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10 Best Cafes In Naples

Embark on a caffeinated journey through Naples, Italy's heartbeat of coffee culture. From aromatic espressos to traditional pasticceria pairings, we'll guide you to the crème de la crème of Neapolitan cafés. Discover where timeless tradition meets modern flare, savoring every sip in the birthplace of espresso. Ready to be captivated? Let’s dive into the best cafes in Naples and what they have to offer.

1. Gran Caffè Gambrinus

Gran Caffè Gambrinus in Napoli, Italy

Whenever I step into Gran Caffè Gambrinus, I'm immediately struck by its deep cultural roots and position as a historical jewel in the city of Naples. Situated near the iconic Piazza del Plebiscito, this legendary cafe has been serving Neapolitans and tourists since 1860. Known not only as a cafe but also as a literary salon and art gallery, its walls have witnessed the vibrant ebb and flow of Italian culture over the decades.

Espresso & Coffee: Gran Caffè Gambrinus is renowned for its rich, aromatic Italian coffee. Each espresso served is a testament to the cafe's commitment to traditional Italian coffee excellence.

  • Pastries & Sfogliatella:
    • Neapolitans cherish their pastries, and the cafe doesn't disappoint with its array of sweet delights.
    • The sfogliatella, a classic Neapolitan pastry, is flaky and filled with a delicious ricotta blend, a favorite among patrons.

Atmosphere: The ambiance harks back to the elegant past, with gilded mirrors and frescoes that transport me to a different era. The sense of being in a space that doubles as a historic site is palpable.

  • Cultural Trip:
    • Visiting the cafe is more than a coffee break; it's a cultural trip, offering insight into the heart of Neapolitan life.
    • Artists, writers, and intellectuals have historically frequented this spot, contributing to its status as a cultural hub.

I find that no visit to Naples' centro storico, or historical center, is complete without experiencing the historic Gran Caffè Gambrinus. While Gran Caffè La Caffettiera also garners acclaim, the timeless allure of Gran Caffe Gambrinus is truly emblematic of the café culture in Napoli.


Address: Via Chiaia, 1, 80132 Napoli NA, Italy

Phone: +39 081 417582

2. La Caffettiera

Gran Caffè La Caffettiera

Each time I stroll along Via Toledo, the vibrant center of Naples, the authentic Neapolitan espresso calls to me from Caffè La Caffettiera. Stepping into this coffee house is like being wrapped in Naples' rich coffee culture.

Menu Highlights:

  • Espresso: The quintessential Neapolitan espresso
  • Pastries: Traditional Italian pastries

Ambiance: The ambiance exudes a blend of classic Italian flair with modern comfort, creating an inviting space where both locals and tourists converge for their caffeine fix.

At  La Caffettiera, each cup of coffee is a testament to Italian tradition. The coffee beans are meticulously selected and expertly roasted to deliver a rich, full-bodied flavor that stands at the essence of Italian coffee. My personal experience with their espresso affirms why Italian coffee has a reputation for its remarkable taste and quality.

Gran Caffè La Caffettiera is more than a coffee spot; it's a slice of the city's soul. Whether you're starting your day or need an afternoon pick-me-up, this café promises a true Italian coffee experience.


Address: Piazza dei Martiri, 26, 80121 Napoli NA, Italy

Phone: +39 081 764 4243

3. Caffè Del Professore

Il Vero Bar del Professore

When I seek an authentic Neapolitan coffee experience, I frequently visit Caffè Del Professore. Located in the historic heart of Naples, it is a place where the rich aroma of espresso mingles with the city's vibrant energy. This coffee roaster, with its historic ambiance, provides a delightful escape into the world of Italian coffee culture.

I always suggest trying their renowned Pastiera, a traditional Neapolitan tart that pairs wonderfully with their meticulously brewed espresso. My experience here is enhanced by the elegant environment, reminiscent of the quintessential Italian café, where both locals and tourists converge to savor the essence of Naples.

Caffe Del Professore, celebrated for its artisanal approach to coffee-making, embodies the Neapolitan spirit. The baristas, with their expertise, ensure every cup of coffee is exceptional, whether it's their signature espresso or a sumptuous cappuccino.

Amidst the scores of cafes in Naples, Il Vero Bar Del Professore branches stand out due to their dedication to maintaining high-quality standards and offering a genuine taste of the city's beloved coffee tradition.


Address: Piazza Trieste e Trento, 46, 80132 Napoli NA, Italy

Phone: +39 081 403041

4. Scaturchio

Pasticceria Scaturchio

Every time I walk through the vibrant city streets of Naples, I cannot help but be drawn to Scaturchio, an esteemed pasticceria with a rich history dating back to 1910. Nestled in the heart of Naples' historical center, this bakery is a testament to time-honored Neapolitan traditions.

Scaturchio is renowned for its exquisite array of pastries, notably the sfogliatelle — a classic Neapolitan pastry boasting layers of flaky crust and a rich ricotta filling. Their painstaking dedication to quality ensures every bite is a delightful experience. Local connoisseurs often tout Scaturchio as the go-to destination for the best version of this iconic treat.


  • Sfogliatelle: Flaky crust with creamy ricotta filling
  • Ministeriale: A coveted chocolate delicacy exclusive to Scaturchio
  • Babà: Rum-soaked yeasty cake, a Neapolitan favorite

Among these delectable sweets stands the Ministeriale: a distinctive chocolate orb that enjoys protected status, unique to Scaturchio. It represents the intricate dance of flavors that this establishment has mastered.

The charm of Scaturchio is not limited to its pastries. The environment captures the essence of an authentic Neapolitan café: locals debate passionately over espresso while savoring bites of Babà, another staple in Naples' rich culinary repertoire. This rum-soaked delicacy complements the robust coffee served here, creating an indulgent symphony for the tastebuds.

In summary, your journey through Naples' café culture would be incomplete without the time-honored tradition of Scaturchio. It is a coffee shop where pastries are not just food, but a cultural heritage proudly preserved and shared with every visitor.


Address: Amedeo, 5, 80121 Napoli NA, Italy

Phone: +39 081 425543

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5. Caffè Mexico

Caffé Mexico in Naples,Italy

When you go into Caffè Mexico at Piazza Garibaldi, there is an immediate sense of tradition that envelops you. This establishment, distinguished by its reputation in the city of Naples, serves up one of the quintessential experiences for coffee aficionados. At Caffè Bar Mexico, the focus is undoubtedly on the quality of the coffee, a testament to the typical Neapolitan coffee culture, which locals and visitors alike cherish deeply.

The ambiance of Caffe Mexico is reminiscent of the old-school Italian coffee bars. Its setting is unpretentious, allowing the coffee itself to take center stage. An interesting fact is that this café is part of the larger Bar Mexico network, known for replicating high standards across their locations. When ordering a cafe latte here, I've noted that it is customarily served pre-sweetened, a traditional local preference, but you can always request it otherwise.

Coffee Attributes:

  • Served as: tazza calda (hot cup)
  • Consistency: rich and thick
  • Sugar: on the side, upon request

Naples is renowned for coffee with a rich flavor profile, and Gran Caffè Mexico certainly stands up to this reputation. For many, the espresso at the Mexico Cafe is not just a drink; it's an embodiment of Neapolitan life. The staff, well-versed in their craft, ensures that each cup of coffee is a small work of art. Whether it's an espresso shot or a latte, this coffee shop makes an indelible impression for its dedication to preserving the authentic taste of Naples.


Address: Giuseppe Garibaldi, 72, 80142 Napoli NA, Italy

Phone: +39 081 283121

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6. Antico Caffè Sfogliatella

Caffè Sfogliatella

At Caffè Sfogliatella, I find that tradition meets taste in an extraordinary way. This cafe stands as a testament to the culinary heritage of Naples. It's well-known for its exceptional pastries, among which the sfogliatella reigns supreme—a flaky and rich treat, with a heart of creamy ricotta that is simply irresistible.

When one savors a sfogliatella at this café, they're not just enjoying a pastry; they're partaking in a piece of Naples' soul. Each bite speaks to the skill and tradition that Antico Caffè Sfogliatella preserves.

Visitors not only come for these edible masterpieces but for the charm and character that embodies the true essence of this historic city. My visit to Antico Caffè Sfogliatella is always more than a mere coffee break—it's an authentic Neapolitan experience.


Address: Via Duomo, 175, 80138 Napoli NA, Italy

Phone: +39 081 1957 9832

7. Stairs Coffee Shop

Stairs Coffee Shop In Naples

Situated in the charming district of Vomero in Naples, I discovered Stairs Coffee Shop, a venue that has garnered attention for its inviting atmosphere and quality fresh coffee. Known for their meticulous brewing methods, they ensure that every cup preserves the rich and robust essence of Napolitan coffee.

Stairs Coffee Shop is not just a place to get your caffeine fix; it's a local hub that insiders flock to, blending the casual ambiance with a touch of elegance. Its popularity among the locals is evident, given its vibrant reviews and a strong, consistent online presence.

Menu Highlights:

  • A broad selection of coffee beverages
  • Delectable pastries and cakes
  • Light meals ranging from €2 - €12

My mornings in Naples often start here, where I am met with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, a hallmark of the establishment. The service at Stairs Coffee Shop is prompt and courteous, always ensuring a delightful experience.

Whether it's a quick espresso to jumpstart the day, a leisurely brunch, or a late-night cap, this Naples coffee shop caters to a diverse range of preferences. It's an experience not just for the coffee connoisseur but also for those who appreciate the fusion of modern comforts with traditional Neapolitan charm.


Address: Via Luca Giordano, 96, 80129 Napoli NA, Italy

Phone: +39 081 556 9192

8. Gran Caffè Cimmino

Gran Caffè Cimmino

As I explore the thriving café culture of Naples, Gran Caffè Cimmino emerges as a noteworthy mention. Esteemed for its prime location in the posh district of Chiaia, this establishment caters to both locals and travelers with a discerning taste for authentic Italian café experiences.


  • Classic Italian coffee
  • Wide range of pastries and desserts
  • Light lunch options

Ambience: What makes Caffè Cimmino appeal to its clientele is the blend of contemporary comforts in a setting that echoes the rustic charm of Naples. It isn’t just a place for a quick espresso; it's a retreat where visitors indulge in the simple pleasures of Italian gastronomy.

Accessibility: Wheelchair friendly with outdoor seating

When comparing Gran Caffe Cimmino to its renowned counterparts like Gran Caffè Gambrinus and Gran Caffè Mexico, I appreciate that each holds its unique allure. While Gran Caffè Gambrinus boasts an illustrious history with intellectual and political patronage, and Gran Caffè Mexico captivates with its dedication to quality coffee through exquisite blends, Cimmino holds its ground with personalized service and a focus on quality that is palpable with every bite and sip.

Price Range: €11 - €19

A visit to Gran Caffè Cimmino is a testament to Naples's cafe culture, offering a modern yet intimate coffee experience underscored by traditional flavors and genuine hospitality.


Address: Via Gaetano Filangieri, 13, 80121 Napoli NA, Italy

Phone: +39 081 418303

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9. Buona Merenda

Bueno Merenda

In the city center of Naples, I find "Buona Merenda" as a place that represents the sweetness in the city's bustling life. Located among historical sights, this charming café tempts with a delightful range of pastries and cakes that embody the rich Italian confectionery tradition.

Pastries: Here, each bite tells a story of artisanal flair. I’m particularly taken by their hand-crafted selection, from flaky croissants to fruit tarts—all embodying the Neapolitan spirit.

Cakes: For cake enthusiasts like myself, Buona Merenda serves a variety of slices that seem to melt the very fabric of flavorful imagination. The textures and tastes are a testament to the skill behind their creation.

  • Birdy’s Bakery Connection: While not directly linked to Birdy's Bakery, I can draw a parallel in the commitment to baking excellence. Each café in Naples, including Buona Merenda, maintains a unique personality, and the intricate designs of their cakes might well remind one of Birdy’s own charming presentations.

Buona Merenda stands out with its cozy atmosphere and dedication to quality. The coffee shop may be small, but it's a place where each dessert is a star in its own right. My experiences here assure me that this cafe deserves a special place on the Naples culinary map.


Address: Via San Biagio Dei Librai, 19, 80138 Napoli NA, Italy

Phone: +39 081 318 5279

10. Ventimetriquadri Specialty Coffee

Ventimetriquadri Specialty Coffee

When I wander through the historic streets of Naples, Italy, a city revered for its vibrant Naples coffee culture - I find myself drawn to a particular gem: Ventimetriquadri Specialty Coffee. True to its name, the cafe’s space is compact, spanning 20 square meters, and yet it exudes an unmistakable charm, reminiscent of a cozy Parisian nook.

The heart of Ventimetriquadri beats with a passion for specialty coffee, and it’s evident in each cup served at this roastery. Whether it's their meticulously prepared Caffè Alla Nocciola with its signature hazelnut cream or a robust double espresso, the dedication to quality is palpable. The specialty coffee cafe offers a unique twist to the cultural coffee experience that Naples is famous for, making it a must-visit for both culture trips and coffee aficionados alike.

Specialty Highlights

  • Caffè Alla Nocciola
  • Double Espresso
  • Single-Origin Peruvian Beans
  • Hazelnut Cream Coffee

I appreciate that Ventimetriquadri doesn’t just rest on the laurels of Napoli’s coffee reputation. They push the envelope, ensuring that every coffee enthusiast’s visit is a premium experience. Whether one is on a private trip or seeking the comfort of a rail trip stopover, this establishment is an essential part of Naples’ coffee scene.

Amidst a city where traditional cafes like Ceraldi Caffè and contemporary spots like Archeobar beckon, Ventimetriquadri Specialty Coffee stands out with its intimate setting and impeccable coffee. It’s not just a place to grab a caffeine fix; it’s a destination where the soul of Naples' coffee, modernity, and tradition harmoniously blend.

For those exploring the Parthenope area, make sure to step into this little slice of coffee heaven. You'll find the tastes and aromas here are a sincere tribute to the traditional Neapolitan coffee – an intimate experience promising to leave a lasting impression.


Address: Via Gian Lorenzo Bernini, 64a, 80129 Napoli NA, Italy

Phone: +39 345 532 8421

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Q: What are the best cafes with scenic views in Naples?

A: For a coffee in Naples with a view, visitors should head to Naples cafes near the coastal areas or those situated in the historic center with vistas of iconic landmarks. These locations often provide a delightful backdrop for enjoying a traditional Neapolitan espresso.

Q: Which coffee shop is considered the most iconic in Naples?

A: Gran Caffè Gambrinus stands out as one of Naples' most iconic coffee shops, boasting a rich history and a prestigious reputation. It's not just a cafe but a symbol of the Naples' coffee culture and social scene.

Q: Which is the oldest coffee shop visitors can find in Naples?

A: When searching for a cafe steeped in history, visitors will find Gran Caffè Gambrinus as one of the oldest in Naples, having served patrons since the 19th century. It's an establishment that has witnessed the ebb and flow of the city's history.

Q: What are some recommended cafes where locals love to go in Naples?

A: Local favorites often include places like Caffè Mexico and Centrale del Caffè, known for their quality coffee and inviting atmosphere. These authentic local cafes around Naples are frequented by locals looking for an authentic coffee experience away from the main tourist areas.

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