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10 Best Hostels In Perth

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the best hostels in Perth! Whether you’re seeking a social hub to meet fellow travelers or fancy some quiet serenity in an artsy retreat away from the bustling city center, this list is your ultimate compass.

So pack your bags and prepare for an unforgettable journey as we explore where comfort meets affordability in one of Australia's most dynamic cities.

1. Hostel G Perth

Hostel G Perth

Hostel G Perth has established itself as a contemporary choice for those seeking accommodation in Perth's vibrant heart. It seamlessly combines the affordability of a hostel with a design-driven aesthetic normally found in boutique hotels. I find its central location to be one of its most appealing features, situated conveniently within Perth's central business district (CBD), providing easy access to a myriad of shops, restaurants, and cultural venues such as The Nostalgia Box Museum.

The accommodation options at Hostel G cater to various preferences:

  • Shared Rooms: Ideal for budget-conscious travelers and social butterflies looking to mingle.
  • Private Rooms: Perfect for those who prefer a more private and quiet hostel environment.

Upon my visit, the cleanliness and service quality were noticeable, with the establishment scoring high in these areas. The hostel's community-centric approach is visible through its specially designed spaces which serve as hubs for interaction and cultural exchange among travelers.

Here's a glimpse of what to expect:

  • Community Spaces: Artistic and comfortable areas for relaxation and conversation.
  • Location: A strategic spot with a 4.5/5 rating for proximity to local attractions.
  • Service: Attentive and resourceful staff, offering a 4.2/5 service experience.
  • Value: Competitive pricing with balance between cost and comfort, rating at 3.9/5.

Hostel G in Perth doesn't just provide a place to stay; it's one of the best hostels for digital nomads in Perth where travelers can immerse in Perth's local scene while enjoying a community spirit often sought after in hostel accommodation.


Address: 80 Stirling St, Perth WA 6000, Australia

Phone: +61 8 6559 3899

2. Billabong Backpackers Resort

Billabong Backpackers Resort in Perth, Australia

At Billabong Backpackers Resort, my experience speaks to the charm of Perth's vibrant backpacking scene. Located in the bustling district of Northbridge, I was immediately drawn to its proximity to the nightlife and the Beaufort Street cafe strip, promising a blend of relaxation and entertainment.

The resort offers a range of accommodation options that cater to both budget-conscious and privacy-seeking travelers. I find their dormitories bright and clean, with security a clear priority. This party hostel in Perth has private rooms as well, featuring en-suite bathrooms, air conditioning, and balconies, perfect for individuals or couples.

Accommodation Choices:

  • Dormitory: 6-bed dorm and 4-bed dorms
  • Private Rooms: Equipped with A/C, queen size bed, and a balcony

The appeal of this Perth hostel is bolstered by its range of amenities. A highlight for me is the large swimming pool, a luxury for those Perth hot days. In the realm of practicality, free Wi-Fi is available, ensuring you stay connected. The inclusion of laundry facilities is a major convenience, especially for long-term travelers.

Key Amenities:

  • Large swimming pool
  • Free WiFi
  • Laundry facilities
  • 24/7 reception and security
  • Off-street car parking (paid)

I appreciate that the resort doesn't leave you disconnected from the rest of Perth. Public transportation, such as the Transperth Bus 950, is conveniently accessible right outside the hostel. When travelling or backpacking here, Billabong Backpackers offers a well-rounded stay that fits any budget without compromising on the comfort or convenience at one of the best party hostels in Perth.


Address: 381 Beaufort St, Highgate WA 6003, Australia

Phone: +61 8 9328 7720

3. Shiralee Hostel

Shiralee Hostel in Perth

Shiralee Hostel, situated comfortably in Perth's Northbridge area, offers travelers a blend of comfort and convenience. I find its location only 9.7km from Perth Airport to be one of its strongest features—central yet peaceful. As a budget-conscious traveler, I appreciate the value Shiralee provides, with a range of accommodations that cater to various needs.

  • Location: 107 Brisbane Street Northbridge, Perth, Australia
  • Access: Just a short stroll from the Perth train station
  • Attractions: Close to Kings Park, offering urban nature escapes

Regarding the rooms, Shiralee Hostel offers options suitable for single travelers as well as those seeking more privacy. I note the availability of free Wi-Fi throughout this cheap hostel—a boon for both planners and spontaneous adventurers alike.

  • Rooms: From mixed dorms to private rooms
  • Amenities: Free Wi-Fi connectivity

Cleanliness and service at Shiralee have consistently received positive feedback. The hostel staff's dedication to maintaining a superb environment doesn't go unnoticed. Their efforts create a welcoming atmosphere, fostering a sense of community among guests from diverse backgrounds.

  • Cleanliness: High standards maintained regularly
  • Staff: Known for being helpful and hospitable

As one of the best cheap hostels in Perth, it offers a laid-back ambiance without sacrifice to accessibility. I value its proximity to central Perth, giving easy access to the city's offerings while providing a tranquil retreat after a day of exploration. It's a go-to option for travelers prioritizing location, value, and a convivial atmosphere.


Address: 107 Brisbane St, Perth WA 6000, Australia

Phone: +61 8 9227 7448

4. Kangaroo Inn

Kangaroo Inn hostel

I find the Kangaroo Inn to be one of the best Perth hostels for travelers seeking a mix of convenience, comfort, and affordability in Perth. This hostel's reputation for cleanliness and friendly staff comes from a series of positive reviews. Situated in the center of the Perth CBD, guests have access to major supermarkets and popular city attractions such as Kings Park and Botanic Garden within a few minutes’ walk.

Accommodation Types & Average Prices:

  • Shared dormitories are available, appealing to the budget-conscious traveler.
  • Private rooms cater to those desiring more privacy.
  • Prices fluctuate with season and demand but are competitive for the area.

Facilities & Services:

  • Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the hostel, a boon for both leisure and business travelers.
  • The kitchen is accessible 24/7, a convenience not offered by all hostels.
  • Laundry facilities add an element of home-like comfort for long-term stays or those in need of fresh attire.

Safety & Comfort:

  • I appreciate the peace of mind that comes with secure accommodations in Perth, and Kangaroo Inn is known to be safe.
  • It's claimed as Perth’s "Best Value Budget Accommodation," balancing cost with a level of service that often exceeds expectations.

Given its central location, economical pricing options, and range of amenities, Kangaroo Inn stands out as a solid choice for visitors to Perth. Whether you’re a sole explorer or traveling in a group, this hostel's offerings and the ease of exploring the city make it a compelling option.


Address: 123 Murray St, Perth WA 6000, Australia

Phone: +61 8 9325 3508

5. The Emperors Crown Hostel

The Emperors Crown Hostel

The Emperors Crown Hostel offers a compelling stay for backpackers and budget travelers in the vibrant heart of Perth. I find its location at 85 Stirling St in the Central Business District particularly convenient, being a mere stone's throw from Northbridge. This cultural hub is known for its lively nightlife and entertainment choices, perfect for those seeking to explore the city after dusk.

Accommodation varieties at The Emperors Crown meet diverse needs. They range from shared dormitory rooms, which are a staple for the backpacker community, to more private room options tailored for couples or families desiring their own space. Each room type maintains a standard of cleanliness and simplicity, suiting those who favor practical comfort.

My experience of The Crown Hostel notes that amenities and communal spaces strike a balance between social engagement and personal downtime. Moreover, being surrounded by Perth's city center, guests benefit from easy access to public transport and major tourist attractions, which adds a layer of convenience to the overall hostel experience.

In summary, being one of the best hostels for couples in Perth, The Emperors Crown Hostel embodies a quality, no-frills accommodation option. Its prime location, coupled with the range of rooms, caters well to the ethos of the backpacker community and equally to those seeking an economical yet comfortable stay in the city center of Perth.


Address: 85 Stirling St, Perth WA 6000, Australia

Phone: +61 8 9227 1400

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6. Victoria Park Lodge

Victoria Park Lodge

When exploring Perth in Western Australia, I find Victoria Park Lodge to be a noteworthy accommodation choice for backpackers. Situated at 65 Leonard Street, the lodge is in a favorable location that allows guests to experience the vibrancy of Perth.

The Lodge's amenities are what I consider standard for a budget-friendly hostel in Perth. I appreciate the availability of free internet access, which travelers rate highly at an 8.4, indicating reliable Wi-Fi access. It is important to me to stay connected, and Victoria Park Lodge provides this essential service.

Amenities at Victoria Park Lodge:

  • Free WiFi: Rated 8.4 for connectivity
  • Shared Bathrooms: Ensuring basic needs are met
  • Laundry Facilities: Essential for long-term travelers

Price-wise, I find the lodge's offerings competitive, making it accessible for those on a tighter budget. While detailed prices vary by travel dates and room availability, it's possible to find rates starting around AU$70, which is quite reasonable for Perth standards.

When it comes to location, Victoria Park Lodge is positioned within reach of various attractions, including Crown Perth and the Optus Stadium. This proximity is beneficial for backpackers & solo travelers who like to stay close to entertainment hubs.

Nearby Attractions:

As a personal preference, I appreciate hostels that balance cost and convenience, and Victoria Park Lodge seems to achieve this. My stay there was based on the understanding that while it offers simple accommodations, it respects the fundamentals that I look for: hygiene, security, and a communal atmosphere for meeting fellow travelers.


Address: 65 Leonard St, Victoria Park WA 6100, Australia

Phone: +61 412 113 583

7. Spinners Hostel

Spinners Hostel

Location: Located in Perth's vibrant Northbridge area, I find Spinners Hostel to be ideally positioned for both convenience and enjoyment. The central location offers easy access to the city's main attractions, including bustling nightlife, cafes, and cultural sites.

Accommodation: I've observed that Spinners Hostel is well-suited for the modern backpacker. It has undergone a major refurbishment, indicating that the facilities are likely up to date with a fresh and contemporary feel.


  • Spinners Hostel appears to cater to those seeking budget-friendly accommodation without skimping on the amenities. From my understanding, they've designed special zones for socializing and relaxation, ensuring a comfortable stay.

Experience: Claimed to be Perth's favorite hostel for over 25 years, my impression is that Spinners Hostel maintains a reputation for a chilled environment conducive to making new friends. It seems to be a magnet for travelers who are after a friendly and welcoming experience.

Services: As far as services are concerned, guests can potentially expect to receive support from an accommodating staff, based on reviews highlighting superb staff performance and cleanliness. However, while some hostels might offer free breakfast, it is unclear whether Spinners Hostel includes this in their service.

For budget-conscious explorers in Perth, Spinners Hostel is a place I would consider for its combination of a central location, modern amenities, and a renowned laid-back atmosphere.


Address: 342 Newcastle St, Perth WA 6000, Australia

Phone: +61 8 9328 9468

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8. Quokka Backpackers Hostel

Quokka Backpackers Hostel Perth

When I explored Perth, Australia, I found the Quokka Backpackers Hostel to be an appealing option for budget-conscious travelers. Located in Northbridge, it's in the epicenter of Perth’s vibrant nightlife district. This hostel offers a communal atmosphere that encourages making new friends from around the globe.

Amenities include:

  • Free WiFi: Essential for planning my Perth adventures and staying connected.
  • Kitchen facilities: Perfect for when I prefer to prepare my own meals.
  • Common areas: Where you can mingle with fellow backpackers.

My experience was made smoother by the helpful staff who are willing to give local tips, suggesting that the Quokka Backpackers Hostel doesn't just offer a bed, but a chance to immerse in the local backpacker culture. The hostel's proximity to attractions and transport links adds to its convenience.

For an authentic Perth backpacker experience, I found the Quokka Backpackers Hostel is one option that ticks many of the right boxes.


Address: 5 Fitzgerald St, Northbridge WA 6003, Australia

Phone: +61 476 718 606

9. Perth City Backpackers Hostel

Perth City Backpackers Hostel

When considering accommodation that strikes a balance between affordability and a central location in Perth, Perth City Backpackers Hostel on Hay Street often comes to mind. Positioned in downtown Perth, this perfect hostel offers convenience for backpackers looking to explore the city's attractions such as the Perth Mint and St.Mary's Cathedral. Transport options are plentiful, making it an ideal hub for venturing throughout the city and beyond.

Accommodations at this hostel cater to the needs of backpackers by providing different room types, from shared dormitories to private rooms. I've found that the rooms are designed with a minimalistic approach, ensuring that guests have the essentials for a comfortable stay.

The free Wi-Fi access throughout the hostel is certainly a pro, allowing you to stay connected and plan your daily itineraries with ease.

  • Amenities:
    • Comfortable bedding
    • Personal lockers
    • Shared kitchen facilities
    • Common lounge areas
    • Laundry services

As a guest, I appreciated the communal vibe that encourages interaction among travelers, which is facilitated through a variety of shared spaces. The kitchen is well-equipped and offers opportunities to prepare meals and share cooking tips with fellow backpackers.

In summary, Perth City Backpackers Hostel serves as a practical choice for those visiting Australia on a budget. The combination of its central location and essential amenities provides a straight-forward, no-frills accommodation experience for travelers looking to immerse themselves in the Perth backpacker scene.


Address: 286 Hay St, East Perth WA 6004, Australia

Phone: +61 8 6507 3660

10. North Lodge Backpackers Hostel

Northlodge Central City Apartments

I discovered that North Lodge Backpackers Hostel Perth, situated in the vibrant district of Northbridge in Perth, Australia, is an excellent choice for travelers on a budget. This hostel outside of Perth retains the charm that backpackers often seek, creating a welcoming atmosphere for those exploring the city.

At North Lodge Backpackers, I found that the accommodation options vary to suit different needs, offering both dormitory-style rooms and private rooms.

Accommodation Types:

    • Dormitory rooms for a social, communal experience.
    • Private rooms for those needing more personal space.


    • Free Wi-Fi: A crucial feature for me, as it allows staying connected with family and friends and planning my travels.
    • Communal areas: These spaces encourage mingling with other backpackers.

Location-wise, North Lodge is strategically positioned within walking distance to Perth's city center, giving you easy access to local attractions such as Elizabeth Quay. My findings indicated that Northbridge is known for its lively nightlife, cafes, and cultural events, making it a haven for backpackers.

As one of the best hostels with private rooms in Perth, I felt assured knowing that North Lodge Backpackers Perth maintains a positive reputation among travelers for its cleanliness, friendly staff, and affordable room prices.

Price Point:

  • The hostel is competitively priced within the budget accommodation market in Perth, reflecting its standing as a cost-effective option.

In summary, my experience and research point to North Lodge Backpackers Hostel as a solid choice for those who seek a centrally-located, budget-friendly, and sociable environment. It stands as a beacon for backpackers wanting to delve into the Perth experience without breaking the bank.


Address: 225 Beaufort St, Perth WA 6000, Australia

Phone: +61 418 952 333

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Q: What are the top-rated hostels in Perth for budget travelers?

A: Based on traveler reviews and feedback, the top-rated hostels in Perth that cater to budget travelers often include Fremantle Prison YHA, Perth City YHA, and Wickham Retreat Backpackers. As some of the cheapest hostels in Perth, they are appreciated for their combination of affordability, amenities, and locations conducive to exploring the city.

Q: How do hostel prices in Perth compare to other accommodation options?

A: Hostel prices in Perth are generally much more budget-friendly when compared to hotels or vacation rentals. While prices vary depending on the time of year and the specific hostel, staying at a hostel can significantly reduce accommodation expenses, making it a preferred option for budget-conscious travelers.

Q: How long is the typical stay permitted at hostels in Perth, Australia?

A: Most hostels in Perth city allow for flexible lengths of stay in Perth, ranging from a single night to several weeks. The maximum duration can vary by hostel policy; some might have limits, while others may allow extended stays especially if travelers work for accommodation or are long-term backpackers.

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Duxton Hotel Perth

Duxton Hotel Perth

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Pan Pacific Perth guest room

Pan Pacific Perth

Pan Pacific Perth is located in the Perth CBD, near the Swan River. Offering a large selection of guest rooms and suites, the hotel features an outdoor swimming pool and a 24-hour fitness center. Parking is available for guests in the hotel parking lot, at an additional charge.

Hyatt Regency Perth

Hyatt Regency Perth

This 5-star luxury hotel offers a 19-yard heated pool and views of the Swan River and is located in the heart of East Perth, just minutes from Perth CBD. Free WiFi is offered in all rooms and public spaces and a free city shuttle is provided each weekday morning. 


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