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Traveling to the country of Argentina has never been easier. With many airlines offering flights, it can be difficult to decide which airline carrier is the best option. There are numerous factors that should be taken into account when selecting an airline, such as comfort, price, and safety. So if you are looking for a cheap last-minute deal or the best round trip flight to Argentina? You can find the lowest prices on one-way and round trip tickets right here.

Frequently asked questions when flying to Argentina.

What are the international airports in Argentina?

Argentina has several international airports that serve as major gateways for travelers to the country. Here are some of the major international airports in Argentina:

Buenos Aires Ministro Pistarini International Airport

Buenos Aires Ministro Pistarini International Airport (EZE) (known as "Ezeiza") is the largest and busiest airport in Argentina. Located in Ezeiza, a suburb of Greater Buenos Aires, it has been serving travelers since 1949. With two terminals and four runways, the airport sees over 7 million passengers per year traveling to destinations all around the world.

Aside from offering domestic flights to most major cities in Argentina, Ezeiza also provides international flights to countries such as Spain, Brazil, Paraguay and Mexico. The airport is modern with all the amenities one would expect for a large-scale facility including free Wi-Fi access throughout, an array of restaurants and bars, duty-free shops and various other services such as car hire kiosks or currency exchange offices.


AU Tte. Gral. Pablo Riccheri Km 33,5, B1802 Ezeiza, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Phone: +54 11 5480-6111

Buenos Aires Jorge Newbery Airpark

Buenos Aires Jorge Newbery Airpark (AEP) is Buenos Aires second airport. Established in 1947, it has been serving as the main hub for Aerolineas Argentinas and Austral Lineas Aereas ever since. The airport offers a great deal of services to both passengers and freight carriers. It has seen tremendous growth over the decades with more than 11 million passengers passing through its gates every year.

The airport features two terminals for domestic flights. Both provide easy access from different parts of the city thanks to their excellent transport links that include bus, taxi, shuttle or train services. Besides offering comfortable waiting areas and exclusive VIP lounges, there are also plenty of shops and restaurants available around the premises where travelers can find everything they need before or after their flight.


Av. Costanera Rafael Obligado s/n, C1425 CABA, Argentina

Phone: +54 11 5480-6111

Córdoba International Airport

Córdoba International Airport (COR) is an important regional airport located in the province of Córdoba, Argentina. It provides easy access to many destinations in South America as well as domestic flights to major cities within Argentina. The airport serves as a gateway for tourists visiting the area and is a hub for business travelers.

It has two terminals: Terminal A and Terminal B. Terminal A is used mainly for domestic flights while Terminal B handles international flights and charters from other countries. Passengers arriving in Córdoba can take advantage of the services offered by the terminal’s restaurants, shopping centers, duty-free stores and other amenities that enhance their traveling experience.


Córdoba, Cordoba, Argentina

Phone: +54 351 475-6428

Mar del Plata Airport

Mar del Plata Airport (MDQ) is located in the city of Mar del Plata, which is a popular holiday destination due to its beaches and tourist attractions. It is one of the busiest airports in Argentina and serves as a domestic hub for visitors from around the world.

The airport has two runways, with one dedicated for commercial flights and another for general aviation purposes. It has a modern terminal building that houses several restaurants, cafes, retail stores, duty-free shops and airlines offices. The airport also offers passengers a number of amenities like free Wi-Fi access, car rental services and currency exchange kiosks. There are also several public transportation options available to travelers heading into or out of Mar del Plata.


Autovia 2 Km 398.5, Mar del Plata, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Phone: +54 223 478-5811

Puerto Iguazu International Airport

Puerto Iguazu International Airport (IGR) is the second busiest airport in the country. This airport serves many tourists who are visiting the Iguazú Falls, a spectacular series of waterfalls on the border of Brazil and Argentina. Built in 1940, Puerto Iguazu International Airport has been renovated over the years to include modern facilities such as restaurants, shops, a Ushuaia lounge, and free Wi-Fi.

For those looking to explore more of Argentina beyond Iguazú Falls, this airport offers daily domestic flights to Buenos Aires as well as international flights to cities like Madrid and Miami.


Camino Anexo Ruta Provincial 101, N3370, Misiones, Argentina

Phone: +54 3757 42-1996

Mendoza Airport

Mendoza Airport (MDZ) is a public airport located in the city of Mendoza, Argentina. It serves as an important international hub in South America and provides passenger service to cities throughout Europe and the Americas. The airport also services both domestic and international flights with scheduled flights to major cities like Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile, Lima, Miami and more. As one of the busiest airports in Argentina it handles hundreds of thousands of passengers each year.

The modernized terminal at Mendoza Airport features a variety of amenities for travelers including duty-free shops, cafes, restaurants and a departure lounge where passengers can relax before their flight.


Acceso A Aeropuerto Internacional Gabrielli F. J., Las Heras, Mendoza, Argentina

Phone: +54 261 520-6000

Bariloche Airport

Bariloche Airport (BRC) Bariloche Airport, also known as the Teniente Luis Candelaria International Airport, is located in Argentina's Patagonia region. It serves the city of San Carlos de Bariloche and is one of the country’s busiest airports. The airport handles flights from all over South America, including Buenos Aires. It operates both domestic and international flights, making it a vital hub for travelers in the region.

The airport itself has an array of services to make travelers’ journeys more convenient. There are several restaurants offering local cuisine as well as several cafes and shops selling souvenirs and travel essentials such as books and magazines. Free Wi-Fi access is also available throughout the entire terminal building, allowing passengers to stay connected while they wait for their flight or transit between terminals.


RP80 S/N, San Carlos de Bariloche, Río Negro, Argentina

Phone: +54 294 440-5016

Salta Airport

Salta Airport (SLA) , located in the city of Salta in Argentina, is a major gateway to the country. It serves as a hub for many international and domestic flights and has two terminals, which are both well-equipped with modern facilities that make traveling easier. There are plenty of restaurants and shops to choose from if you need anything before or after your flight.

For those interested in knowing more about Argentine culture, Salta Airport boasts an onsite regional museum that displays artifacts from around the region dating back centuries ago as well as other interesting facts about Argentinean history and culture.


RN51 5, A4400 Salta, Argentina

Phone: +54 387 424-3115

Ushuaia Airport

Ushuaia Airport (USH) is a unique destination located in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. It is the southernmost commercial airport in the world, and the only international gateway to the Antarctic Peninsula. The airport has regular flights from many major cities around the world, including Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile. The sheer beauty of this part of Patagonia makes it a popular tourist spot for those looking to experience some of nature's wonders.

The Ushuaia Airport serves as an important cultural center for locals and visitors. It provides access to nearby attractions such as Penguin Island, with its abundance of wildlife species, or Mount Martial where hikers can experience stunning views over Beagle Channel's islands.


V9401 Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego Province, Argentina

Phone: +54 2901 43-1232

Best Flights To Argentina

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Which Airlines Have Direct Flights to Argentina?

There are several major airlines that offer direct flights from the United States and other countries around the world. American Airlines, LATAM Airlines, Aerolineas Argentinas, British Airways, and Iberia all offer direct flights to Argentina with varying flight times and prices.

American Airlines offers domestic and international flights to Buenos Aires from cities like Miami, New York City and Dallas. In addition, American Airlines has partner airlines such as Qatar Airways for international destinations like Doha or London which makes it easier for travelers wishing to fly directly from those locations. LATAM Airlines provides service from most major Latin American cities including Lima, Brasilia and Santiago de Chile in addition to some international destinations like Frankfurt or London.

Other airlines that have direct flights to Argentina are United Airlines, Korean Air, JetBlue and Delta Airlines.

How long is the flight from the United States To Argentina?

The flight time from the United States to Argentina varies depending on the city of departure and the city of arrival. However, on average, the flight time is about 9 hours leaving from the East Coast and up to 15 hours from the US West Coast.

Flight Times To Argentina





New York

Buenos Aires

10h 31min


Los Angeles

Buenos Aires

12h 7min



Buenos Aires

13h 38min



Buenos Aires

14h 30min



Buenos Aires

22h 17min


New York


9h 59min


Los Angeles


11h 22min




13h 38min




14h 34min




21h 33min


When is the cheapest time of year to fly to Argentina?

The cheapest time to fly to Argentina is usually from April to June and from September to November, which are considered the low season for tourism. During this time, airfare and hotel rates tend to be lower compared to the high season from December to March. However, it is always advisable to compare prices and book in advance to get the best deal.

What is the cheapest airport to fly into Argentina?

The cheapest airport to fly into when visiting Argentina is usually Aeroparque Jorge Newbery in Buenos Aires. Located around 8 miles from the city center, it primarily serves domestic flights and some international flights from neighboring countries such as Brazil and Chile. It is also used by business travelers and many of the smaller airlines that offer cheaper fares than regular commercial airlines. 

When is the best time to book a flight to Argentina?

If you are interested in visiting Argentina, the best time to book a flight is typically during the spring months. The weather can be quite mild and pleasant during this time of year and it allows for travelers to take advantage of many outdoor activities. Additionally, the streets will be full of life as locals come out in force to enjoy the warmer temperatures. Prices on flights are usually lower than other times of year due to less demand from business travelers, so you can often save money by booking your trip at this time.

Another option for those wanting to visit Argentina is to book their flights for autumn or winter months when crowds have thinned out and prices are lower still. While there may not be as much available in terms of activities during these cooler periods, there are plenty of cultural events happening throughout the country that could provide an interesting alternative experience.

cheap flights to argentina

Which day of the week is cheapest to fly to Argentina?

It is generally cheaper to fly to Italy during the weekdays, rather than on the weekends. If you are able to be flexible with your travel dates, you may be able to find lower prices by booking your flights for travel on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.

What time of day is cheapest to fly to Argentina?

Typically, flights on weekdays (Monday to Thursday) are cheaper compared to flights on weekends (Friday to Sunday). This is because weekends are a popular time for leisure travel, and demand and prices tend to be higher. However, the cheapest day to fly can vary depending on the airline and route, so it's always a good idea to compare prices across multiple days and airlines to find the best deal.

Where are the most popular flight destinations in Argentina?

The most popular flight destinations in Argentina are, the capital city of Buenos Aires, which is renowned for its vibrant nightlife and great shopping opportunities. Those looking for something a little more rural can take flights to Cordoba, known as the "soul of Argentina" due to its stunning colonial-era architecture and abundance of cultural activities. 

To the north, Mendoza is a veritable oasis with its rolling vineyards, perfect for wine tasting and outdoor recreation. Patagonia has also become increasingly popular among those seeking some peace away from the hustle and bustle of cities; visitors often enjoy long hikes through lush landscapes or whale watching along the coast.

Finally, El Calafate in southern Patagonia is home to one of nature's most magnificent sites: Perito Moreno glacier—a sight not easily forgotten!

Best Flights To Argentina

Quickly search the best flights from the widest selection of airlines flying to Argentina. Regardless of what airline you go with, you can save money by comparing. Skyscanner is the best airline price comparison service specifically for Argentina.


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