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18 Best Castles In Italy

Italy is a country filled with beauty, culture, and history. It is home to some of the most beautiful castles in the world, each possessing an individual charm and atmosphere. From hilltop fortresses to grand palaces, Italy’s castles will leave you breathless and wondering how they were constructed so many centuries ago. So let’s have a look at the best castles in Italy that you must visit on your next trip to this amazing country.

1. Aragonese Castle

Aragonese Castle in Ischia Italy

The Aragonese Castle in Italy is a majestic sight to see. Located on the island of Ischia, sitting atop a volcanic rock that juts out into the Tyrrhenian Sea, it stands tall and proud against the horizon. Its walls are strong and solid, having withstood hundreds of years of both natural and human-made disasters throughout its history.

The Aragon castle itself was built in 474 BC by Hiero, who wanted to protect the town from sea raids. The design has changed over time, but many of its original features remain intact even now which makes it an interesting place to explore. From its towers one can get an amazing view of the entire bay which further adds to the experience.


Address: Castello Aragonese, 80077 Ischia NA, Italy

Phone: +39 081 992834

2. Castle of Fenis

Castle of Fenis in Aosta Valley

The Castle of Fenis, located in the Aosta Valley of Italy, is an ancient castle that dates back to the 13th century. It is known for its unique architecture and strategic position in regards to military defense. The castle was originally built by the Lords of Fenis and has been restored over time while still maintaining much of its original design and structure.

The castle consists of a large central tower with several wings containing various hallways, chambers, courtyards, staircases and turrets. Visitors can explore this intricate maze-like building as they marvel at its artistic features such as frescoes and wooden carvings on the walls depicting scenes from far off lands or stories from days long passed.

From certain points within the castle one can look out upon breathtaking views of the nearby mountains or meadows filled with wildflowers or grazing livestock below.


Address: Località Chez Sapin, 1, 11020 Fenis AO, Italy

Phone: +39 0165 764263

3. Torrechiara Castle

Torrechiara Castle in Parma

The Torrechiara Castle (Castello di Torrechiara) is one of the most beautiful castles in Italy. Built in the late 15th century, this castle was once home to Pier Maria Rossi, the Count of Bardi. Located in the province of Parma, the castle was designed by renowned architect Bernardino da Morcote who used an innovative design for its time. The interior of the castle has been kept mostly intact since it was first built and features elements such as barrel-vaulted ceilings and frescoes on some walls.

The grounds are also stunning with intricate gardens surrounding a large central courtyard featuring delicate fountains and statues. One of the most remarkable features of this castle is its moat which includes four towers situated at each corner that reach almost ten meters in height.


Address: Strada Castello, 10 - 43013 - Langhirano (PR), Italy

Phone: +39 0521 355 255

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4. Sforza Castle

Sforza Castle in Milan

Sforza Castle is a historic well preserved masterpiece located in the heart of Milan, in northern Italy. Believed to have been built in the 14th century by the Duke of Milan, this stunning fortress has played home to many rulers throughout its history. Its impressive exterior and sturdy walls have made it a well-known symbol of resilience and strength to many Italians.

Originally constructed as a Visconti family palace, the castle was later taken over by the ruling Sforza family during the 15th century. The family added several fortifications such as towers and moats, making the castle an even more formidable structure. After centuries under Sforza rule, Napoleon's army invaded in 1796 and sacked much of Milan's structures - including Sforza Castle. Despite being damaged by war and neglect throughout its long history, much of the castle remains intact today.


Address: Piazza Castello, 20121 Milano MI, Italy

Phone: +39 02 8846 3700

5. Miramare Castle

Miramare Castle in Trieste

Built in 1860, Miramare Castle is a breathtakingly beautiful 19th-century castle located in the Gulf of Trieste, Italy. The neoclassical palace was commissioned by Maximilian of Habsburg, brother to Emperor Franz-Joseph of Austria. It’s set amongst lush gardens and overlooks the sparkling waters of the Adriatic Sea.

Visitors can explore the 14 rooms inside the castle which are decorated with antiques, furniture and artwork from around Europe. Each room is filled with ornate details that reflect Maximilian’s travels throughout his life and provide an insight into his fascinating personality.

Outside of the castle lies a park full of pathways, statues, fountains and flowers - the castle is open and completely free for anyone to explore and enjoy.


Address: V.le Miramare, 34151 Trieste TS, Italy

Phone: +39 040 224143

6. Castel del Monte

Castel del Monte in Andria

Castel del Monte is an impressive moated medieval castle located in the town of Andria, Italy. Built in 1240 under the orders of Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II, it has become one of the country's most iconic architectural landmarks. The castle, which is made up of 8 symmetrical towers and encircled by a massive curtain wall, stands atop a hill overlooking the surrounding countryside. Despite its intimidating exterior, Castel del Monte was never home to any military forces; instead, it served as a hunting lodge and summer residence for Frederick II and his courtiers.

The interior of Castel del Monte is equally breathtaking – its octagonal-shaped inner courtyard is decorated with intricate stonework and topped with an octagonal roof that opens up to reveal the night sky above. This unique structure has come to embody both mathematical precision and aesthetic beauty.


Address: Contrada Castel del Monte Ex, Strada Statale 170, 76123 Andria BT, Italy

Phone: +39 327 980 5551

7. Rocca Maggiore

Rocca Maggiore in Assisi

Rocca Maggiore is a castle located in central Italy, on the top of a hill overlooking the city of Assisi. It was originally built by Cardinal Albornoz in 1367 as a military stronghold to protect the city and its surroundings. The castle has been restored several times throughout its history and today it stands as an impressive example of medieval castles in Italy architecture.

The castle consists of three levels: the first floor contains storage rooms and other services, while the second and third floors are where visitors can explore. Its most spectacular feature is an ancient circular tower that towers over the city below offering amazing views from its top. Inside Rocca Maggiore there are historical artifacts from various periods such as statues, frescoes, ceramics, weapons, coins and furniture which all help to provide insight into this fascinating place’s history.


Address: Via della Rocca, 06081 Assisi PG, Italy

Phone: +39 075 813 8680

8. Rocceta Matei Castle

Rocceta Matei Castle in Calabria

Rocceta Matei Castle is located in the province of Cosenza, Calabria, Italy. The castle was built in the 13th century and is situated atop a hill surrounded by lush vegetation. Its strategic position makes it an ideal spot for an impressive fortification that provides breathtaking views of the Pollino mountain range and the Gulf of Policastro. Overlooking vineyards and olive groves, Rocceta Matei offers peaceful ambiance away from city life. It also has a small chapel dedicated to Saint Mary Magdalene dating back to before 1594.

The castle was built as a defensive structure during medieval times but has since been transformed into a beautiful private residence. This unique home features both modern amenities and historic charm with its ancient stone walls and large porticoed courtyard where visitors can enjoy music concerts or theatrical performances throughout the year.


Address: Via Rocchetta, 46A, 40030 Grizzana Morandi BO, Italy

Phone: +39 051 673 0335

9. Bocale Castle

Bocale Castle in Italy

Bocale Castle is a stunning architectural feat located in the heart of the Italian countryside. The castle dates back to 1530 and was originally built by a wealthy merchant family as a way of protecting their lands against invading armies. Today, it stands as a testament to the strength and resilience of this family’s legacy.

The castle itself is surrounded by rolling hills, ancient forests, and picturesque vineyards. Inside, visitors will find an array of quaint rooms filled with antique furnishings and artifacts that have been carefully preserved over the centuries. There are also several towers which offer breath-taking views of the surrounding landscape from above.

The grounds around Bocale Castle feature an expansive garden full of lush greenery, fragrant flowers, and trickling fountains that provide an ideal setting for relaxation and reflection.

10. Caccamo Castle

Caccamo Castle in Palermo,Sicily

Caccamo Castle is a beautiful and historic castle located in the province of Palermo, Italy. Built in 1180 as a Norman fortification, this imposing structure offers stunning views of the surrounding countryside. The walls that encircle it are constructed from large blocks of sandstone and brick, making it one of the most impressive monuments still standing today.

Inside the castle there is an old chapel dedicated to St Lucy which has been beautifully preserved, along with a chamber containing ornate frescoes depicting scenes from mythology and history. Visitors can also take advantage of the nearby museum which displays ancient artifacts as well as paintings and sculptures by various local artists.

The grounds surrounding Caccamo Castle offer plenty more to explore; visitors can wander among rows of cypress trees or enjoy a peaceful picnic while admiring some spectacular views over the crystal blue sea below.


Address: Corso Umberto I, 90012 Caccamo PA, Italy

Phone: +39 091 814 9252

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11. Castelsardo Castle

Castelsardo Castle in sardinia

The stunning Castelsardo Castle stands proudly overlooking the rugged landscape of the Italian island of Sardinia. Built in the 12th century, it served as a fortress to protect inhabitants from invaders. Its unusual double-concentric structure consists of an inner citadel and an external wall, with four corner towers and two entrance gates. The stone walls are still intact today and provide a picturesque backdrop for visitors to admire.

Inside the castle, there is a wealth of attractions to explore including churches, courtyards, archaeological collections, and numerous frescoes depicting local history dating back centuries ago. The castle also holds many secrets such as hidden staircases and tunnels that have been used for espionage through the years!. No visit is complete without stopping by one of its museums which offer insight into traditional Sardinian culture and lifestyles.


Address: Via Guglielmo Marconi, 24, 07031 Castelsardo SS, Italy

12. Scaligero Castle

Scaligero Castle on Lake Garda

Scaligero Castle is an impressive castle situated near the town of Sirmione on Lake Garda in Italy. The castle, which was built in 1177, sits upon a rocky shelf that juts out into the lake. The structure itself is composed of two long walls connected by four towers, which are linked together to form a star shape.

These towers have been impressively preserved and contain arches and windows crafted from black stone. Inside the castle there's a well-preserved inner courtyard surrounded by two-story dwellings complete with vaulted ceilings.

The castle has had a turbulent past; it changed hands several times over the centuries and was once part of the Republic of Venice’s defensive system for controlling access to Lake Garda.


Address: Castello, 34, 25019 Sirmione BS, Italy

Phone: +39 030 916468

13. Belfort Castle

Belfort Castle in Lombardy

Belfort Castle, located in the Italian province of Lombardy, is a stunning example of medieval architecture. From its impressive towers and sprawling courtyard to its intricate stonework, Belfort Castle has captivated the imaginations of visitors for centuries.

On-site attractions include two museums dedicated to preserving the castle’s history: the Museum of Prehistory and Archeology, which showcases ancient artifacts from prehistoric times; and the Historical Museum, which celebrates local traditions through displays about regional crafts and lifestyles.

The castle also houses a large collection of stained glass windows that date back to 16th century. One of Belfort Castle’s most iconic features is its watch tower. Built in 1317 under the orders of Emperor Louis IV, this four-story structure stands at an astonishing 60 meters tall and offers incredible views out over the square below.

14. Vulci Castle

Vulci Castle in Viterbo

Vulci Castle is a stunning medieval fortress situated in the Italian municipality of Montalto di Castro in Viterbo. Located on a hill next to the River Fiora, it offers visitors an unforgettable experience with its incredible views and rich history.

The castle was built during the Middle Ages and has been standing ever since. Its strategic location made it an essential point of defense for the nearby city, protecting them against invaders from outside lands. The interior courtyard is filled with beautiful decorations such as Romanesque arches that create a peaceful atmosphere throughout the premises. In addition, there are several towers surrounding this complex structure which make it even more impressive.

15. Odelsagi Castle

Odelsagi Castle in Orvieto

Odelsagi Castle is a beautiful landmark in Italy, located near the town of Orvieto. Its distinctive red and white brick walls are over 800 years old and stand tall to this day. The castle was commissioned by the powerful family of Orvieto during the 12th century and is considered to be a great example of medieval architecture. Its most iconic feature is its three towers, which stand at 30 meters high, and were used as watchtowers to observe any potential enemies coming from afar.

Within Odelsagi Castle lies a hidden treasure - an underground chamber which features stunning frescoes that date back to the 13th century. This chamber has also been used for many special events due to its romantic atmosphere, such as weddings or birthday parties.

16. Castel Nuovo

Castel Nuovo in Naples

Castel Nuovo is an iconic landmark of the city of Naples, Italy. It was built in 1279 as a sign of strength and power by Charles I of Anjou. The castello has since served as a royal residence and fortress, housing numerous rulers over its storied past. Its most recognizable feature is the entrance gate that features two huge towers perched atop the structure. The towers are adorned with statues representing lions and winged griffins, symbolizing the city's ancient mythology.

On the indoor of the castle walls visitors can explore various exhibits including some from the 13th century when it was first constructed. One prominent exhibit is called "The Chamber of Wonders," which showcases ornate objects collected by royalty throughout its history such as paintings, furniture, and sculptures from different countries around Europe.


Address: Via Vittorio Emanuele III, 80133 Napoli NA, Italy

Phone: +39 081 795 7722

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17. Castell’Arquato

Castell Arquato in Emilia Romagna

Castell Arquato is an enchanting medieval village located in the Italian region of Emilia Romagna. This charming town is perched atop a hill, surrounded by lush valleys and rolling hillsides. With its cobblestone streets and ancient stone buildings, Castell Arquato provides visitors with a glimpse into the past. The town dates back to 1000 A.D., making it one of the oldest villages in Italy.

The most striking feature of Castell Arquato is its castle. Built in 1354, this imposing structure stands over four stories tall and dominates the center of the village. It was originally constructed as a defense fortress against marauders and other enemies, but today it serves as a museum showcasing artifacts from different eras throughout the village's history.

18. Odescalchi Castle

Odescalchi Castle in Bracciano near Rome

Odescalchi Castle is one of the most beautiful castles in Europe. Located in Bracciano, Italy, it has been around since the 15th century and is steeped in history. The castle was originally built by an Italian noble family called the Orsini, but then passed into the ownership of another noble family called Odescalchi. The castle has been host to many grand events throughout its long history, including a lavish papal wedding in 1867.

The castle itself is breathtakingly beautiful and stands three stories tall with multiple balconies and terraces overlooking Lake Bracciano, near Rome. It features a wide variety of architectural styles from different centuries throughout its lifetime; from its original Gothic style to Baroque and Renaissance architecture added later on by different ownerships over time.


Address: Via Giulio Volpi, 12, 00062 Bracciano RM, Italy

Phone: +39 06 9980 2379


Q: What is the biggest castle in Italy?

A: The Castello di Miramare, located on the Gulf of Trieste near Trieste in northeastern Italy, holds the title of being the largest castle in Italy. Built between 1856 and 1860 by Archduke Ferdinand Maximilian of Austria and his wife Charlotte of Belgium, this magnificent structure spans over 22 hectares and boasts an impressive 20 rooms decorated with exquisite European furniture from the period.

Q: Where is the prettiest castle in Italy?

A: One of the most widely regarded picturesque castles in Italy is Castel del Monte. Located in the Apulia region, near the city of Andria, Castel del Monte is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a magnificent example of medieval architecture.

The castle stands atop a hill and is renowned for its octagonal shape, which is unusual for European castles. Its strategic position provides panoramic views of the surrounding countryside. Castel del Monte's harmonious proportions, intricate stonework, and the symmetry of its design make it an architectural masterpiece.

Another contender for this title is Castello di Miramare located on the Gulf of Trieste. This neoclassical castle was built by Archduke Ferdinand Maximilian of Austria and his wife Charlotte in 1860. The stunning white castle boasts a magnificent garden with over 100 species of plants and an impressive greenhouse that was thought to house tropical plants during winter months. The interiors of the castle are equally remarkable, with rooms decorated in different styles such as Gothic, Renaissance, and Rococo.

Q: How many castles are there in Italy?

A: While it is challenging to provide an exact count, estimates suggest that there are thousands of castles throughout the country. These castles vary in size, architectural styles, and historical significance.

Italy's castles can be found in various regions, including Tuscany, Umbria, Lombardy, Sicily, Veneto, and many more. Some castles are well-preserved and open to the public, while others may be in ruins or privately owned.

Q: Which region in Italy has the most castles?

A: The region of Tuscany is often touted as having the highest concentration of castles per square mile compared to other Italian regions. Some estimates suggest that Tuscany has more than 1000 castles! This number includes everything from grand fortresses like Castello di Brolio near Siena to smaller fortified farmhouses and watchtowers found throughout rural areas. Tuscany's location in central Italy made it an essential strategic point during medieval times, leading many noble families to build their homes and fortifications here.

Q: What is the most visited castle in Italy?

A: One of the most visited castles in Italy is Castel Sant'Angelo, also known as the Mausoleum of Hadrian. Located in Rome, near the Vatican City, Castel Sant'Angelo attracts a large number of visitors each year.

Originally built as a mausoleum for the Roman Emperor Hadrian in the 2nd century AD, Castel Sant'Angelo later served as a fortress and a papal residence. Its commanding position along the Tiber River and its rich history make it a popular tourist attraction.

Other castles in Italy that draw significant numbers of visitors include Castel del Monte in Apulia, the Castelvecchio in Verona, and the Castello Sforzesco in Milan. Each of these castles offers unique features and historical significance, contributing to their popularity among tourists.


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