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Whether you're planning a business trip or an exciting holiday, the best way to get from Geneva Airport to your destination is with a private airport transfer. With a range of services available, you can enjoy the convenience of having your own driver pick you up and take you directly where you need to go. With personalized service and a range of vehicles, private airport transfers in Geneva offer the perfect way to get around without any stress.

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Geneva airport transfers: Frequently Asked Questions

How far is it from Geneva Airport to Samoens?

Traveling from Geneva Airport to Samoens is a journey of around 80 miles, or 129 kilometers. It will take approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes to make the drive by car. The route consists of taking the A40 motorway out of Geneva, through Annemasse and Cluses, before merging onto the N205 at Sixt Fer à Cheval. From there it's an easy drive along the picturesque valley until reaching Samoens.

The route offers beautiful views of mountains and alpine meadows, as well as a few small villages with typical Savoyard architecture that are worth pausing in for a break or bite to eat. There are plenty of places to park and take in some extraordinary landscapes while stretching your legs during this 1-hour plus drive.

How far is it from Grenoble to Geneva Airport?

Grenoble to Geneva Airport is a distance of 141.9 miles (228.5 km). This can be completed in as little as 2 hours and 24 minutes by car, or just over 2 hours if you take the high-speed train. It's a popular route amongst travelers looking to explore both cities, either by making the journey one way or using Grenoble as a base to explore the wider region and return to Geneva at the end of their trip.

The motorway makes for an easy drive between the two cities, though it's worth noting that on weekends there tend to be more drivers than usual so your journey may take longer in these cases.

How far is Chamonix from Geneva Airport?

The distance between Chamonix and Geneva Airport is approximately 120 kilometers, or 75 miles. This means that it takes around an hour and a half to drive from the airport to Chamonix in normal traffic conditions.

The most scenic route from Geneva Airport to Chamonix is via Route Blanche, also known as Mont Blanc Expressway, which passes through some of France's most breathtaking alpine scenery on its way to the foothills of Mont Blanc. This route may take slightly longer than other routes due to its winding roads and steep gradients but can be worth it for those looking for an amazing view during their journey.

How much should I expect to pay for an airport transfer service in Geneva?

When you are looking for a private airport transfer service in Geneva, you should expect to pay around $100 for a one-way trip. Depending on the time of day and your destination, there may be additional charges that would affect the total cost of your trip. For example, if you are travelling late at night or early in the morning, there might be an extra fee associated with these services. 

Best Airport Transfers In Geneva

Quickly search the best airport transfers from the widest selection of airport transfer services in Geneva. Regardless of what transport service you go with, you can save money by comparing.

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How far is Geneva Airport from the city center?

Geneva Airport is conveniently located approximately 7km away from the city center of Geneva, Switzerland. The airport is easily accessible by public transportation such as buses, trains and taxis. Depending on the mode of transport chosen, it takes between 15-30 minutes to get to the city center from the airport.

By bus, you can take any of the 5 lines that go directly to the main train station in downtown Geneva. Tickets are available for purchase at ticket vending machines at each bus stop and can be purchased with cash or credit card. For a faster option, you can take a taxi which will cost about 40 CHF for a ride into town. Taking either a taxi or your own car will get you there in about 20 minutes without having to wait for connections or transfers.

When should I book my Geneva airport transfer?

When planning a trip to Geneva, it is important to consider booking your private airport transfer far in advance. This will ensure that you have a reliable, stress-free journey from the airport to your final destination. The earlier you book your transfer, the more likely it is that you will get the best rates and availability. Booking at least two weeks before your travel date is recommended as this gives you time to shop around for competitive prices and find out about any special offers.

If possible, try booking even further in advance than two weeks if it fits into your schedule. Doing so can help avoid any last minute rush or hassle of finding transportation when you arrive at the airport. Furthermore, booking early gives you access to a wider range of services such as luxury vehicles, bilingual drivers or additional amenities such as free wi-fi during your ride.

Best Airport Transfers In Geneva

Quickly search the best airport transfers from the widest selection of airport transfer services in Geneva. Regardless of what transport service you go with, you can save money by comparing.

Get Your Guide is the best airport transfer price comparison service specifically for Geneva.

How to get from Geneva Airport to Annecy?

Getting from Geneva Airport to Annecy can be done in a few ways. The most convenient way, although not the quickest, is to take a train. From the airport you will need to take the public bus number 10 or 23 to Cornavin train station. Once you arrive at the station you can purchase tickets for trains headed towards Annecy. These particular trains run multiple times throughout the day and typically take between 1-2 hours depending on your final destination stop within Annecy.

The second option is renting a car from one of several rental agencies located inside the baggage claim area of Geneva Airport or booking a private airport transfer service in advance. You will have access to a variety of cars so that you are sure to find something that fits your needs and budget.

How to get from Geneva Airport to Val Thorens?

Getting from Geneva Airport to Val Thorens is simple and straightforward. The first step is to decide on the most convenient form of transportation for your needs. There are several options available, including rental car, train, private transfer, or shuttle bus.

If you choose a rental car, the drive takes approximately three and a half hours along the scenic route through Chamonix and the French Alps. Be sure to make all necessary arrangements in advance so that you can pick up your vehicle right at the airport. There are plenty of gas stations along the way as well as scenery and attractions to take in during your journey.

If you would prefer public transport, there is a direct train from Geneva Airport which will take about four hours with one changeover in Moûtiers-Salins-Brides-les-Bains station.

How far is Montreux from Geneva Airport?

Montreux lies approximately 60 kilometers, or 37 miles, from Geneva Airport. Although this may seem like quite a distance, the journey by car only takes about one hour along the A1 motorway. One can also travel between these two points by train if they prefer; the journey usually takes just under an hour and is often more scenic than driving on the highway. 

How to get from Geneva Airport to Evian Les Bains?

The easiest way to get to Evian Les Bains is by car. Travelers may also take the bus, which departs from Geneva airport’s Arrivals Hall; however, this can be a lengthy journey of about two hours or more depending on traffic. The bus will drop travellers off at the train station in Evian les Bains where they can then taxi or walk to their destination.

For those who prefer not to drive themselves or take public transportation, there are several private shuttle companies that provide direct transfer services from the airport straight to their accommodation in Evian les Bains.

Travel Times From Geneva (GVA) Airport



Estimated Time


Hotel NH Geneva City

4.17 km

11 min.

Hotel Montbrillant

5.06 km

13 min.

Warwick Geneva

6.69 km

19 min.

ibis Saint-Genis Pouilly

7.78 km

15 min.

Geneva City Centre

9.78 km

18 min.


99.5 km

70 min.


44.05 km

42 min.

Val Thorens

200.71 km

146 min.

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