15 Best Things To Do In Sicily

Sicily is one of the most enchanting and diverse locations in the Mediterranean. With its rich history, vibrant culture and stunning landscapes, Sicily has many things to see and do for every traveler. Whether you are looking for a relaxing beach holiday or an adventure-filled exploration of the ancient ruins, Sicily has it all. From exploring Roman architecture in Taormina to tasting delicious street food in Palermo, here are some of the best things to do in Sicily.

1. Cathedral of Monreale

Cathedral of Monreale

The Cathedral of Monreale is an iconic landmark located in the province of Palermo, Sicily. Built in 1174 by William II, the Norman king of Sicily, it is a stunning example of medieval architecture.

The exterior façade of the cathedral demonstrates this with its remarkable mosaic depictions and imposing spires that reach towards the sky. Inside, one can find a plethora of art from different eras, including impressive mosaics that cover almost all surfaces in golds and blues, as well as carved marble columns and pulpits.


Address: Piazza Guglielmo II, 1, 90046 Monreale PA, Italy

Phone: +39 091 640 4413

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2. Valley of Temples

Valley of Temples in Agrigento

When visiting Italy, the Valley of The Temples in Agrigento is an absolute must. This beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Site is located on a plateau facing the Mediterranean Sea and contains seven ancient Greek temples, built between 510 BC and 430 BC. These temples were dedicated to gods such as Hera, Concordia and Olympian Zeus. The ruins are remarkable examples of Doric architecture and also represent some of the best preserved ruins of Greek antiquity outside Greece.

Exploring this site will give you an insight into historical events during Ancient Times when Greeks colonized Sicily and created such a majestic place. As you wander through the area, you will find detailed sculptures from the 5th century BC which have survived for centuries due to their well-designed construction made from local sandstone limestone.

3. Eastern Temples in Selinunte

Eastern Temples in Selinunte

The Eastern Temples in Selinunte are a remarkable sight in Sicily, and one of te most beautiful places to visit during your trip to Sicily. The temple complex was once part of the ancient city founded in 650 BC and flourished until 409BC. In its prime, the metropolis was composed of five temples constructed with limestone and marble from neighboring areas. Though all five have experienced severe damage due to earthquakes, two of them remain intact - Temple G and Temple F.

These two temples demonstrate Doric architecture that is characteristic for ancient Greek buildings. The intricate details of these majestic structures are visible even today: columns carved in stone, arches highlighting the entranceways and impressive sculptures depicting gods such as Zeus or Poseidon. They offer visitors an insight into past civilizations through their grandeur and design.

4. Explore Mount Etna

Mount Etna in Sicily

Mount Etna is an incredible natural wonder that can't be missed when you visit Sicily. Standing tall at over 3357 meters, it is the tallest active volcano in Europe and the most renowned of its kind. Known for its tremendous eruptions, the Mount Etna volcano has been part of the local culture and history since ancient times. It's no surprise that this spectacular mountain attracts countless visitors each year hoping to explore its mesmerizing landscape.

An exploration of Mount Etna can be experienced through many different activities such as trekking along its base or even taking a cable car ride to get a better view from above. At the top, visitors are able to enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding countryside and take in some fresh air with every breath.

5. Parco Archeologico della Neapolis

Parco Archeologico della Neapolis

Being one of the best things to see in Sicily, the Parco Archeologico della Neapolis in Syracuse, is an archeological site of immense cultural and historical significance. Located on the island’s eastern coast, it is one of the most important ancient Greek sites in the world.

The park contains several well-preserved monuments from the 5th century BC, including an ancient theater, a temple dedicated to Apollo and two grand amphitheaters. The remains of a large quarry area known as ‘Latomia del Paradiso’ can also be found here; it was used by countless generations for stone extraction until modern times.


Address: Via del Teatro Greco, 96100 Siracusa SR, Italy

Phone: +39 0931 489511

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6. Aeolian Islands

Aeolian Islands

If you plan a day trip during your days in Sicily, the Aeolian Islands are one of the best places to visit in Sicily, as they offer a variety of activities that make them an ideal destination for travelers. Located in the Tyrrhenian Sea, off the coast of Sicily, this archipelago consists of seven main islands.

The largest island is Lipari and is home to a number of villages with charming streets perfect for exploring. Tourists can learn about local culture by visiting archaeological sites from Ancient Greece or enjoy stunning views from Monte Fossa delle Felci, the highest point on the island.


7. Antonino Salinas Regional Archeological Museum

Antonino Salinas Regional Archeological Museum

The Antonino Salinas Regional Archeological Museum is a must-see tourist attraction for anyone interested in learning about the history of Sicily. Located in Palermo, this museum houses a collection of artifacts found throughout the island spanning over 2,000 years.

There are artifacts from Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Arab cultures as well as items from the 18th century and more modern times. Visitors can explore ancient pottery, jewelry and coins along with sculptures such as bronze statues of gods like Apollo or Isis.

The museum also has an array of weapons including swords, shields and spears that were used by Sicilian people during their many wars. In addition to this impressive collection of artifacts there are several interactive displays where you can learn more about the history behind each item.


Address: Piazza Olivella, 90133 Palermo PA, Italy

Phone: +39 091 611 6807

8. Cefalù Cathedral

Cefalù Cathedral

Cefalu Cathedral is a majestic Roman Catholic church located in the historic city of Cefalu, Sicily. Built in 1131 by King Roger II, this impressive structure served as an important religious and political centre for centuries. Today, it remains one of the most visited Sicily attractions, with thousands of tourists visiting each year.

The cathedral's design is truly awe-inspiring; its grand façade features warm-hued marble columns and intricate stone carvings that are illuminated by the sun during the day and floodlit at night. Inside, guests will find ornate frescoes depicting stories from the Bible, gilded gold decorations adorning every corner, and impressive Romanesque style arches and vaulted ceilings. The main altar also has a remarkable mosaic art piece containing over 45000 pieces of glass made by local craftsmen.


Address: Piazza del Duomo, 90015 Cefalù PA, Italy

Phone: +39 0921 922021

9. Ortigia

Ortigia town

One of the most beautiful places in Italy I have ever been to is Ortigia, a small island off the coast of Siracusa in Sicily. Being there felt like being in a postcard; from the vibrant colors of its narrow alleyways, to the breathtaking views from Castello Maniace, one of its many historic fortresses. In every corner you can feel the history and culture that has been accumulated for thousands of years.

Ortigia is filled with monuments that commemorate different eras, such as Temple Apollo and Fountain Aretusa; it's also home to some stunning Baroque architecture like Piazza Duomo or Santa Lucia alla Badia Church. The scents emanating from trattorias are another one of my favorite memories while visiting Ortigia; they seemed like little oases serving delicious traditional Italian dishesqs made with fresh ingredients.

10. Ancient Theatre of Taormina

Ancient Theatre of Taormina

The Ancient Theatre of Taormina is one of the most incredible monuments in Italy. This ancient theatre is set upon a rocky outcrop near Mount Etna, which makes it an awe-inspiring sight. The theatre was built by the Greeks around 300BC and thought to have been used for musical performances and theatrical events.

After a period of abandonment, the theatre was restored by the Romans who made use of its amazing natural backdrop against Mount Etna. It has been said that this magnificent structure served as an inspiration for some of Hollywood's greatest movies due to its dramatic location and extraordinary views across the sea.

Today, this iconic structure still stands strong with its beautifully crafted stone seating areas stretching up towards the sky. Tourists can explore this exciting archaeological site and also attend performances from local artists together with some international acts that take place here every year during summertime.


Address: Via Teatro Greco, 1, 98039 Taormina ME, Italy

Phone: +39 0942 23220

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11. Villa Romana del Casale

Villa Romana del Casale

Villa Romana del Casale is an incredibly well-preserved Roman villa located on the beautiful Italian island of Sicily. First built in the 4th century AD, it remained occupied for over 500 years until its abandonment sometime in the 9th or 10th centuries.

This site contains some of the most impressive and well-conserved mosaics from ancient Rome, including floor and wall decorations that cover thousands of square meters. The images depict a variety of topics, from hunting scenes to chariot races to political events.

The Villa Romana del Casale has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO due to its extraordinary cultural importance. In addition to providing insight into everyday life during antiquity, this site also offers valuable evidence regarding the decline of Roman power throughout the area and serves as an important reminder that civilizations do not last forever.


Address: SP90, 94015 Piazza Armerina EN, Italy

Phone: +39 0935 680036

12. Duomo di Siracusa

Duomo di Siracusa

As one of the top Sicily tourist attractions, the Duomo di Siracusa is an iconic landmark in Syracuse, Italy. This stunning cathedral was constructed between 1293 and 1302 and is located in the heart of the city. Not only does it provide a breathtaking view of this picturesque Italian town, but also serves as a testament to Sicilian history and culture. You are guaranteed to be impressed by the massive façade of this structure which can easily be seen from afar.

Inside, you will find one of Italy's most impressive cathedrals with its grand marble columns, intricate stone carvings, and ornate religious artifacts. The original Byzantine art remains largely intact which makes it even more remarkable. Even more noteworthy is the fact that there are three distinct styles present within the walls of this magnificent building: Norman-Arabic, Gothic and Baroque.


Address: Piazza Duomo, 5, 96100 Siracusa SR, Italy

Phone: +39 0931 65328


13. Temple of Concordia

Temple of Concordia

The Temple of Concordia was a temple located in the ancient city of Agrigento in Southern Italy. It is one of the most well preserved and architecturally significant temples from the 5th century BC. The temple is believed to have been dedicated to Concordia, the goddess of harmony and unity. Built in a Doric style, it has six columns across its façade and fourteen along each side.

The fact that it has been so well preserved means that it serves as an example of what many similar structures would have looked like in their heyday. Its significance also lies in its impressive use of proportions, which were essential to creating a sense of balance within Greek architecture during this period.

14. Palazzo Conte Federico

Palazzo Conte Federico

The Palazzo Conte Federico museum in the beautiful Italian city of Palermo is a must-see top attraction in Sicily for anyone looking to explore the city’s unique history and culture. Located in Palermo’s historic center, the palazzo consists of multiple buildings that were built between 1282 and 1430 by various aristocratic families. The palazzo has been used as a private residence since it was first constructed, but today it serves as both a museum and public exhibition center.

Guests to the Palazzo Conte Federico can expect to be dazzled by its impressive collection of art, which includes sculptures from ancient Rome, Renaissance paintings, baroque furniture and priceless artifacts from around the world. Additionally, travelers are treated to audio-visual presentations that provide detailed insight into each artwork's history and significance.


Address: Piazza Conte Federico, 2, 90134 Palermo PA, Italy

Phone: +39 091 651 1881

15. Monastero dei Benedettini

Monastero dei Benedettini

Monastero dei Benedettini is a stunning medieval monastery situated in Catania, that should be on your Sicily bucket list. It was founded in 1558 by the Benedictine Order of Monks and has remained an Italian historical landmark since. Its design features Baroque and Gothic architectural elements, adding to its fascinating story. The interior can be explored through guided tours that provide visitors with an entertaining glimpse inside the walls of this ancient structure.

The building itself hosts several archways leading into its grand hallways, giving tourists a sense of awe as they make their way around the grounds. Inside there is a large library filled with rare manuscripts from centuries ago as well as artworks from renowned Sicilian artists like Giambattista Vaccarini and Giacomo Serpotta.


Address: Piazza Dante Alighieri, 32, 95124 Catania CT, Italy

Phone: +39 095 710 2767

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