15 Best Things To Do In Turin

Are you looking for the ultimate Italian adventure in Northern Italy? Look no further - Turin, Italy has all you need! From delicious food to stunning art, this city is full of surprises. So, if you're ready to explore the hidden gems of Turin, here are 15 of the best things to do In Turin. Let's dive in!

1. Palazzo Reale Di Torino

Royal Palace of Turin

The Royal Palace of Turin, an opulent baroque palace located in the heart of the city, is a must-visit tourist attraction in Turin. Constructed in the mid-17th century to house the House of Savoy, it exhibits grandeur and extravagance. The Palace boasts beautifully frescoed ceilings, luxurious apartments, stunning courtyards and vast galleries featuring artworks from renowned artists. It is worth dedicating some time to explore every corner of this architectural marvel.

Visitors on a trip to Turin should not miss the Biblioteca Reale or Royal Library, a quaint room lined with shelves filled with ancient manuscripts and rare editions of books. Additionally, make sure to take a stroll around its regal gardens and magnificent fountains located outside.

The Palace holds much significance as one of the best things to see in Turin for several reasons. It served as a vital center for political operations until 1865 and was later transformed into an influential cultural exhibition ticket allowing visitors to get acquainted with Turin's royal history. Its unmatched palatial design and interiors reflect the wealth and power of Turin's Savoyard dynasty.

Legend has it that Victor Amadeus II resided here during his stay in Turin at the turn of the 18th century, where he would often indulge his passion for hunting by catching dinner from the garden ponds himself! Today, visitors can relish delightful anecdotes about palace residents from knowledgeable guides during their visit.


Address: Piazzetta Reale, 1, 10122 Torino TO, Italy

Phone: +39 011 1956 0449

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2. Civic Museum of Ancient Art (Palazzo Madama)

Palazzo Madama

The Palazzo Madama, hosting the Turin City Museum of Ancient Art, is an integral part of Turin's historical architecture. With its remarkable display of artworks from the Renaissance and Baroque periods, this museum offers one-of-a-kind cultural encounters. The Palace symbolizes the fusion between two different architectural designs - medieval and baroque - making it a sight to witness.

Visitors can immerse themselves in magnificently decorated rooms as they explore artifacts spanning centuries. Notably, the museum hosts precious ceramics and glass pieces from places in Italy and abroad besides impressive collections of sculptures.

This must-visit spot blends the ancient Roman era with exquisite Italian artistry evident in their galleries. The Alchemist Room displaying Chinese porcelains attracts tourists' interest.

A visit to the Civic Museum of Ancient Art should be at the top of your best places to visit list while exploring Turin. Experience firsthand renowned works by artists such as Guido Reni, Guercino or access Mannerist paintings in their halls while appreciating timeless beauty through ages.


Address: P.za Castello, 10122 Torino TO, Italy

Phone: +39 011 443 3501

3. Mole Antonelliana

Mole Antonelliana

This iconic landmark of Turin offers unparalleled panoramic views over the city. Famous for its unique architecture and awe-inspiring height, this must-see attraction is the Mole Antonelliana. Originally built as a synagogue in 1889, today it houses the National Museum of Cinema that showcases the history and evolution of film-making. Its grandeur extends to an ascending glass elevator which takes visitors to the top for stunning bird's-eye views.

From its lofty heights, visitors can take in a magnificent view that stretches as far as the Alps. The Mole Antonelliana boasts an incredible glass dome that lights up like fireflies at night. Tickets to see Turin from up high are available for purchase, and tourists can also visit the cinema museum located on lower levels.

Don't let the name fool you, the only thing that burrows through this impressive 167-meter-tall structure is an elevator to the top for stunning views of Turin.

4. Turin Egyptian Museum

Turin Egyptian Museum

This iconic museum is a popular attraction in Turin, Italy. Housing one of the world's most extensive collections of ancient Egyptian artifacts and art, it offers a unique window into the history, culture, and mythology of Egypt. Visitors can explore rooms filled with mummies, sarcophagi, statues, papyri, and other treasured relics.

The Turin Egyptian Museum boasts more than 30,000 exhibits that reflect the remarkable achievements of the ancient civilization over several millennia. The collection was started during the 19th century by Bernardino Drovetti and expanded through purchases by Ernesto Schiaparelli and other collectors. The striking architecture of the building adds to its charm.

Aside from being a repository for exceptional artifacts like pharaohs' coffins and books of the dead, this museum also showcases informative exhibits on religion, medicine, daily life, astronomy and much more. It's an exciting place to explore for those interested in the ancient history of Egypt or art history in general.

If you're planning to visit museums in Italy as part of your itinerary, consider exploring the Turin Egyptian Museum—a unique museum that provides an unforgettable experience through its collection of Egyptian artifacts alone. Be sure to book your tickets in advance as this museum attracts many visitors throughout peak seasons.


Address: Via Accademia delle Scienze, 6, 10123 Torino TO, Italy

Phone: +39 011 440 6903

5. Cathedral of San Giovanni Battista

Cathedral of San Giovanni Battista

Turin Cathedral, also known as Cattedrale di San Giovanni Battista, is a magnificent cathedral that serves as the primary seat of the Archdiocese of Turin. Located in the centre of Turin and one of the best places to see, this grand edifice was originally built in 1498 and subsequently renovated many times over the centuries. The impressive facade and ornate interiors boast an exquisite collection of baroque architecture, including frescoes, sculptures, and religious artworks.

Visitors can marvel at its beautiful Renaissance-style bell tower that stands tall at 75 meters. Inside the cathedral lies its most significant treasure - Shroud of Turin, a linen cloth on which an image resembling Jesus Christ was imprinted. The iconic object is kept secured in the crypt beneath the Chapel of the Holy Shroud.

A visit to this significant landmark must be included in any list of best places to visit in Turin. Don't miss out on exploring all that it has to offer - from its monumental structure to its intriguing history and spiritual significance.


Address: Piazza San Giovanni, 10122 Torino TO, Italy

Phone: +39 011 436 1540

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6. Santuario Basilica La Consolata

La Consolata Sanctuary and Basilica

Nestled in the heart of Turin, lies a majestic and historic site that is a must-see on your trip to the city. La Consolata Sanctuary and Basilica, a celebrated center of Roman Catholic devotion, dates back to the 18th century and boasts an impressive Baroque architectural style. The interior is adorned with beautiful frescoes, sculptures, and intricate mosaics which will leave you spellbound.

Visitors can climb the grand staircase to reach the church's terrace, which offers panoramic views of Turin's skyline. La Consolata also houses important religious relics such as a piece believed to be from the Virgin Mary's robe and several fragments of Saint Peter.

Undoubtedly, as one of the most impressive places to see in Turin, La Consolata also hosts regular masses for eager worshipers. It continues to occupy an essential position in Italians' collective consciousness as a symbol of faith.

With its rich history, magnificent architecture and stunning artwork, La Consolata has become one of Turin's "go-to" destinations that attracts tourists from across the globe.


Address: Piazza della Consolata, 10122 Torino TO, Italy

Phone: +39 011 483 6111


7. National Cinema Museum

National Cinema Museum Turin

Situated in the city center of Turin, the site of one of the first Italian film studios, is a museum dedicated to exploring the history and evolution of cinema. As one of the most popular Turin attractions, this innovative museum houses an impressive collection of artefacts ranging from early projection machines to costumes from classic films.

Visitors can enjoy interactive exhibits like temporary art installations and rotating film screenings that transport them back in time to experience cinematic masterpieces.

Immerse yourself in the world of Italian and international cinema by participating in workshops and guided tours that delve into behind-the-scenes secrets and interesting trivia. Situated within the Mole Antonelliana, which is also said to be one of Italy's tallest museums at 167 meters tall, visitors can savor panoramic views over Turin from the top of its dome-shaped roof.

As you explore this museum you will learn fascinating facts such as how movie soundtracks were recorded and produced. You will also find out how different aspects influenced movie making including technological advancements; changing societal attitudes, politics etc.


Address: Via Montebello, 20, 10124 Torino TO, Italy

Phone: +39 011 813 8560

8. Basilica di Superga

Basilica di Superga in Torino

Located on a hill overlooking Torino, the magnificent Basilica di Superga is a must-visit for anyone interested in architecture, religion and the history of Turin. The ornate church was built in the 18th century to fulfill a promise made by Victor Amadeus II of Savoy during the siege of Turin. This impressive white marble basilica boasts stunning frescoes, intricate stuccoes and an impressive dome that offers breathtaking views of the city below.

Climbing up to the Basilica di Superga may be a bit challenging, but well worth the effort. Visitors can choose to hike or take a train from Sassi station. The journey up the hill offers magnificent views of Italy's first capital and its surrounding mountains. Once at the top, visitors can explore not just the basilica but also its crypts and museum which feature paintings, sculptures and religious relics.

For those seeking an immersive historical experience that will leave them in awe, visiting Basilica di Superga should definitely be on their list of things to do while in Torino. Missing out on this breathtaking site would be regrettable as it is one of Torino's finest treasures that truly showcases its rich cultural heritage.


Address: Strada Basilica di Superga, 73, 10132 Torino TO, Italy

Phone: +39 011 899 7456

9. Parco Valentino

Parco Valentino

A lush green oasis in the city, featuring magnificent gardens, lakes, fountains and ancient trees, this beautiful park in Turin is a haven for nature enthusiasts. The sprawling 42-hectare park is located along the river Po, and it is considered to be one of the largest urban parks in Europe.

Stroll down the tranquil paths shaded by towering trees or rent a bike to explore the vast expanse of the park. Children can have fun in the playgrounds while adults enjoy scenic spots overlooking lakes or stop by one of many cafes.

Parco Valentino is also home to two significant landmarks - an impressive Castello del Valentino offers stunning views of the Turin skyline, and an Art Nouveau glasshouse called Giardino Botanico where visitors can admire exotic plants. Parco Valentino hosts many cultural events throughout the year, including concerts and art exhibitions. Pro Tip: Make sure to visit during summer months when visitors can experience vibrant blooms and take part in various outdoor activities.


Address: Corso Massimo d'Azeglio, 10126 Torino TO, Italy

10. Porta Palatina

Porta Palatina in Turin

One of the most significant landmarks in Turin is an ancient Roman gate known for its impressive structure and historic importance. This monument stands as a testament to Italy's rich heritage and is a must-see attraction for anyone visiting Turin.

The Porta Palatina, also referred to as the Palatine Gate, was built in the first century AD and served as one of the main entrances to the city. The gate features two imposing towers, each over 29 meters tall, which form part of an extensive wall that surrounded Turin during this period. Today, visitors can explore fascinating exhibits inside the gate that offer insights into Turin's past.

What sets Porta Palatina apart from other landmarks in Turin is its ability to transport visitors back in time. Walking through this ancient passageway will make you feel like you've stepped back in time to when Emperors and dignitaries would enter Turin through these very gates. It is truly an experience not to be missed when visiting this beautiful Italian city.

Once inside, visitors can admire well-preserved architectural features such as stone arches and carved pillars. Interactive displays provide additional context into the history of the site, making it an educational experience for curious minds.

Legend has it that behind one of the walls lies hidden treasure which has never been found despite many attempts. Whether true or not, there are few experiences quite like standing within those walls at Porta Palatina while imagining what secrets they might hold.


Address: Piazza Cesare Augusto, 10122 Torino TO, Italy

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11. Santuario di Santa Maria Consolatrice

Santuario di Santa Maria Consolatrice

Located in the outskirts of Turin, this stunning shrine is dedicated to the Virgin Mary and is an impressive example of neo-Gothic architecture. The Santuario di Santa Maria Consolatrice boasts breathtaking stained glass windows, intricate frescoes, and a beautifully ornate altar. Visitors can explore the stunning grounds and admire the incredible beauty of this devotional site. It's a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to Turin, and should definitely be on your bucket list.

One of the most striking features of this sanctuary is its incredible interior design. The nave is adorned with beautiful statues depicting various saints, while the transept houses multiple chapels each showcasing their own unique artwork and intricate details.

One particular highlight is the Chapel of Our Lady of Sorrows which contains an emotionally evocative sculpture by artist Giovanni Dupré that represents Christ's crucifixion. Located outside, visitors can enjoy a peaceful walk in the gardens which exhibit lush surroundings giving you ample opportunity to contemplate on its serene ambiance.

If you're looking for some moments of quiet reflection away from Turin's busy streets, Santuario di Santa Maria Consolatrice is worth a visit. To avoid large crowds, plan your visit for early morning or late afternoon when it's relatively quieter and carry a camera along as there are several amazing photo opportunities within its walls.

12. Piazza San Carlo

Piazza San Carlo

Located in the middle of Turin, this historical square is popular for its elegant architecture and charming atmosphere. Piazza San Carlo is often referred to as Turin's living room, and for a good reason. This bustling square features beautiful colonnades, artisanal cafes, exquisite boutique shops, and several iconic landmarks, making it a premier landmark in Turin.

The two notable churches at Piazza San Carlo are exceptional structures that attract visitors and locals alike. The baroque Chiesa di San Carlo Borromeo and the renaissance-style Chiesa di Santa Cristina are distinct masterpieces with extensive histories stemming from their construction in the 15th century.

A unique feature of this square is its hallmark statue of Emanuele Filiberto on horseback placed at the center of Piazza. The bronze statue commemorates the first Duke of Savoy and his involvement in multiple battles fought on behalf of Turin.

Furthermore, tourists can spend countless hours exploring the endless restaurants situated around each corner in Piazza San Carlo. From authentic local cuisines to high-end international options, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

For a memorable experience of Turin's lavish lifestyle, indulge yourself by visiting Piazza San Carlo - an ideal location that provides visitors with a chance to experience firsthand Turin's culture and extraordinary attractions.


13. Piazza Castello

Piazza Castello

If you're looking for a piazza with a castle, then Piazza Castello is the place to be - it's like two tourist attractions in one! This magnificent public square, located in the heart of Turin city, features a gorgeous fountain, historical cafes and notable architectures like Palazzo Madama and Palazzo Reale. Piazza Castello is among the top things to do in Turin due to its blend of Italian Renaissance style and Baroque architecture. Journey through history as you stomp across cobblestones that have been walked by rulers since the 14th century.

Notorious for being situated at Turin's historical center, Piazza Castello houses numerous museums such as the Museum of Antiquities and the Civic Museum of Ancient Art. It is an ideal destination where you can explore renowned art exhibitions or take romantic strolls along walkways lined with striking rare flowers. You can enjoy memorable moments around this Italian square with your loved ones while indulging in exquisite gelato flavors.

Enhance your experience at this plaza by visiting on balmy summer evenings when there are cultural events hosted like concerts and performances. You might miss out on fantastic opportunities if you don't include Piazza Castello in your list of top things to do in Turin. So pack your bags and bring a camera along to Piazza Castello - it will unquestionably light up your life!

Don't worry, the modern art at this museum is so confusing, you'll feel like a true Italian - just pretend you understand it like locals pretend to like Nutella pizza.

14. Gallery of Modern Art Museum

Gallery of Modern Art Museum

The GAM art museum showcasing contemporary and modern Italian art is a must-visit for tourists exploring the city's cultural treasures. The Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art houses impressive artistic collections in Turin.

The gallery has an extensive collection that includes art ranging from paintings, sculptures to installations reflecting Italian culture, and 19th-century European art. Tourists can admire the stunning works by international artists such as Gino Severini, Felice Casorati, Mauro Borea, and many more.

After admiring the artwork indoors on the first floor, visitors can take a flight of stairs to reach the rooftop terrace that provides panoramic views of the city center. From here, tourists can get a bird's eye view of Turin's architectural landmarks. It is said that the museum was inaugurated in 1863 when King Vittorio Emanuele II personally opened it to display art to the public.


Address: Via Magenta, 31, 10128 Torino TO, Italy

Phone: +39 011 442 9518

15. Juventus Stadium

Juventus Stadium

Located in the city of Turin, the iconic home stadium of Juventus FC is a treat for soccer enthusiasts. Explore the state-of-the-art facilities and get an intimate experience with the team's rich history. The Juventus Stadium offers an immersive tour, including access to the locker rooms, pitch side, and even press conference area.

Visitors can take advantage of a range of guided tours that offer a unique perspective into one of Italy's most prized football clubs. Renting an audio guide enhances comprehension and gives more in-depth insights into stadium design, facilities management and engineering infrastructure. Various fan merchandise shops are present, which carry exclusive club gear worth collecting by devoted fans.

Don't miss this opportunity to witness breathtaking sporting memories in person; book your tour today and get closer to one of Europe's elite teams! Even if you're not a football fan, Juventus Stadium is still worth a visit - just don't wear the opposing team's colors.


Address: Corso Gaetano Scirea, 50, 10151 Torino TO, Italy

Phone: +39 011 453 0486

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