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10 Best Bars In Bologna

If you're looking for the best bars in Bologna, you've come to the right place! We've scoured the city to bring you the top 10 Bologna bars that offer a unique experience for locals and visitors.

From wine bars with stunning views of Piazza Maggiore to cozy pubs with live music, Bologna's bar scene is diverse and exciting. We've included bars that offer a traditional atmosphere, as well as those that serve up innovative cocktails and natural wines.

So if you're planning a trip to Bologna or just looking for a new spot to grab a drink, read on to discover the 10 best bars in Bologna that are sure to impress.

1. Neaera Lounge Bar

Neaera Lounge Bar in Bologna

Neaera Lounge Bar is a must-visit destination for those looking for a unique and memorable drinking experience in Bologna. This lounge bar, located near the canals, offers some of the best cocktails that can be found in town. The drinks are colorful, delicious, and creatively presented with fresh fruit decorations.

The atmosphere at the Neaera is cozy and intimate, perfect for a romantic date or a night out with friends. The bar is decorated with modern and stylish furniture, and the lighting is dimmed, creating a warm and welcoming ambiance.

The menu at the Neaera Bar features a wide selection of cocktails, beers, wines, and pub grub. The bartenders are skilled and knowledgeable, and they are always happy to recommend a drink based on your preferences. We highly recommend trying the signature cocktails, which are expertly crafted and bursting with flavor.

One thing that sets the Neaera Lounge Bar apart from other bars in Bologna is its commitment to sustainability. The bar uses only organic and locally sourced ingredients in its cocktails and food, and it has implemented several eco-friendly practices to reduce its environmental impact.


Address: Via Guglielmo Oberdan, 37b, 40126 Bologna BO, Italy

Phone: +39 334 153 8757

2. Canton de’ Fiori

Bar Canton de’ Fiori in Bologna

Bar Canton de Fiori is a popular bar located in the heart of Bologna. This bar is known for its great selection of drinks and its cozy vibes. It is a great place to relax and unwind after a long day of exploring the city.

The bar serves a variety of drinks, including beer, wine, and exceptional cocktails. They also have a great selection of coffee and tea. The prices are reasonable, and the service is friendly and efficient.

One of the highlights of Canton de Fiori is its outdoor seating area. The tables are situated on a small square, which is perfect for people-watching and soaking up the atmosphere of the city. The indoor seating area is also cozy and inviting, with comfortable chairs and a warm ambiance.

The bar is open from early in the morning until late at night, making it a great spot for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. They also serve a variety of snacks and light meals, including sandwiches, delicious cakes and pastries.


Address: Via dell'Indipendenza, 1c, 40121 Bologna BO, Italy

Phone: +39 051 267300

3. Caffe Ristretto

Caffè Ristretto

If you are looking for a cozy and laid-back spot to enjoy an aperitivo in Bologna, Caffè Ristretto is definitely worth a visit. Situated in the lively Porto district, this pub and bar offers a great selection of drinks and snacks, as well as a warm and friendly vibe.

Upon entering Caffe Ristretto, you will be greeted by a charming decor that blends vintage and contemporary elements. The space is small but well-designed, with comfortable seating and a bar area that invites you to sit and chat with the bartenders.

The drink menu at the Ristretto Caffè is varied and includes classic cocktails, local wines, and craft beers. We recommend trying their signature drink, the Ristretto Sour, which combines bourbon, lemon juice, sugar, and a shot of espresso for a unique and flavorful concoction.

In addition to drinks, this caffe also serves a selection of tasty snacks and light bites to accompany your drinks. The menu features Italian classics like bruschetta and prosciutto, as well as international options like nachos and chicken wings.


Address: Via Monte Grappa, 22, 40121 Bologna BO, Italy

Phone: +39 328 742 4466

4. Il Calice

Il Calice bar in Bologna

For a cozy and intimate bar in Bologna, Il Calice is the place to be. Located in the Santo Stefano district, this bar is perfect for a relaxing drink after a day of sightseeing.

Il Calice is known for its extensive wine list, which features a variety of local and international wines. The staff is knowledgeable and can help you choose the perfect wine to pair with your meal or to enjoy on its own.

In addition to a wine experience, Il Calice also offers a selection of cocktails and beer. If you're feeling hungry, the bar serves a variety of small plates and appetizers, including cheese and charcuterie boards.

The atmosphere at Il Calice is cozy and inviting, with dim lighting and comfortable seating. Whether you're looking for a romantic spot for a date or a place to catch up with friends, this bar is a great choice.


Address: Via Clavature, 13a, 40124 Bologna BO, Italy

Phone: +39 051 236523

5. Celtic Druid Irish Pub

Celtic Druid Irish Pub

If you're looking for a great Irish pub in Bologna, look no further than the Celtic Druid. This pub offers a fun atmosphere, friendly staff, and a wide selection of drinks and food.

One of the highlights of the Celtic Druid is their selection of beers. They offer a variety of Irish and Italian beers, as well as other international beers. If you're a fan of Guinness, you won't be disappointed here. They pour a perfect pint of the famous Irish stout.

In addition to their beer selection, this Irish pub also offers a variety of food options. Their menu includes classic pub fare like burgers and fries, as well as traditional Irish dishes like shepherd's pie and fish and chips. Vegetarians will also find some great options on the menu.

The pub itself is cozy and inviting, with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and they're happy to help you choose the perfect beer or food item.

One thing to note is that the Celtic Druid can get quite busy, especially on weekends. If you're planning to visit, it's a good idea to arrive early to secure a table.


Address: Via Caduti di Cefalonia, 5c, 40125 Bologna BO, Italy

Phone: +39 051 227518

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6. BrewDog Bologna

BrewDog Bologna

If you're a beer lover, then the BrewDog Bar in Bologna is a must-visit place for you. We were impressed by the wide range of beers they offer, including their own craft beers. The bar has a relaxed and laid-back atmosphere, making it an ideal place to hang out with friends or enjoy a relaxing evening.

One thing we appreciated about the BrewDog is their commitment to quality. They use only the freshest and highest-quality ingredients to make their beers. This dedication to quality is evident in the taste and aroma of their beers.

In addition to their impressive beer selection, this bar also offers a variety of delicious food options. We particularly enjoyed their burgers, which were juicy and flavorful. The bar also caters to vegetarians, with several vegetarian-friendly options on the menu.

The staff at the BrewDog Bar are knowledgeable and friendly. They are always happy to recommend a beer or food item that suits your taste. The bar also has a great outdoor seating area, perfect for enjoying a drink on a warm summer evening.


Address: Via S. Valentino, 2f, 40122 Bologna BO, Italy

Phone: +39 051 552891

7. Moustache

Moustache bar

The Moustache Bar is a popular spot in Bologna that offers a welcoming atmosphere. It is located in the San Vitale district of the city, and it is known for its delicious Italian and Mediterranean cuisine, as well as its exceptional bar service.

At bar Moustache, we were impressed by the extensive selection of drinks available, including a wide range of cocktails, a wine selection, and beers. The bar also offers a variety of non-alcoholic drinks for those who prefer to steer clear of alcohol.

The food at the Moustache is also something to write home about. The menu features a range of Italian and Mediterranean dishes, including pasta, seafood, and meat dishes. Vegetarian and gluten-free options are also available.

The prices at the Moustache Bar are reasonable, with dishes ranging from $9 to $35. The bar also offers happy hour specials and other promotions throughout the week, making it an affordable option for those on a budget.


Address: Via Mascarella, 5a, 40126 Bologna BO, Italy

Phone: +39 051 235424

8. Guero

Guero bar

When it comes to finding a great bar in Bologna, Bar Guero is definitely worth checking out. Located in the center of the city, this bar is known for its lively atmosphere and great drinks.

As soon as we walked in, we were greeted by friendly staff and a bustling crowd. The bar has a rustic feel, with exposed brick walls and wooden furniture. It's the perfect place to sit back, relax and enjoy a drink after a long day of exploring.

One thing that sets the Guero apart from other cafés in Bologna is its impressive selection of craft beers. They have a rotating selection of local and international brews, and the staff is always happy to offer recommendations.

In addition to beer, the Guero bar also serves up some tasty cocktails. We particularly enjoyed the Negroni, which was perfectly balanced and had just the right amount of bitterness.


Address: Via Goito, 9/2a, 40126 Bologna BO, Italy

Phone: +39 051 354 9631

9. Osteria del Sole

Osteria del Sole-Bologna

When it comes to the best Bologna bar, Osteria del Sole is undoubtedly one of our top picks. This historic wine bar, dating back to 1465, is a must-visit spot for anyone looking for a unique dining experience in the city.

Located in the heart of Bologna's Quadrilatero district, Osteria del Sole offers a cozy and unpretentious atmosphere. The bar serves only wine and beer, but patrons are welcome to bring your own food from the nearby market stalls. This makes it an ideal spot for those who want to enjoy a casual drink with friends while sampling some of the best local food.

One of the things that sets Osteria del Sole apart from other bars in Bologna is its rich history. The bar has been run by the Spolaore family since 1945, and it has remained a family-centric, casual gathering place through the many years. The interior is adorned with vintage furniture and decorations, giving it a unique and charming character.

Another reason why Osteria del Sole is a favorite among locals and tourists is its affordable prices. The wine and beer selection is extensive, and the prices are reasonable, making it an excellent spot for those on a budget.


Address: Vicolo Ranocchi, 1/d, 40124 Bologna BO, Italy

Phone: +39 347 968 0171

10. L’Ora d’Aria

L’Ora d’Aria bar in Bologna

If you prefer a laid-back bar/restaurant with great food and cocktails, L'Ora d'Aria is one of my favorite places in Bologna. Situated in the Porto district, this beautiful bar offers a cozy and relaxed atmosphere with a touch of elegance.

At L'Ora d'Aria, you can enjoy a wide variety of cocktails, including classic and signature drinks. Their bartenders are skilled, and they can recommend the perfect drink for your taste. They also have an extensive wine list, featuring authentic local and international wines.

The food at L'Ora d'Aria is also outstanding. They offer a menu of Italian and Mediterranean cuisine, with a focus on seafood. Their local dishes are made with fresh and high-quality ingredients, and they are beautifully presented. Some of our favorite dishes include the octopus with potato cream and the spaghetti with clams.

The bar has a spacious outdoor area, perfect for enjoying your food and wine on a warm summer evening. The indoor seating is also comfortable and stylish, with a contemporary design.


Address: Via Giovanni Battista Morgagni, 9a, 40122 Bologna BO, Italy

Phone: +39 051 039 1872

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Q: Does Bologna have a nightlife?

A: While it may not have the same reputation as cities like Rome or Milan when it comes to nightlife, Bologna does offer a lively and diverse range of evening entertainment options. One of the highlights of Bologna's nightlife scene is its numerous bars and pubs scattered throughout the city. Whether you prefer a cozy wine bar or a bustling pub with live music, the nightlife in Bologna has plenty of bars and restaurants to choose from.

Q: Where is the hipster area of Bologna?

A: The area around Piazza Maggiore is particularly popular among locals and tourists, with its narrow streets lined with charming establishments offering everything from craft beers to fine wines. In addition to traditional bars, Bologna also boasts several unique venues such as speakeasies hidden behind unassuming doors or rooftop terraces providing stunning views of the city skyline.

Q: What are some of the best cocktail bars in Bologna?

A: One such gem is The Botanical Club. This cocktail lounge bar not only offers an extensive menu of classic and innovative cocktails but also impresses with its stylish decor and relaxed atmosphere.

Another must-visit cocktail bar in Bologna is Mad Souls & Spirits, known for its exceptional mixology skills and top-notch service. This trendy spot boasts an impressive selection of spirits from around the world, ensuring that each drink is crafted with precision and passion. From traditional Italian Aperol Spritz to creative signature cocktails like "Smoking Negroni," their menu never fails to impress even the most discerning cocktail enthusiasts.

For those seeking a truly unique experience, Golem Cocktail Bar should be at the top of their list. Located inside an old cinema complex, this bar effortlessly blends history with a modern design to create an unforgettable setting for cocktail enthusiasts. 

Q: What are some of the best wine bars in Bologna?

A: One such wine bar is Enoteca Italiana. This sophisticated bar offers an extensive selection of wines from all over Italy, showcasing both well-known labels and hidden gems. The knowledgeable staff at Enoteca Italiana are passionate about wine and eager to guide guests through their impressive collection.

Another must-visit wine bar in Bologna is Osteria del Orso Bianco. Located just a short walk from Piazza Maggiore, this charming spot exudes a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The bar specializes in natural wines, which are produced using organic or biodynamic farming methods without any added chemicals or preservatives.

Lastly, Vineria Favalli is a popular choice among locals and visitors due to its diverse selection of wines and relaxed ambiance. This bustling wine bar features an impressive array of labels from all corners of Italy and beyond.

Q: Which Bologna bars are popular with locals.

A: One of the most popular bars frequented by locals is Osteria del Sole, an establishment with a history dating back to 1465. This traditional bar exudes an old-world charm with its wooden interiors and showcases an impressive variety of local wines as well as classic Italian liquors like grappa and amaretto.

Another beloved spot for Bolognese residents is Tamburini, a legendary deli-bar located in the middle of the city’s bustling market district. Established over eighty years ago, this family-run business has become synonymous with high-quality artisanal products that are emblematic of Bologna's exceptional food culture.

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Aemilia Hotel Bologna

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Hotel Metropolitan guest room

Hotel Metropolitan

Hotel Metropolitan is set just 5 minutes' walk from Bologna's main square and 164 feet from Via Indipendenza, which is the main shopping street in the center. It brings you modern accommodations with a stylish Oriental twist.


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