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10 Best Ice Cream Shops In Toronto

Toronto is known for many things; its majestic skyline, bustling city life, and multicultural vibe are just a few. But one of the city's hidden pleasures that often fly under the traveler's radar is its thriving ice cream scene.

With a wide variety of flavors and a dedication to crafting truly artisan treats, the best ice cream in Toronto is sourced from the heart of this city's innovative food scene. Whether you prefer your ice cream neatly packed in a cone or served with a side of shortbread, the options in Toronto are seemingly endless. As we take you on this saporous journey, you'll discover top spots well worth the detour, that are sure to make your trip to Toronto truly unforgettable.

1. Bang Bang Ice Cream and Bakery

Bang Bang Ice Cream & Bakery In Toronto,Ontario

Situated in a charming nook of Ossington Avenue, Bang Bang quickly grabs your attention with its long meandering queues of dessert enthusiasts and on-the-hunt foodies. With an eclectic assortment of flavors making up the menu, it undoubtedly merits the reputation of being considered among the best ice cream shops in Toronto.

From the classic vanilla and chocolate chip to quirky iterations like London Fog and burnt toffee, every scoop is a revelation. The showcase stuffed with ice cream sandwiches, precisely cut to fit into their homemade Hong Kong style egg waffles, is a sight that makes the wait worthwhile.

More so, the time spent in line gives you the opportunity to mull over your options and peek in on the magic happening behind the glass. The mastery of the craft is palpable as the staff deftly scoop and sandwich the hard ice creams with precision, a testament to why it is regarded as one of the best Toronto ice cream shops.

Also known for baked goods, the selection includes cookies to carrot cake pies, all of which pair superbly well with their chilled offerings. The harmonious combination of a warm pastry nestling a cold scoop incorporates a delightful play on textures and temperatures, ensuring a memorable bliss in each bite.


Address: 93A Ossington Ave, Toronto, ON M6J 2Z2, Canada

Phone: +1 416-531-1900

2. Ice Creamonology

Ice Creamonology

Venturing through the lively city streets, my sweet tooth led me to one of the best ice cream parlours in Toronto, a little gem known as Ice Creamonology. With its rustic yet modern interior, this parlor invites you to step into a world of unique flavors, where classic ingredients meet innovative ideas. Creamy, rich and meticulously handcrafted, it’s easy to fall under the spell of these frozen delights that seem to dance on your tongue with every scoop.

Stepping into this must-visit cream shop, the array of visually-appealing flavors is overwhelming. Reinvented classics like Tahitian vanilla share the stage with bold options, such as burnt marshmallow and black truffle. These mouth-watering choices make it a conundrum to pick just one. There's something for everyone, be it a timeless vanilla or pistachio scoop or an exotic matcha sesame creation.

This, my friends, is the sweet werewolf of Toronto's best ice cream, a creature of the night that satisfies cravings while lighting up your palate with an explosion of flavors.


Address: 250 Queens Quay W, Toronto, ON M5J 2N2, Canada

3. Kekou Gelato

Kekou Gelato shop in Toronto, Canada

Introducing a destination for the best gelato in Toronto – a place that redefines the traditional taste with a captivating Asian twist. Kekou Gelato, tucked away on Baldwin Street, lures you in with its exotic selection. Luscious scoops of gelato loaded with Asian flavors such as Black Sesame, Vietnamese Coffee, Hong Kong Milk Tea, and Durian, are sure to have you returning for more.

The mesmerizing mix of velvety textures and unique flavors that are hard to find elsewhere, sets this place apart. Not to forget, the array of vegan options on offer that make it an inclusive paradise for the dessert devotee. Trust me, when you start exploring the dessert menu that greets you at the counter, you'll realize it's not any ordinary gelato shop. It takes the crown for serving the best gelato in Toronto, with a tantalizing touch of the East.


Address: 5359 Yonge St, North York, ON M2N 5R8, Canada

Phone: +1 416-792-8876

4. Ruru Baked

Ruru Baked

Keeping in line with a yet succulent deviation from traditional ice cream flavors, a humble store in Toronto's growing ice cream scene offers a sweet solace for those adventurous enough to partake in its offerings.

Ruru Baked is known for its distinctive choices, integrating unique and sumptuous tastes into its high-quality desserts. With an ever-changing array of popular ice cream flavours, this charming little gelato shop ensures a unique experience every time.

Every flavour of ice cream evidently tells a story; one such favourite among gelato lovers is the whiskey hazelnut ice cream, an intoxicating blend that exciting my taste buds unlike any dessert had before. Another must-try is their roasted strawberry buttermilk ice cream, a perfect fusion of smoky sweetness and tangy undertones.

Every scoop of ice cream brings forth a harmonious blend of traditional ice cream tones with streaks of decadent modernity. Another significant characteristic noteworthy of praise is the creamy smooth consistency of the soft serve ice creams; it’s undeniably smooth as silk. Truly, it's a delicacy that goes beyond the mere sense of taste, turning each bite into an unforgettable experience.


Address: 659 Lansdowne Ave, Toronto, ON M6H 3Y2, Canada

5. Ed’s Real Scoop

Ed’s Real Scoop

In Toronto's east end, there's a nostalgic little ice cream shop that often sees lines trailing out the door. This spot in Toronto, known as Ed’s Real Scoop, is known by locals and tourists for its flavorful variety and quality. Along with traditional favorites like vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry, this little gem has a myriad of unique flavors on offer.

Tantalize your taste buds with a scoop of burnt marshmallow or cardamom flavour. Indulge in interesting options like Guinness stout or the exotic green tea. Here, every scoop is made with premium, gourmet ingredients, guaranteeing a mouthful of authentic taste with each lick.

A visit to Ed’s Real Scoop is incomplete without sampling their handmade chocolates and gelato, which state homemade love. This Toronto ice cream shop also offers a selection of dairy-free and vegan ice cream options, ensuring there's something for every dietary preference.


Address: 920 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4M 1J5, Canada

Phone: +1 416-406-2525

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6. Death In Venice Gelato

Death In Venice Gelato in Toronto

Strolling through the bustling city of Toronto, I found myself enamored by an unconventional but extraordinary artisanal gelato shop, captivated by its eccentricity. Named after a classic novel, this offbeat emporium presents to anyone daring enough a myriad of unique and delectable flavors that are sure to tickle and rattle the palate. From savory egg-infused Cacio Pepe to Lambrusco wine infused gelato, this ice cream joint is no stranger to unusual blends.

The gelato's creamy texture and authentic flavors are an ode to the genius behind the operation, a European-trained chef with a flair for experimentation. Using local ingredients, this frozen delicacy is crafted with such meticulous care and precision that you can't help but dive in for a second, third, and admittedly, sometimes fourth scoop.

The tantalizing choices, the wholesome ingredients, and the passionate staff all contribute to the remarkable experience Death In Venice Gelato so exquisitely crafts. It's not just another gelato shop; it's an invitation to explore uncharted culinary terrain. Experience every bite as a unique sensation—a taste adventure that lingers long after it's over.


Address: 1418 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M6J 1Y5, Canada

Phone: +1 416-509-3044

7. Bar Ape

Bar Ape Gelato

Set in the heart of Toronto, this exquisite place is renowned for its superb summer offerings. Serving up what many consider to be some of the finest gelato in the city, the specialty of the house is their ever-changing, seasonal menu, inspired by local produce.

Exotic flavor profiles that can only be found at this establishment, await discovery with every visit. With consistent five-star ratings, this ice cream place undeniably adds a delicious layer to Toronto's dynamic culinary landscape.

A visit during the summer months might reveal a line, a sure sign that the refreshing treats served within are worth the wait. Behind a bustling counter, expert ice cream craftsmen work diligently, their hands skillfully churning out flavors that make tastebuds sing. Bar Ape has undoubtedly raised the bar when it comes to artisan gelato in Toronto.


Address: 283 Rushton Rd, Toronto, ON M6C 2X6, Canada

8. iHalo Krunch

iHalo Krunch ice cream parlour in Toronto

Delighting the taste buds of ice cream lovers since its inception, iHalo Krunch is located in the center of Toronto’s trendy Queen West neighborhood. The queue outside this joint is a testament to its popularity, in fact, it's often considered the city’s most Instagram-worthy ice cream shop.

Upon heading inside, you are greeted with striking black walls adorned with illustrations of the signature charcoal soft serve, setting a dramatic backdrop to enjoy your chosen treat.

A strong pull is their beautifully crafted soft-serve ice creams that comes in astonishingly different flavors. They pioneered the charcoal ice cream trend in Toronto, a unique flavor that is equal parts quirky and scrumptious.

Other original ice cream and gelato flavours include Ube Nut, a beautiful purple yam ice cream with red mung beans and toasted coconut, alongside creatively flavored classics like vanilla, matcha, mint chocolate chip, and black sesame. Each cone is not just a sweet treat, but a work of art— a veritable feast for the eyes as well as the palate.


Address: 831 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J 1G1, Canada

Phone: +1 647-505-3777

9. The Big Chill

The Big Chill

Known for its retro-inspired ambiance and a plethora of flavorful scoops, The Big Chill in Toronto's Little Italy provides a delightful escape from stressful city life. With more than 30 flavors to choose from, each visit guarantees a fresh and exciting experience. Their rotating offerings, which dare to venture beyond traditional taste boundaries, include unique varieties like key lime pie, cinnamon toast, and even maple bacon crunch.

Their high-quality ice cream is made in small batches, promising rich, creamy goodness with every scoop while preserving the essence and freshness of the flavor. The inclusion of vegan options in their menu truly captures the attention of those seeking non-dairy delights with no compromise on taste.

Even beyond ice cream, this theme-based parlor pleases its guests with other offerings like decadent milkshakes, ice cream sandwiches, gelato bars, cotton candy, and sundaes making it a versatile and welcoming ice cream destination in Toronto.


Address: 566 College St, Toronto, ON M6G 1A1, Canada

Phone: +1 416-960-2455

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10. Futura Granita

Futura Granita + Gelato

Stepping into the heart of Little Italy, one is immediately lured by the authentic Italian gelato experience in Toronto. Futura Granita, owned by Lois Kim and Carlo Diano, is known for its seasonal rotating menu of intriguing signature flavours and its dedication to quality, seems to pique the curiosity of anyone passing by.

Not only do they demand attention with their patently Italian-style iced treats, but they also punctuate their offering with a unique hybrid of granita and gelato that screams innovation.

What makes this Toronto ice cream spot particularly interesting is the balance of tradition with innovation. The granita, a traditional Sicilian dessert, is combined with the ever-popular gelato in a marriage of textures that is both surprising and satisfying.

Bringing fresh and locally sourced ingredients into the mix, their flavour profiles run the gamut from the perfectly traditional chocolate and vanilla to more adventurous compositions like matcha green tea and cantaloupe basil.


Address: 964 St Clair Ave W, Toronto, ON M6E 1A1, Canada

Phone: +1 647-812-2131

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Q: What are the top ice cream shops to visit in Toronto?

A: Start with a visit to Bang Bang Ice Cream and Bakery on Ossington Avenue; this Toronto location showcases exciting flavors that keep locals and tourists on their toes. Their ice cream sandwiches, made with cookies straight out of the oven, have reached near-legendary status in Toronto's dessert scene.

Further down in the heart of downtown Toronto, Kekou Gelato offers a unique East meets West experience. Their Asian-inspired flavors like Vietnamese Coffee and Black Sesame not only cater to diverse taste palates but also add a dimension of surprise and intrigue to every scoop.

Next, give Ice Creamonology a go. Located along the scenic Harbourfront, they offer intricately crafted flavors, made in small batches, ensuring quality in each bite. With their edgy architectural design, enjoying your gelato while soaking up the beautiful views of Lake Ontario is an added bonus.

Q: Where can one find unique ice cream flavors in Toronto?

A: Your ice cream adventure in Toronto would not be complete without stopping by Bang Bang Ice Cream and Bakery on Ossington Avenue. This quirky small-batch ice cream shop is known for coming up with the most unusual and unheard-of flavors. From avocado to London fog, you wouldn't know what to expect next on your visit. They even allow you to sandwich their creamy, amazing ice cream with one of their baked goods, a rare combo that you probably won't find anywhere else in the city.

Another must-visit ice cream shop to emerge yourself in a culinary ice cream experience is Death In Venice Gelato. The award winning chef, Kaya Ogruce, pushes the boundaries of Gelato with his innovative flavor combinations that change throughout the year depending on seasonal ingredients available. Unique new flavours like ricotta, rosemary and lemon, Parmesan, and canary melon have been known to grace the menu.

Q: Which ice cream spot is a must-try in downtown Toronto?

A: When the taste buds call out for a frozen delight in the heart of Toronto, there's no better place to satisfy them than at Bang Bang Ice Cream. Nestled on Ossington Avenue, this eclectic creamery is famous for its line-up of imaginative flavors and homemade ice cream sandwiches.

Another delectable spot for ice cream in downtown Toronto that deserves a shout-out is Kekou on Queen Street West. This isn't your average gelateria, no sir! Kekou Gelato offers an enticing spread of Asian-inspired flavors that are hard to ignore. Think durian, Vietnamese coffee, earl grey, black sesame or their best-seller, the Whiskey Green Tea.

Q: What are the popular local ice cream parlors in Toronto's neighborhoods like North York and Vaughan?

A: In North York, standouts like 'Cacao 70 Dip Shop' specialize in chocolate-dipped ice cream cones and create an entire story around sweetness - think toppings, drizzles, and numerous variations in cone options. Over in Vaughan, 'Scoop Shop Vaughan' is a crowd favorite featuring a dizzying array of flavours, from the classics to the seasonal specialties. Not to be missed is their fan-favorite, salted caramel ice cream, which has achieved near-mythic status among the locals.

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