pizzeria is located in the heart of Bologna and has been serving sublime pizzas since 1965.

At the Tonino pizzzeria, they use only the highest quality ingredients to make our pizzas. Their dough is made with a special blend of flours and is left to rise for at least 24 hours, resulting in a light and airy crust. They also use San Marzano tomatoes, which are known for their sweet flavor and low acidity, and fresh mozzarella cheese.

Its menu includes a variety of classic pizzas, such as Margherita and Marinara, as well as some unique creations, like the Tonino pizza with spicy salami sausage , smoked provola cheese, and cherry tomatoes. They also offer gluten-free and vegan options.

The ambiance at Pizzeria Tonino is cozy and welcoming, with a rustic decor and friendly waiters. Both indoor and outdoor seating is available, so you can enjoy your pizza in any weather.


Address: 40068 San Lazzaro, Metropolitan City of Bologna, Italy

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6. Pizzartist

Pizzartist in Bologna

Source: Mattia Tottaro

When it comes to pizza, Bologna has no shortage of options. One pizzeria that stands out from the rest is Pizzartist. This trendy spot is known for its creative and contemporary takes on classic pizza.

At Pizzartist, we were impressed by the variety of toppings and flavors available. From classic margherita to more adventurous options like the "Burrata & Nduja" pizza, there is something for every pizza lover. We also appreciated the option to customize our Bologna pizza with different sauces and cheeses.

The atmosphere at this pizza restaurant is modern and inviting, with a sleek decor and great staff. We enjoyed sitting at the bar and watching the passionate pizza chef work their magic in the open kitchen.

One thing to note is that Pizzartist is on the pricier side compared to other pizzerias in Bologna. However, we felt that the quality of the ingredients and the unique flavor combinations made it worth the splurge.


Address: Via Stalingrado, 12, 40128 Bologna BO, Italy

Phone: +39 051 007 8078

7. Forno Brisa

Pizzeria Forno Brisa in Bologna

Forno Brisa is a pizzeria located in Bologna. It is known for its tasty and authentic Neapolitan-style pizzas. The restaurant is located on Via Galliera and is open from Monday to Saturday.

One of the best things about Forno Brisa is its wide variety of pizza options. They have both classic and creative toppings, and they even offer gluten-free and vegan options which are more digestible. You can choose from their menu or create your own pizza with your preferred toppings.

The prices at Forno Brisa are reasonable, with pizzas ranging from €4 to €12. They also offer takeout and delivery services, making it a convenient option for those who want to enjoy their pizza at home.

The ambiance at Forno Brisa is cozy and inviting. The restaurant has a rustic interior with wooden tables and chairs. The staff is helpful and attentive, making sure that customers have a pleasant dining experience.


Address: Via Galliera, 34d, 40121 Bologna BO, Italy

Phone: +39 051 248556

8. Certo

Pizzeria Certo in Bologna

When it comes to pizza in Bologna, Pizzeria Certo is a good place to visit. Located in the San Vitale area, this restaurant offers a welcoming vibe, making it the perfect place to eat a delicious pizza with family and friends.

At restaurant Certo, we love their simple yet sublime round pizzas. Their classic Margherita pizza is a standout, with its perfectly cooked crust, fresh tomato sauce, and melted mozzarella cheese. We also recommend trying a slice of their Diavola pizza, which features spicy salami and a touch of chili oil for an extra kick.

One thing that sets Certo apart from other pizzerias in Bologna is their commitment to using high-quality ingredients. They source their flour from a local mill, and all of their different types of toppings are fresh and locally sourced whenever possible.

In addition to their mouthwatering pizzas, Pizzeria Certo also offers a variety of other dishes, including salads, antipasti, and homemade desserts. Their wine list features a selection of Italian wines, making it easy to find the perfect pairing for your meal.


Address: Via Marsala, 35a, 40126 Bologna BO, Italy

Phone: +39 051 587 2755

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9. Trattoria Pizzeria Belle Arti

Trattoria Pizzeria Belle Arti

Source: Pilar Alvarez

Trattoria Pizzeria Belle Arti is a popular restaurant located in Bologna that serves fantastic Italian cuisine, including pizza. It is one of the best pizzerias in the city, and we highly recommend it to anyone looking for a tasty meal.

The restaurant offers a wide range of pizza options, from classic margherita to more unique toppings like seafood and Mediterranean flavors. They also cater to special diets with vegetarian-friendly, vegan options, and gluten-free options.

One thing that sets Pizzeria Belle Arti apart from other pizzerias is their commitment to quality ingredients. They use only the freshest and finest ingredients depending on the season to ensure that each pizza is flavorful and satisfying.

In addition to their tasty pizzas, Trattoria Belle Arti also offers a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. The restaurant is decorated with beautiful artwork, creating a charming and comfortable environment for diners.


Address: Via delle Belle Arti, 14, 40126 Bologna BO, Italy

Phone: +39 051 225581

10. Bianco Farina

Pizzeria Bianco Farina

Source: Paolo Stigliano

We had the pleasure of visiting Pizzeria Bianco Farina during our search for the best pizzerias restaurants in Bologna. This pizzeria, located in Navile, is a must-visit for anyone looking for a really good authentic Neapolitan-style pizza to eat.

Upon entering the restaurant, we were greeted by a warm and inviting vibe. The decor was simple yet elegant, with a focus on the wood-fired oven that takes center stage in the open kitchen. The staff was friendly, and they were happy to answer any questions we had about the menu.

Speaking of the menu, it's clear that Bianco Farina takes great pride in the quality of the ingredients they serve. They use only the freshest, highest-quality seasonal ingredients, and everything is made from scratch in-house. In addition to their amazing pizza, they also offer a variety of antipasti, salads, and desserts.

Now, let's talk about the pizza. Out of the many different pizzas, we ordered the classic Margherita, and it did not disappoint. The crust was perfectly crispy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside, with just the right amount of char from the wood-fired oven. The sauce was made with San Marzano tomatoes and had a bright, fresh flavor that complemented the creamy mozzarella perfectly.


Address: Via Domenico Zampieri, 36d, 40129 Bologna BO, Italy

Phone: +39 346 611 2769

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Q: What are some highly rated pizza places in Bologna?

A: There are several highly rated pizza places in Bologna. Some of the best ones include Papeo, The Gallery Pizzart Food & Drink, and Portico di San Donato.

Q: What is the most popular pizza in Italy?

A: The most popular pizza in Italy is the Margherita pizza. It is a simple pizza made with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, and fresh basil.

Q: What is the oldest pizzeria in Bologna?

A: The oldest pizzeria in Bologna is Pizzeria da Nello, which has been serving pizza since 1957. It is located in the historic center of Bologna and is known for its traditional Neapolitan-style pizza.

Q: What is the best-known pizza in Italy?

A: The best-known pizza in Italy is the Margherita pizza. It was created in Naples in honor of Queen Margherita of Savoy and features tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, and fresh basil.

Q: What are the most successful pizzerias in Bologna?

A: Some of the most successful pizzerias in Bologna include Pizzeria la Montanara, Pizzeria Marconi, and Pizzeria Ristorante San Francesco.

Q: Does Bologna have good pizza?

A: Yes, Bologna has some of the best pizza in Italy. The city is known for its traditional Neapolitan-style pizza, which is made with fresh, high-quality ingredients and cooked in a wood-fired oven.

Q: What are people saying about pizza places in Bologna?

A: People are saying that the pizza in Bologna is amazing. They love the classic Napoli style pizza, which is cooked to perfection and topped with fresh, delicious ingredients. Many people recommend trying Papeo, The Gallery Pizzart Food & Drink, and Portico di San Donato for some of the best pizza in Bologna.

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