Hotel Alfonso XIII Seville suitePin
Hotel Alfonso XIII SevillePin
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Hotel Alfonso XIII Seville suite
Hotel Alfonso XIII Seville
Hotel Alfonso XIII Seville pool
Hotel Alfonso XIII Seville lobby
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Photography: Hotel Alfonso XIII Seville

Hotel Alfonso XIII Seville

Reviewed by Joeri Van Overloop

Set the scene

High arched windows and a striking combination of Moorish, Andalusian, and Castilian designs adorn the grand lobby of the Hotel Alfonso XIII Seville, providing a truly majestic scene that is unique to the culture of Seville. Exquisite florals, beautiful antique rugs, and age-old tapestries enhance the palatial feel of the hotel, teleporting visitors back in time to a period of regal opulence.

Picture yourself strolling through the intricate mosaic-tiled corridors, absorbing the allure of this architectural gem. The serene Andalusian courtyard, complete with an enchanting fountain and lush foliage, offers a peaceful oasis away from the city. At every corner, the Hotel Alfonso XIII Seville resonates with the rich history and lavish aesthetics of the past, inspiring every visitor with its traditional elegance blended perfectly with modern comfort.

What can we expect in our room

The rooms are outfitted with the finest beds and linens. A mini-bar, Wi-Fi access, flat-screen television, air-conditioning, a well-equipped bathroom with complimentary toiletries are some of the standard amenities you can expect. Room service is just a phone call away. Space is a key feature here; grand oversized windows flood these spacious rooms with the golden Spanish sunshine, creating an ambience that's both warm and inviting.

How about the food and drinks at Hotel Alfonso XIII Seville?

The hotel is home to two distinct dining venues, each emanating an individual charm. The San Fernando restaurant, bathed in a golden glow accentuated by crystal chandeliers, serves a delightful array of Andalusian dishes crafted with locally sourced ingredients. On the other hand, the ENA Sevilla is the perfect blend of tradition and sophistication, offering guests an unparalleled tapas experience amid its unforgettable patio setting.

The Bar Americano, a wood-paneled and artfully lit homage to the 1920s, is known for its signature cocktails and expansive whiskey collection. For wine aficionados, the hotel’s well-curated wine cellar features an extensive range of quality wines, sourced from various corners of the globe, with a particular emphasis on Spanish wines.

What is the service like

Beyond their polished professionalism, the warmth and genuine care provided by the employees sets the hotel miles apart. A skilled concierge team readily offers advice on the city’s sightseeing treasures, books tours for you, and even helps coordinate transportation arrangements, all with a friendly smile.

The wait staff at the dining venues within the hotel are equally commendable. Possessing deep knowledge about the menus and an uncanny ability to make perfect recommendations, they leave no stone unturned in ensuring your dining experience is memorable.

What’s the neighbourhood scene like?

Situated in the Santa Cruz neighborhood, the Hotel Alfonso XIII is a mere stroll away from the gothic majesty of the Seville Cathedral and the Royal Alcazar palace, a UNESCO World Heritage site teeming with stunning Mudejar architecture. Across the Guadalquivir River, the vibrant district of Triana calls, known for its flourishing arts scene, buzzing night-life, and mouth-watering array of local cuisine.

What’s the backstory

Built in 1928 as a gift from King Alfonso XIII to the city, the hotel was envisioned as an opulent retreat for high-ranking guests visiting the Ibero-American Exposition of 1929. Its stunning brick facade, marked by distinct Andalusian aesthetics, served as an emblem of the city's cultural prowess, making the hotel an instant icon.

Over the decades, the allure of the Alfonso XIII hotel has only grown. Having witnessed several epochal shifts in the city's history, the hotel has managed to preserve its regal charm while adapting to the changing times. Numerous distinguished guests, from renowned artists to formidable statesmen, have graced the hallways of the hotel, each leaving an indelible imprint on its illustrious narrative.

Price Range

Standard room rates are typically ranging from $300 to $500 a night. During peak tourist seasons or during special events, these rates may climb upward of $600. A higher-end room might fetch close to $1,000 or more per night, but it also affords you a magnificent view of Seville, spacious living quarters, and access to exclusive benefits.

Amenities & Facilities

The hotel boasts a plush fitness center where carved lanterns illuminate the room and intricate traditional tiling lines the walls. Recharge your senses in the sparkling outdoor swimming pool framed by beautiful lush palms.

The Hotel Alfonso XIII takes pride in a business center equipped with the most efficient tools and utilities. The hotel also houses a dazzling range of shopping facilities right at your fingertips. From exquisite fashion brands to cherished local artisan craft. If you're seeking a slice of serenity, the hotel's private library is the perfect hideaway for book lovers. And with twenty-four-hour concierge service at your disposal, rest assured that all your needs will be seamlessly catered to.

How to get to the Mercer hotel in Seville

Navigating from Seville airport to the magnificent Hotel Alfonso XIII is no Herculean task, as you've got both public transport and taxis at your disposal. Step aboard the EA Airport Special service, which departs promptly from right outside the main terminal every half an hour. It's a direct route and in approximately 35 minutes, you'll find yourself at Prado de San Sebastián. From here, a short 10-minute stroll through the picturesque Maria Luisa Park will deliver you right at the doorstep of the grand hotel.

Grabbing a taxi from the airport is an equally feasible option. Fully licensed and regulated taxis queue up outside the arrival terminals. The ride usually doesn't exceed a 20-minute timeline and will set you back around 20-30 euros.

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Address: C. San Fernando, 2, 41004 Sevilla, Spain

Phone: +34 954 91 70 00

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