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10 Best Cafes In Valencia

From quaint establishments steeped in history to trendy coffee shops buzzing with innovative brews, Valencia's coffee scene offers more than just a caffeine fix; it's an invitation to savor life slowly.

Whether you're seeking the perfect café to people-watch with a creamy cortado in hand or hoping to find an eclectic venue for that Instagram-worthy brunch shot, our curated list of the best cafes in Valencia promises to guide you through this enchanting city's most unforgettable coffee experiences.

Get ready to explore charming baristas' secrets tucked away in labyrinthine alleys and panoramic views that make every sip feel like a tribute to this magnificent Spanish city.

1. Flying Bean

Flying Bean Coffee shop in Valencia,Spain

Amidst Valencia's vibrant coffee culture, I find Flying Bean Coffee to be a standout establishment. With its prime location in the Arrancapins neighborhood, this coffee shop exudes a friendly and inviting atmosphere, evident even from its large wooden entry doors.

I appreciate their dedication to the craft of coffee making. The shop's ambiance fosters a sense of community and connection, which I value highly as a part of the overall coffee experience. The array of tastes offered at Flying Bean Coffee leaves patrons both intrigued and satisfied, as they expertly balance traditional and innovative flavors.

Flying Bean Coffee not only serves as a coffee shop but also doubles as a unique workspace. This dual functionality addresses the modern trend of remote work and digital nomadism, integrating seamlessly with AI and tech tools that many of us use every day.

Coffee Selection:

  • Specialty blends
  • Single-origin offerings


  • Cozy, community feel
  • Ideal for work and relaxation


  • Heart of Valencia
  • Neighbourhood: Arrancapins

Their service is consistently warm and welcoming, enhancing their reputation among the best coffee shops in Valencia.

In summary, Flying Bean Coffee represents the fusion of quality, community, and innovation, aligning with the progressive coffee culture of Valencia while maintaining the comfort and friendliness of a local cafe.


Address: C/ del Doctor Vila Barberà, 12, Extramurs, 46007 València, Valencia, Spain

2. Four Coffee

FOUR Specialty Coffee & Bistro

In my exploration of Valencia's vibrant coffee scene, I've discovered that the city's love for coffee extends far beyond the typical café con leche found at traditional bars. Valencians take their coffee seriously, and specialty coffee shops are a testament to the burgeoning coffee industry here.

One of my regular haunts is Four Coffee. I'm particularly impressed by their selection of specialty coffees, where the baristas demonstrate remarkable expertise and passion. It's evident in every cup they serve that they prioritize quality and flavor profiles.

As for reviews, personal encounters and local sentiment echo the excellence of this venue. The attention to detail the baristas display, whether it's executing the perfect pour-over or creating latte art, has consistently fetched positive feedback.

Each visit to this Valencia coffee shop is a unique experience, reminding me why Valencia’s coffee scene is among the best. It's not just about the coffee itself, but the whole experience—the skilled baristas, the innovative space, and the eager embrace of coffee culture by Valencians that make this coffee house truly outstanding.


Address: C/ de l'Historiador Diago, 20, Extramurs, 46007 València, Valencia, Spain

Phone: +34 623 38 43 25

3. Blackbird Cafe

Blackbird Cafe in Valencia

When I wander through the creative neighborhood of Russafa in Valencia, one of my top stops for a coffee break is Blackbird Cafe. This quaint yet lively spot strikes a balance between the traditional European cafe culture and a modern artisan bakery-cafe vibe.

Location & Ambiance Situated at Calle de la Reina Dona Maria, 7, Blackbird Cafe is a place where I find a cozy and inviting atmosphere. It's the kind of shop where the outside hustle fades away as I step in, replaced by the warm aroma of fresh coffee and pastries.

Menu Highlights

  • European & Contemporary Dishes: A robust selection that caters to various palates.
  • Specialty Coffees: Expertly brewed to perfection.
  • Health-Conscious Options: Including specials for different dietary requirements.

Service & Accessibility As I frequent the cafe, I notice the staff are consistently friendly and attentive. They are a key factor in the cafe's pleasant ambiance. In terms of accessibility, Blackbird Cafe is comfortably located within walking distance from many central points in Valencia.

Why Visit?

  • Comforting Coffee and Bakery items: Ideal for breakfast or a mid-day treat.
  • Warm, Welcoming Service: I always feel at home here.
  • A Spot for Every Occasion: Whether it's a casual visit, or a small event, the setting suits all.

In my experience, Blackbird Cafe delivers on its promise of quality food and drinks, served in a kind, casual environment that echoes the vibrant energy of Valencia.


Address: C/ de la Reina Na Maria, 7, L'Eixample, 46006 València, Valencia, Spain

Phone: +34 960 05 10 90

4. Fran Cafe

Fran Cafe

During my exploration of Valencia's coffee scene, I made it a point to visit Fran Cafe, a spot that has garnered attention for its cozy ambiance and delightful coffee. This cafe operates out of a location that easily blends in with the vibrant life of Valencia.

As I stepped inside, the warm hospitality was immediately evident. The friendly staff at the Fran Cafe are known for their graciousness, contributing significantly to the establishment's inviting atmosphere.

My Coffee Experience:

  • Latte: Recommended by patrons, the latte stood out with its rich flavor - a testament to the cafe's reputation for excellent coffee.

Food Delights:

  • Homemade Cakes: A must-try for anyone with a sweet tooth.
  • Brunch: Serving options for a leisurely mid-morning meal.
  • Eggs Benedict: Perfectly crafted, making it a popular brunch choice.

The cafe also serves nicely cooked laing and I found their tasty alfajores to be a pleasant treat. It's clear that Fran Cafe excels not only in its coffee but also in a selection of well-prepared dishes that resonate with the authentic taste of Spain.


Address: C. de Puerto Rico, 29, L'Eixample, 46004 València, Valencia, Spain

5. Tallat

Tallat Coffee Roasters

During my explorations in Valencia, a coastal city with a burgeoning coffee culture, I discovered Tallat Coffee Roasters, ensconced in the charming Cabanyal-Canyamelar neighborhood. This establishment has carved out its niche as a beloved spot for both Valencians and international visitors who seek out specialty coffee.

Ambiance & Community: Tallat exudes a warm, neighborhood vibe where everyone seems welcome. It functions as a pivotal gathering place, fostering a strong sense of community among patrons.

Coffee Excellence: My focus at Tallat was to experience their highly-regarded specialty coffee. They take pride in serving ethically sourced, seasonal coffee beans that they meticulously roast on-site. This dedication is palpable in the aroma and flavor profiles of each brew.

  • Must-Try Coffees:
    • Batch Brew: Known for a consistently flavorful cup.
    • Flat White: A popular choice, well-balanced and expertly prepared.

Service: The staff's approachability complements the café's friendly atmosphere, and I found coffee prices to be quite reasonable. The level of attention to detail these baristas exhibit speaks volumes about their commitment to quality service.

If you're navigating Valencia's coffee scene, let Tallat serve you a memorable cup. As I sipped my expertly crafted flat white, the local banter and welcoming space made Tallat much more than just a coffee shop—it's a testament to thoughtful coffee culture thriving in the heart of Valencia.


Address: C/ de la Barraca, 25, Poblats Marítims, 46011 València, Valencia, Spain

Phone: +34 960 83 64 46

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6. Bluebell Coffee Roasters

Bluebell Coffee Roasters in Valencia

When visiting Valencia, I always make sure to stop at one of my favorite places called Bluebell Coffee Roasters, a renowned coffee shop in the trendy Russafa neighborhood. It's a place that prides itself on offering not just a cup of coffee but an immersive experience. Their attention to detail is evident in every aspect, from the selection of beans to the final pour.

Staff: The heart of Bluebell is its knowledgeable team. On my visit, I observed from their patio how the baristas, including their head barista and roaster, craft each cup with precision. Their passion for coffee shines through, providing not just a beverage but an educational experience for anyone interested in the craft of coffee.

Variety: Bluebell stands out for its wide variety of coffees. I learned that they focus on seasonal harvests and prefer to roast different origins to keep the offerings fresh and exciting. Their espressos are served without sugar, pushing for the natural flavors to be savored.

Reviews: Visitors frequently commend Bluebell for its cozy atmosphere and savory selections. Rating aggregations online reflect high marks across the board, with particular praise for the quality of the coffee and the friendly service. It's often included in lists of the best cafes in Valencia, underlining its reputation.


Address: C/ de Buenos Aires, 3, L'Eixample, 46006 València, Valencia, Spain

Phone: +34 678 36 16 15

7. Fav Coffee

Fav Coffee house in Valencia

In my quest for the finest cafés in Valencia, I gravitate towards spots that echo the city’s rich coffee culture and offer a memorable ambiance. I take pride in my ability to discern the nuances of a great coffee experience, which isn't just about the beverage but the setting and service as well.

Fav Coffee stands out to me with its artisanal approach. They're masters in the art of bean selection and roasting, ensuring every cup I've had there is robust and perfectly balanced. The Spanish flair in their coffee preparation is unmistakable and makes each visit a delight.

It's not just their exceptional coffee that pulls me back, but the fusion of flavors in their kitchen. When in Valencia, trying some Spanish-infused café offerings enriches the travel experience, and Fav Coffee provides exactly that.

Each time I visit this café, it's an affirmation of Valencia’s vibrant coffee scene and its welcoming nature. With every sip, I capture a sense of the meticulous care Spanish cafés invest in their craft.


Address: C/ del Cronista Carreres, 1, Ciutat Vella, 46003 València, Valencia, Spain

8. Café De Las Horas

Café de las Horas - Valencia

Nestled in the heart of Valencia, I find Café De Las Horas to be a charming establishment that offers much more than a regular café experience. Its location in the Old Town, a stone's throw away from the iconic Plaza de la Virgen, makes it an ideal spot for both tourists and locals alike.

Ambience: The café exudes an air of creativity and innovation, a blend reminiscent of a classic literary café with touches of a Parisian setting, an English tea room, and an American cocktail lounge. The extravagant neo-baroque interior is a feast for my eyes, providing a delightful backdrop for a relaxing break.

Beverages: I appreciate their commitment to tradition and quality. A highlight for me is their horchata, a sweet, milky beverage originating from the region and made from tiger nuts. It's a must-try, especially for those interested in local Valencian flavors.

Chocolate: For chocolate enthusiasts, I recommend their indulgent hot chocolate, which pairs excellently with their assortment of cinnamon rolls and churros pastries. I find their approach to these classic European delights both authentic and delightful.

Service: In my experience, the staff are courteous and attentive, adding to the overall inviting and comfortable atmosphere. They seem well-versed in the menu, providing recommendations with confidence and knowledge.

In summary, Café De Las Horas captivates with its distinct character, quality European refreshments, and a welcoming environment, making it a noteworthy stop in Valencia's vibrant café scene.


Address: C/ del Comte d'Almodóvar, 1, Ciutat Vella, 46003 València, Valencia, Spain

Phone: +34 963 91 73 36

9. Café ArtySana – Ruzafa

Café ArtySana in the Ruzafa neighborhood Valencia

Situated within Valencia's vibrant Ruzafa neighborhood, I discovered Café ArtySana, a place that embodies the artistic spirit of the area. This Valencia café stands out not just for its culinary offerings but its commitment to healthy living and local art.

When I stepped into Café ArtySana, the artsy décor immediately caught my attention. The walls showcase local artwork, enriching my dining experience with a visual feast that complements the edible one. It's a charming space—bright and lively—where art and food enthusiasts gather.

  • Ambiance: Artistic and relaxed with an emphasis on local culture
  • Menu Highlights:
    • Vegetarian, vegan, and pescatarian options
    • Diverse range of healthy dishes
    • High-quality coffee selections

My meal at Café ArtySana was a delightful experience. It's a great place where health-conscious food meets creativity, evidenced in every dish they serve. Unsurprisingly, this Valencia coffee shop has garnered positive reviews for both its food and service, reflecting the high esteem in which it is held by locals and visitors.

This isn't a typical restaurant; it's more of an experience—a blend of café culture and art exhibition space. As you sit on their terrace and enjoy your quality coffee, the sounds of live music occasionally grace the ambiance, providing a full sensory immersion into the heart of Valencia's artistic community.


Address: Carrer de Dénia, 49, L'Eixample, 46004 València, Valencia, Spain

Phone: +34 697 28 09 99

10. Bastard Coffee & Kitchen

BASTARD Coffee & Kitchen

Located in the heart of Valencia, Bastard Coffee & Kitchen has positioned itself as a hub for both locals and tourists seeking to indulge in a gastronomic retreat. I often find the atmosphere here cozy and inviting, a perfect spot to savor their all-day brunch offerings.

Menu Highlights

  • Coffee Selection: A curated blend of beans that I find delivers both robust and smooth flavors suitable for any coffee aficionado.
  • Brunch Specials: They serve a range of brunch menu options. You can opt for their pancakes, an American breakfast classic, or if you are like me and enjoy savory selections, their chicken dishes do not disappoint.

Ambiance and Service

The European café culture is unmistakable at Bastard Coffee & Kitchen. I always appreciate their friendly and efficient service which enhances the dining experience. The café exudes a certain neutrality in its décor that appeals to a diverse clientele — it's neither overly trendy nor outdated.

I must mention that the establishment is often included in culture trip lists as a recommended destination, and it's easy to see why. It’s an ideal stop to refuel during small-group trips around the city.

Every time I visit Bastard Coffee & Kitchen, I observe a diverse crowd, from individuals enjoying a solo coffee break to groups sharing a convivial meal. It's this inclusive and neutral charm that draws me and many others back.


Address: Av. del Regne de València, 2, L'Eixample, 46005 València, Valencia, Spain

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Q: Where can one find cafes suitable for working in Valencia?

A: In Valencia, many cafes offer a welcoming environment for working, complete with free Wi-Fi and power outlets. Look for places like Mayan Coffees, known for its unique decor and cozy atmosphere, which makes it a popular spot for both locals, expats and remote workers.

Q: Which coffee shops in Valencia offer the best specialty coffee?

A: Bluebell Coffee Roasters stands out in Valencia for its specialty coffee. They are committed to quality and serve a range of homemade cakes along with their brews. Their coffee is crafted with care, ensuring a remarkable cup every time.

Q: What are the top cafes for brunch in Valencia?

A: For a top-notch breakfast and brunch experience in Valencia, head to cafes such as Bastard Coffee that offer a mix of healthy options and indulgent treats. Options include places with diverse menus, often featuring dishes like salmon and avocado toast, beetroot hummus, and steamed bao buns, alongside classic pastries and coffee.

Q: What is the average cost of a coffee in Valencia?

A: The cost of coffee can vary depending on where you are in Valencia. Typically, a basic cup of coffee like a café solo or cortado ranges from €1 to €2, while specialty coffees can cost slightly more, averaging between €2 and €4.

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