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Best Hostels In Malaga

Toss the misconception of dreary dormitories and bland meals out the window, as we're about to redefine your perception of hostels with our guide to the 10 best hostels in Malaga. This sun-soaked Andalusian coastal city of Spain is not just renowned for its stunning beaches and amazing nightlife but also for its affordable yet charismatic hostel accommodations that will leave you awe-struck.

1. Toc Hostel Malaga

TOC Hostel Malaga

Located in the bustling city center of Malaga, I find TOC Hostel Malaga to be one of the best Malaga hostels for travelers interested in exploring what this Costa del Sol has to offer. Set within a convenient central location, it's a haven for backpackers and tourists seeking proximity to Malaga's cultural landmarks, including the historic Alcazaba.


  • Private Rooms: Ideal for those looking for extra privacy and a quiet respite.
  • Dormitory Style: Perfect for backpackers and solo travelers.

The hostel's safety measures provide peace of mind, something I always appreciate as a traveler. Moreover, the availability of a rooftop terrace offers a stunning aerial view of the city, tempting me to unwind after a day of sightseeing.

Amenities include:

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Air Conditioning
  • Luggage Storage
  • Kitchen Facilities

In terms of access, TOC Hostel in Malaga scores top marks. It's situated within walking distance from the "Málaga Centro - Alameda" suburban train stop and is also easily reachable by bus, with the Alameda Principal bus stop being a mere 10-minute stroll away.

My experience here showcases why TOC Hostel Malaga is often counted among the best hostels in Malaga. It’s ideal location places the hostel at the doorstep of the city's gastronomic and shopping delights, proving it to be an excellent choice for an authentic Malaga adventure.


Address: C. Comedias, 18, Distrito Centro, 29008 Málaga, Spain

Phone: +34 952 91 12 64

2. Urban Jungle Hostel

The Urban Jungle Hostel in Malaga

Located in the historic heart of Málaga, the Urban Jungle Hostel is a prime destination for backpackers looking to immerse themselves in the vibrant local culture and nightlife. I find its location ideal for travelers eager to explore, nestled as it is on Calle del Niño de Guevara, which puts it within easy walking distance of numerous tourist attractions and 1 km from La Malagueta beach or 1.7 miles from San Andres Beach.


  • Social Events: Daily Family Dinner, Pub Crawl
  • Entertainment: Live music performances
  • Specials: Cocktail promotions, Happy Hours
  • Facilities: Lounge with hammocks, self-catering options

This top hostel prides itself on creating a social atmosphere where travelers can interact through their hosted events like the popular Pub Crawl or the convivial Family Dinner. It's not uncommon to see guests bond over the shared experience of juggling workshops or while swaying in one of the lounge's hammocks.

As for accommodations, guests have a range of options tailored to varying needs, including choices ideal for solo travelers and female backpackers seeking a secure and welcoming environment. I take note of the hostel's commitment to going beyond mere lodging; it embodies the essence of a party hostel with its lively ambiance and active engagement with guests.

The staff's hospitality is frequently mentioned as a highlight, contributing to the boutique vibe of Urban Jungle. Whether it's assisting with travel plans or simply sharing insider tips on Málaga's best spots, they consistently leave a positive impression on guests.

In summary, the Urban Jungle Hostel positions itself as more than just a bed for the night. With its array of social events, a sun-drenched lounge for relaxation, and an unbeatable downtown location in Málaga , it truly caters to backpackers looking for a memorable stay in Málaga city.


Address: C. Niño de Guevara, 8, Distrito Centro, 29008 Málaga, Spain

Phone: +34 951 54 29 63

3. Lights Hostel

The Lights Hostel

I've found that the Lights Hostel stands out as one of the cheap hostels in Malaga. Housed in a classic Andalusian building, this popular hostel in central Malaga presents a blend of traditional architecture and modern amenities, catering especially to backpackers looking for a vibrant social scene and proximity to local attractions.

The hostel's location is fantastic, placing guests just a stone's throw away from the lively nightlife spots and the awe-inspiring Malaga Cathedral. What distinguishes the Lights Hostel is its rooftop terrace, a social hub where travelers can mingle under the Spanish sky.

Accommodation options at the Lights Hostel include both private rooms and dorms. As is typical for budget hostels, private quarters offer a comfortable retreat, while dorms are equipped with shared bathrooms. The dormitories are designed to foster a communal atmosphere, making it ideal for solo travelers looking to connect with others.

Each room at the Lights Hostel eschews excessive decoration for a clean, minimalist style, ensuring the focus remains on comfort and functionality. The beds are known to be comfortable, which is a significant plus after a long day exploring Malaga city.

An outdoor terrace further enhances the hostel's appeal, inviting guests to bask in the pleasant Andalusian climate. While the amenities are straightforward, the focus at Lights Hostel is evidently on creating a warm and welcoming environment for its guests, combined with an affordable price point, making it a top choice for those traveling on a budget.


Address: C. Torregorda, 3, Distrito Centro, 29005 Málaga, Spain

Phone: +34 951 25 35 25

4. Feel Hostels City Centre

Feel Hostels City Center in Malaga

Situated in the middle of the city, Feel Hostels City Centre positions me ideal for experiencing Malaga's vibrant culture and nightlife. Its situated mere steps away from the iconic Calle Larios, a bustling street known for shopping and city events. The hostel's proximity to key attractions like the Malaga Cathedral and the serene Parque de Malaga enhanced my stay - both are within easy walking distance.

The establishment is notable for catering to solo travellers particularly well. With a variety of shared rooms, it’s designed to facilitate new friendships and offers a safe, sociable environment. The communal spaces are inviting and a great place to interact with fellow backpackers.

Below is a quick snapshot of what Feel Hostels City Centre offers:

  • Location: Calle Concejal Agustín Moreno 1, Malaga Centro
  • Amenities: Free Wi-Fi, Terrace, Restaurant
  • Activities: Free City Tours, Themed Nights
  • Atmosphere: Sociable, Ideal for Solo Travellers

The hostel staff is praised for being friendly and informative, contributing to a welcoming atmosphere that made me feel right at home. As a solo traveller, I appreciate the hostel's efforts to engage guests, including organizing city tours. A free city tour is on offer, which is a delightful bonus, allowing you to dive into Malaga's history and charm without extra cost.

For those interested in the social aspects of travelling, this youth hostel lives up to its reputation as one of the best party hostels in Malaga. Themed nights and a range of activities promise an exciting stay. With its blend of comfort and convenience, Feel Hostels City Centre proves to be a strong contender for the best hostel for solo travellers in Malaga.


Address: C. Agustín Moreno, 1, Distrito Centro, 29015 Málaga, Spain

Phone: +34 952 21 82 68

5. Chinitas Urban Hostel

Chinitas Urban Hostel

Chinitas Urban Hostel is a notable choice for travelers in Málaga, particularly appealing to backpackers and digital nomads due to its combination of a great location, style, and amenities. I find its strategic position in Málaga Centro makes it an excellent central base to explore the city, and it's a mere stone's throw away from the bustling Marques de Larios Street.

This great hostel provides a variety of rooms, all equipped with heating, air-conditioning, and private lockers. The shared bathroom facilities, which include showers, are well-maintained. Digital nomads appreciate the free Wi-Fi available, allowing for connectivity and productivity.

Amenities Provided:

  • Air-conditioned and heated rooms
  • Private lockers
  • Access to shared bathroom facilities with a shower
  • Free Wi-Fi for guests.

For those who enjoy preparing their meals, Chinitas Urban Hostel offers a shared kitchen, which I found perfect for a cozy night in or for those looking to save on dining out.

The hostel's design features stylish interiors that contribute to a welcoming atmosphere, and the roof terrace is a delightful space where you can unwind and socialize. The terrace is a spot I recommend to enjoy a panoramic view of the city.

From my perspective, the Chinitas Urban Hostel holds its ground as a solid choice for those looking for comfort and convenience without sacrificing the vibrant hostel culture sought after by backpackers and globe-trotters.


Address: Pje. Chinitas, 3, Distrito Centro, 29015 Málaga, Spain

Phone: +34 951 13 63 70

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6. Malaga Stop Hostel AB

Malaga Stop Hostel AB

When I explored the best Málaga hostels for budget travelers, Malaga Stop Hostel AB emerged as a prominent choice. Nestled in the heart of the city center, this budget hostel offers convenience and accessibility to its guests, providing speedy connections to major attractions like the Alcazaba and multiple parks within an 18-minute walking radius.

My stay here featured air-conditioned rooms that were a respite from the Spanish sun. The free internet access was reliable, allowing me to plan my day with ease and stay connected with friends and family. The shared lounge was a hub of social interaction, where I exchanged stories with fellow travelers.

Room Features:

  • Air-conditioning
  • Comfy beds
  • Storage lockers


  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Shared lounge
  • Close proximity to city highlights

Distance to Attractions:

  • Alcazaba: 18-minute walk
  • Malaga Train Station: 0.9 miles
  • Malaga Park: 18-minute walk

The shared bathrooms were kept clean, and I found the shared kitchen an excellent spot to whip up a quick meal, which saved me money on dining out. The hostel's industrial decor added a modern touch to the ambience, making it feel more upscale than the average budget lodging.

Points of Interest:

  • La Malagueta Beach: Approximately 1.7 km away
  • Local dining and shopping: Within walking distance

Choosing the Stop Hostel meant that I could enjoy the vibrancy of Málaga without breaking my travel budget. Its strategic location and comfortable facilities cater well to those looking to experience the city's culture and lifestyle without compromise.


Address: C. Don Juan de Austria, 2, Distrito Centro, 29009 Málaga, Spain

Phone: +34 689 25 13 43

7. Coeo Pod Hostel

COEO Pod Hostel

As a traveler who appreciates modern accommodation and privacy without breaking the bank, I find the Coeo Pod Hostel in Malaga to be a fantastic option. Designated as Andalusia's first pod-style hostel, it caters to the needs of contemporary and urban travelers by offering a unique experience.

Location: Situated in the heart of Malaga's historic city center, I love how it positions you right amidst the city's top attractions. Everything you want to explore is just a short walk away, making it a perfect spot for anyone eager to experience the city to the fullest.


  • Pod Style Rooms: You get to enjoy my personal space thanks to the pod-style sleeping arrangements.
  • Privacy: The individual pods provide a sense of privacy that is often appreciated by couples and solo backpackers alike.
  • Shared Spaces: There are common areas where you can socialize and meet other backpackers.

Accommodation Type:

  • Private Rooms: For those travelling as a couple or seeking more seclusion, Coeo offers private accomodations, blending the hostel vibe with the comfort of a private space.
  • Budget-Friendly: Staying here doesn't strain your wallet, making it an ideal choice for travelers keeping an eye on their budget.

With its mix of privacy, location, and affordability, Coeo Pod Hostel stands out as a top choice in Malaga, especially for couples and backpackers who value modern amenities and a centralized location. In my experience, it strikes an excellent balance between cost and comfort in the lively heart of Spain.


Address: C. Beatas, 20, Distrito Centro, 29008 Málaga, Spain

Phone: +34 649 26 21 03

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8. Hostal Vidamia

Hostal Vidamia

Located in the city center of Málaga, at Calle Cisneros 7, I find Hostal Vidamia to be a perfect hostel for backpackers seeking comfort and convenience. This Malaga hostel boasts a strategic location that places guests amid the vibrant city centre, ensuring they are minutes away from cultural hotspots.

Characteristics of Hostal Vidamia:

  • Location: Situated in Malaga Centro, a prime area for cultural exploration.
  • Rooms: Offer comfortable accommodation with the option of a private bathroom.
  • Amenities:
    • Free Wi-Fi accessible throughout the property
    • Well-received customer service with friendly and helpful staff
    • Other facilities include shared lounges and potential Malaga airport shuttles.

In my experience, Hostal Vidamia has a reputation for its cleanliness and the value it offers guests. While some rooms might come with a shared bathroom, the cleanliness is typically maintained to high standards.

For those interested in immersing themselves in local culture, the hostel's location is a significant asset. It allows for easy access to nearby museums, historical sites, and local cuisine, which can be a boon for cultural aficionados and curious travelers.

I appreciate that the Vidamia hostel maintains a balance of hospitable service and a casual, inviting atmosphere. It's a place I consider a good match for those who wish to explore Málaga without compromising on comfort and budget. 


Address: C. Cisneros, 7, Distrito Centro, 29005 Málaga, Spain

Phone: +34 951 25 48 70

9. Málaga Centro Hostel

Málaga Centro Hostel

Situated in the center of Málaga in Southern Spain, I find that the Málaga Centro Hostel consistently ranks as a top choice for budget-conscious travelers, especially backpackers searching for a vibrant place to stay. Its central location offers easy access to the pulsating urban life, with Calle Larios, a bustling shopping street, just a short walk away.

The hostel appeals with its array of amenities, which includes free WiFi throughout the property, ensuring that staying connected with loved ones or planning the next day’s activities in Málaga is convenient. The shared bathrooms are kept clean and functional, another plus for those who, like me, aren't fussed about luxury and prioritize practicality and affordability.

  • Layout:
    • Rooms: Air-conditioned, come with a desk
    • Common Areas: Shared lounge, fitness centre, terrace
  • Facilities:
    • 24-hour front desk, always ready to assist
    • Private parking, a rarity in city centre hostels

In the vicinity, minutes away on foot, you can visit essential cultural landmarks, such as the Picasso Museum, telling the story of the city’s most famous son. The staff at the Malaga Centro Hostel are known for their friendliness and helpfulness—a key consideration that enhances your experience, especially when seeking local recommendations.

As a backpacker or any traveler aiming to dive into the essence of Málaga without draining your wallet, the Centro Hostel emerges as one of the best cheap hostels in Málaga—perfect for a stay that places you at the epicenter of the city's charm without compromising on essential comforts.


Address: C. Arquitecto González Edo, 3, Distrito Centro, 29009 Málaga, Spain

Phone: +34 695 59 28 60

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10. Oasis Backpackers Hostel

Oasis Backpackers Hostel Malaga

I find Oasis Backpackers to stand out as one of Malaga's premier hostels for those looking to indulge in the city's vibrant nightlife. Located directly in the city center, this establishment caters to backpackers seeking a memorable social experience.

Rooms and Facilities

  • Dorms with comfortable bunk beds
  • Rooms with shared bathrooms, maintaining cleanliness
  • Free Wi-Fi access throughout the hostel
  • A communal kitchen for self-catering

Social and Entertainment

  • Known as the best party hostel in Malaga
  • Activities and communal events
  • A social atmosphere welcoming backpackers from around the world


  • Proximity to cultural hotspots like the Picasso Museum
  • Short walk to the popular Malagueta Beach
  • Amazing views from the rooftop terrace


  • Located in the heart of Malaga's beautiful city center
  • Easy access to public transport

Oasis Backpackers Hostel combines a comfortable stay with the thrill of Malaga's nightlife. It's perfect for travelers eager to connect with others and explore the city's vibrant culture and attractions.


Address: C. San Telmo, 14, Distrito Centro, 29008 Málaga, Spain

Phone: +34 952 00 51 16

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Q: What are the top-rated hostels in Malaga for solo travelers?

A: For solo travellers, Feel Hostel Soho comes highly recommended. It balances a social atmosphere with amenities that cater to individual travelers.

Q: How do the prices compare between budget hostels and hotels in Malaga?

A: Typically, budget hostels are more cost-effective than hotels in Malaga. Hostels offer the essentials at a lower price, which is ideal for travelers looking to save on accommodation.

Q: Which areas in Malaga offer the best hostel experiences for travelers?

A: The area around Plaza de la Merced is known for its top Malaga hostels and is popular among travelers for its central location and accessibility to cultural sites.

Q: Can you recommend hostels in Malaga that are suitable for families?

A: While hostels worldwide are traditionally associated with younger or solo travelers, there are family-friendly hostel options available. It's best to look for private single rooms in hostels if traveling with family for comfort and privacy.

Q: How far in advance should I book a hostel in Malaga during peak tourist season?

A: During peak tourist season, I recommend booking a hostel several months in advance to ensure availability, especially if you’re eyeing the popular or highly rated ones.

Recommended Hotels In Malaga

Gran Hotel Miramar in Malaga

Gran Hotel Miramar

Featuring views of the beach, the garden, or the city, the elegant rooms at this hotel are air conditioned and equipped with a flat-screen TV with satellite channels, and an entertainment media library, as well as Bluetooth sound system, USB and HDMI connections.

AC Hotel Málaga Palacio by Marriott

AC Hotel Málaga Palacio

Located between Málaga Cathedral and Paseo del Parque, AC Hotel by Marriott Málaga Palacio features a rooftop swimming pool and views of Málaga’s port. It has a gym and rooms with flat-screen TVs. Each room has a minibar and free WiFi is available throughout the property.

Ilunion Málaga hotel

Ilunion Málaga

Set in a contemporary eco-efficient building within the port area and overlooking the sea, Ilunion Málaga offers an on-site restaurant, wellness area with indoor pool, and a fitness centre. Maria Zambrano Train Station is just 5 minutes' walk away.


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